Paul Hanna - The Mini Motivator

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Paul Hanna - The Mini Motivator digital download. Info: [1 CD – MP3]. I designed The Mini Motivator for those times in your life when things aren't goin...
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Paul Hanna - The Mini Motivator

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 CD – MP3]


The Mini Motivator

Motivation is a quiet thing.

It's not jumping up and down and saying how great everything could be. True motivation comes from allowing yourself some quiet time. It comes from stopping for a moment and asking yourself where you're going.

I designed The Mini Motivator for those times in your life when things aren't going too well. We learn the greatest lessons in life at these times, and by learning these lessons, we move closer to our goals. Or you might be feeling a little bored with life, and you're looking for a new direction or challenge. The words you find in the book may be just the tonic you need.

Whatever caused you to pick up The Mini Motivator, I'm happy you did. It means you want to take accountability for achieving your goals, and that's a major step on the road to success.

Spend some time with The Mini Motivator. I hope it will help you to regain your focus and, at the same time, put more spark into your life.

About the Author:

Paul Hanna is one of Australia’s leading motivational speakers, with a client list that reads like a who’s who of the corporate elite. McDonald’s, Myer, Grace Bros, Target, BMW, Qantas and Vodafone are just some of the major companies who have used the services of this dynamic speaker. His books include the #1 bestselling You Can Do It!, The Mini Motivator, Believe and Achieve!, The Money Motivator, The Sales Motivator, and You Can Sell It! Paul lives in Sydney.