Paul Scheele & Hale Dwoskin - Letting Go Paraliminal

Paul Scheele & Hale Dwoskin - Letting Go Paraliminal. Paul Scheele & Hale Dwoskin - Letting Go Paraliminal "Truly nothing gets results like a Para...
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Paul Scheele & Hale Dwoskin - Letting Go Paraliminal

Paul Scheele & Hale Dwoskin - Letting Go Paraliminal


"Truly nothing gets results like a Paraliminal." That is why there are over 1,000,000 in circulation today.

And now you can get the four newest titles...

These four new Paraliminals are straight-to-the-benefit difference-makers for your life. Everyone can benefit from them…quickly and easily. All you need to do is close your eyes, listen with stereo headphones, relax for about twenty minutes, and let Paul guide your inner mind. And then notice as powerful change takes place in your life.

Here's more information about each new Paraliminal CD:

New Paraliminal #1
"Conscious Time"
Get the most out 
of every minute

This new Paraliminal helps you create a deeply positive relationship with time that feels free, happy, and potent. It helps you feel in control of your life, always having enough time to do what is important and meaningful in your work, play, family time, and personal time.

With the Conscious Time Paraliminal, you will find that you:

  • Remove the calendar noose.
  • Notice what else strangles your time and derails your intentions.
  • Manage your time in ways that reward all dimensions of your life.
  • Establish routines and practices that reenergize you and your goals.
  • Perceive time with fresh eyes, noticing opportunities all around.
  • Live with an open mind, open heart, and joyful willingness.
  • Be more effective and productive.
  • Recognize how expected outcomes and unexpected gifts come from how you spend your time.
  • Live comfortably with passion and purpose all of the time.
New Paraliminal #2
"Letting Go"
Gain emotional freedom 
from what holds you back

This Paraliminal teaches you a simple, practical process for letting go from The Sedona Method program by Hale Dwoskin, who joins Paul on this session. Once you free yourself of unwanted emotions, you can tap into the powerful resources that come from your truest and best self.

  • Quickly release unproductive feelings and emotions any time, any place.
  • Become more peaceful and energized so you best express your highest self.
  • Make room for new opportunities as attachments that no longer support you float away.
  • Trust the guidance that arises from within.
  • Be comfortable in yourself and all you feel.
  • Perceive every relationship and every situation with greater acuity.
  • Feel alert and awake in the present moment, fully in charge of your life.
  • Meet each day with calm confidence, welcoming every possibility.
  • As you let go, experience freedom, knowingness, spaciousness, and beautiful energy.
New Paraliminal #3
"New Action Generator"
Make choices, take 
action, and succeed

This Paraliminal will help you make the best choices day in and day out. It will help break patterns that may be keeping you stuck. It will help you take the action you need. It will align your inner mind for success.

As you listen, you will:

  • Notice a wider range of situations and opportunities that make the best choices easier.
  • Create a behavior that initiates a positive chain of events in your life.
  • Engage in actions that bring profound benefits to you.
  • Generate possibilities and experience them.
  • Replace behaviors that do not support you.
  • Notice concrete indicators that let you know you are succeeding.
  • Confidently rely on new and wonderful resources.
  • Identify the specific actions or habits you want to make your own.
  • Stay focused on the rewards for making choices and taking action.
New Paraliminal #4
"Recover & Reenergize"
Get your body back 
to feeling great

This Paraliminal helps you bounce back quicker from any physical activity such as riding a bike, running a marathon, lifting weights, landscaping, or strenuous home improvement projects…anything that causes your body to feel tired and sore.

It can help you:

  • Recover more quickly from strenuous exercise and activities.
  • Guide the joints and muscles of your body to relax and gain maximum value from your workouts.
  • Allow the perfect integrity of your body to reestablish natural rhythms.
  • Enjoy a comforting meditative bath of rest and relaxation.
  • Open the subtle energy channels in your body to restore flow and balance.
  • Cleanse, replenish, and oxygenate your cells and tissues with vital energy.
  • Begin healing pain, bruises, and blisters anytime you beat up your body or over-extend yourself.
  • Restore emotional balance and mental equilibrium for better clarity and focus.
  • Use your creative mind to accomplish your health and fitness goals.
  • Unwind fully and emerge with new strength and vitality.

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