Paul Mascetta - Universal Influence

Paul Mascetta - Universal Influence.  Imagine for a second what your life would be like if you had everything you’ve ever wanted.Imagine what it would...
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Paul Mascetta - Universal Influence

Paul Mascetta - Universal Influence


  • Imagine for a second what your life would be like if you had everything you’ve ever wanted.

  • Imagine what it would feel like to be in complete control of your finances, health, and relationships.

  • Imagine if you could command respect wherever you went and have people admire everything about you.

Well if you take the next 5 minutes to read this letter, I’ll show exactly how you can equip yourself with a rare power that few people have that will position you to create that dream life where you’re in complete control of just about everything.

Before I go any further I must warn you; the information that I’m going to share with you isn’t for everyone.

In fact, most people can’t even wrap their heads around the concepts that I’m going to reveal…not because it’s hard or complicated but because they’re just plain unaware.

What do I mean by that?

Well most people falsely assume that to make more money  you have to work harder or become more educated or take a big risk.

Or they falsely assume they’ll find the person of their dreams “when the time is right”.

And guess what….

Most of the people that think these are the answers to their problems wind up struggling with money forever and alone and miserable.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a small few that make up the exception.

These are the one’s who take big risks and with a little bit of luck and good timing, they hit the jackpot and live happily ever after.

They make up about 2% of the total.

The other 98% of people that focus on solving their problems this way usually either fail miserably or they remain average forever.

That’s what I mean when I say they’re unaware.

How An Ordinary Guy Lives An Extraordinary Life

How did I do it?

By harnessing the rare power that I said most people will dismiss because they’re completely unaware.

It’s called the power of influence.

This is exactly what I used for job interviews, negotiations, dating, opportunities, etc.

It served as my “get out of jail free” card that I used to navigate my way through life as an average person with above average goals.

I used it to get jobs before I had my own business that college grads would have normally got way before me.

I used it to get the dating opportunities I needed which eventually led me to my wife.

And all it really boils down to is having the ability to get the help you need from other people by having hidden advantage of being able to control the way they respond to your needs.

Realize this….people operate the world.

People are controlled by their mind’s.

If you can effectively control the direction of the mind, you can control what people do.

Do this on a large enough scale and you can begin to change the way the world operates to your advantage.

Ok let’s take a step back.

Maybe you don’t need to change the entire world at this point. Maybe you just need to change certain things in your personal life.

  • Maybe it’s your career.

  • Maybe it’s your love life.

  • Maybe it’s your friendships or social status.

If there is a part of your life that you feel you could be improving upon and you’re not, chances are it’s because you haven’t connected with the right person in the right way.

This is known as influence.

And guess what, chances are the people who have improved their lives in the way that you would like to have mastered the art of influence whether they realize it or not.

Think about this for a second.

Remember a time in your life when you thought something was “in the bag”?

You were pretty confident that something was really going to work out for you.

It could have been a job, a promotion, an opportunity, a date with someone..

And for whatever reason it just didn’t pan out…

The Moment I Literally Skyrocketed Every Facet Of My Life
  • That’s when I began to shatter sales records.

  • That’s when I started to amaze people.

  • That’s when my income tripled.

After that I become a full time copywriter for some of the Internet’s shining stars like Steve G. Jones, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr Joe Rubino and Mike Litman.

And after that, I began teaching everything that I have discovered along the way to other people using a format that is interesting and non-complex, easy to understand and most of all executable for results.

Today I’d like to reveal one of my most treasured secret influence weapons.

It is the result of over 12 years of research and study broken down into an easy to understand and dangerously effective arsenal of techniques you can begin using as early as today to direct the thoughts and behaviors of just about anyone.

It is based on five major influential areas of study including:

  • Verbal Language - Let’s face it, you can’t go through life without ever having a conversation with someone and chances are you’re doing it all of the time. Here you’ll learn how to covertly captivate people with your speech.
  • Non Verbal Language - While we communicate verbally most of the time, it’s the non-verbal message that actually has more power. In this section you’ll learn how to read minds & subliminally project the right message.
  • Overcoming Objections - Reality check: People always find reasons to say “no” regardless of how persuasive you are. Now you’ll know exactly how to reverse those thoughts and gain rapid compliance.
  • Nuero Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Here you’ll gain an inside look at some of the most powerful set of techniques to literally program the minds of others using the most trusted platform in the world; NLP.
  • Psychology - It is in this section of the program where you will learn about how the human mind really works so you can become a power figure in relationships and social interactions.

This program includes a 200 + page digital book and 5 audio modules (approx 45 minutes each) available for immediate download to your PC or Mac.

Here’s a snapshot of what I’ll reveal:

  • How to effectively read another person’s mind like a well written book so you can predict their thoughts and behaviors….and then alter them to your advantage

  • How to spot a liar from a mile away before they utter one single word to you

  • The secrets to transmitting charisma and positive energy though a mere handshake so people are always open to your message

  • A little known tactic that basically gets people to fall in love you (and how to know when it’s the right time to pull it out)

  • How to instantly make a group of people trust and admire you

  • How to completely change the energy in a social situation to suit your needs

  • A powerful technique that almost no one would ever think to use that gains rapid compliance from people

  • The one thing you must focus on most if you really want people to give you what you want (most people completely overlook this)

  • How to make your target think you are the “go to” person for what they need

  • A “psych reversal” technique that 99% of people would be terrified to even think of using …but it’s more potent than you could ever imagine for getting people to get on your side

  • A little known technique that gets a perfect stranger to feel as though they’ve known you for years so you can make requests to them with no problem

  • How to subliminally make your offer appear more attractive to your audience

  • The most powerful tool you could ever want to pull out to get people to trip over themselves to say yes to your offer

  • How to effectively reformat someone’s thoughts about your offer if they happen to change their mind after saying yes

  • My own personal method for injecting power into your words when you speak to people

  • A simple but super effective blueprint for dealing with and reversing objections like a true master

  • What to do when someone blames the economy for not being able to help you

  • A simple NLP tactic that skyrockets your chances of gaining compliance

  • How to strategically use certain words that basically program the minds of others to say yes all of the time

  • Another NLP tactic that instantly engages your target so they’re ready to be persuaded

  • How to use future pacing the right way

  • How to transform simple conversation with people into life changing opportunities for yourself

  • How to use the “relevancy frame” to deal with difficult people

  • How to apply NLP language patterns for the first time

  • How to create a rock solid influential personality using the power of NLP

  • The key to never overwhelming or confusing your target so they procrastinate (this is another one that most people completely screw up)

  • How to instantly increase the value of your offer by ten fold so people are drawn to it like bees to a hive

  • The secret to gaining fast, steady and repeated commitments from people

  • A strange technique that positions you for victory every single time

  • How to instantly double the effectiveness of your presentation

  • The secret to really being able to recall the benefits of your offer instantly so you always appear to knowledgeable an in control

  • And much, much more!

But here’s the deal…I know how powerful and valuable this information is and I have previously sold it to the public for $87.

But for the next 48 hours you can grab it at a special price because you’re my subscriber.

And since some people prefer to read while others prefer to listen, I’ve made it even easier for you to decide which option works best for you.


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