Paul Vunak - Street Safe I, II, III

This is the most intense and enlightening hour you’ll spend in front of a T. V. ! We spent months of preparation for the shoot, and spent about ten times m...

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This is the most intense and enlightening hour you’ll spend in front of a T.V.! We spent months of preparation for the shoot, and spent about ten times more money in production than we’d planned on — File Size: 1.8 GB


Paul Vunak - Street Safe I, II, III

Paul Vunak - Street Safe I, II, III

Vol 1:

Now, with the release of this incredible elite military fighting system, you can easily “take down” trained boxers, Karate masters and street thugs much bigger than you… even if you’ve never been in a real fight before in your life!

What we did was, I think, brilliant. We decided to video-tape an entire “teaching course” with Paul, and get it to people all at once. Believe me, this is no ordinary video — instead, it’s a genuine breakthrough in training technique… even better than what many of the cops and soldiers got during their own initial training!

This is the most intense and enlightening hour you’ll spend in front of a T.V.! We spent months of preparation for the shoot, and spent about ten times more money in production than we’d planned on — but we’re not complaining. This video surpasses all of our wildest dreams. You see, we’ve all seen about a thousand of the other videos out there — you can pick up any martial art magazine and see twenty ads a month for the latest fad among karate “experts”. But they’re all a huge waste of time, shot with “Uncle Ernie’s” hand-held camcorder and without a second thought given to teaching you anything. All you get is a long, boring home video of a guy showing off his air punches and spinning kicks, or of some weird seminar where you had to be there to get anything of value.

We went the other way — using 3 cameras on Paul and the action at all times. So you get the best shot to see what’s happening, then get it again from a different angle… and then get it again in slow motion, with everything described and broken down into it’s simplest and most easily-learned form.

Paul has absolutely dedicated himself to teaching you everything you need to know… and to do it so you can come away from your first viewing with enough powerful know-how and new skills to increase your naturally fighting ability by 200%… instantly! This is the equivalent of having 8 personal, super-intense lessons all recorded just for you… by the most respected hand-to-hand fighter on the planet!



-Eye jab

-Oblique kick

-Scoop kick

-Ear slap

-Knee kick


-Elbow strike


-Equipment Training-

-Training Combination-

-Street Applications-

52 min.

Vol 2:

Paul Vunak earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Kempo by age 17. It wasn’t long before he began studying Jeet Kune Do under the guidance of Bruce Lee’s top student Dan Inosanto.

Paul Vunak’s reputation and fighting expertise got him recruited by the U.S. government to teach his incredible hand-to-hand and knife fighting skills to the FBI, CIA, DEA, NSA, Army Rangers, and dozens of SWAT teams.  You have the unique opportunity to learn these same skills by purchasing one of his amazing DVDs.

The U.S. Navy SEALs brought Paul Vunak in to teach them his unique system after an exhaustive worldwide search for the best hand-to-hand combat system in existence.

Paul Vunak has been featured in every major martial arts magazine, and he’s been on the cover of Inside Kung Fu and the cover of Black Belt Magazine at least 3 times.This amazing new video reveals the “unfair” fighting secrets that can defeat even the “top 10%” of world-class streetfighters!

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If you would like to learn fighting secrets that give you an “unfair” advantage over even the most elite streetfighters in the world, then this intensive training will absolutely change your life forever! Just knowing these secrets will put you in an entirely new category of fighter, no matter what your previous experience is, mastering them can make you virtually undefeatable in face to face combat!

This special video set will teach you… how to “bee line” straight for the most vulnerable part of your opponent… how to quickly force any violent attacker (even someone twice your size) into complete and utter submission… the 8 most brutal and devastating - yet utterly simple to master - “human appendage” tools any fighter could hope for! (And the secret way to “combo” yourself into a machine-like force that cannot be stopped… the one basic secret of winning street fights that almost no street fighter knows about! … and TONS more!

83 min.

Vol 3:

This information has been kept TOP SECRET (literally) for dozens of years. It’s been possessed by a handful of legendary greats like Dan Inosanto (who was none other than Bruce Lee’s training partner), who himself learned this skill from a venerable Filipino grand master, who learned it from his valiant ancestors…. who invented these moves out of sheer necessity when the tiny islands of the Philippines were being overrun for centuries by everyone from the Japanese to the Spanish to the USMC!

You see, humans don’t fight like this for sport. Pit bulls do (well, for our entertainment, at least). But as you’ll see when you watch our new video tape, this Filipino martial art will turn you into “a human pit bull” - capable of overpowering ANY opponent you face on the street… but especially when you find yourself up against someone who’s just a better fighter than you are!

You’ll also learn how to deal with “mass attacks” (when you’re forced to fight off several guys at once)… how to use”“eye gouges” that and special kinds of “bites” that will absolutely DESTROY any attacker’s will to fight. There’s also a special section on how to use all these moves when you get into a fight at a bar. But you’ll have to see Paul Vunak’s new Street Safe 3 to understand what I mean. And if I told you what some of the moves are, you’d probably be grossed out and shocked beyond belief! We want you to remember that these techniques are “FOR SURVIVAL ONLY”. They are NOT to be used for anything but life-or-death situations. We trust that you will keep this video under “lock and key” - so that no “unauthorized eyes” get a look at what it reveals.







-Double knife



-Knife drills

-Mass attack


-3 on 1

-6 on 1

-Surprise attacks

-Biting and eye gouges

-Position 2

-Position 3

-Cross side



-Biting from the choke

-Biting from the guard

-Eye gouge

-Putting it together

-Effects of biting


93 min.

Paul Vunak - Street Safe I, II, III: Sample

Here’s What You’ll Get in Paul Vunak - Street Safe I, II, III

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