Paul Galloway - Internet Marketer’s Little Black Book

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Paul Galloway - Internet Marketer’s Little Black Book digital download. Info: [PDF]. "Discover Hundreds of Software Tools and Services Guaranteed To Qui...
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Paul Galloway - Internet Marketer’s Little Black Book

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Internet Marketer’s Little Black Book

One man has been the "go-to guy" of the most brilliant marketing minds for years...

"Discover Hundreds of Software Tools and Services Guaranteed To Quickly and Easily Ramp Up Anyone's Online Cashflow"

He is finally opening up and you get to see it happen right here and right now... 

"The Internet Marketer's Little Black Book..."

The Internet Marketer's Little Black Book is a 65 page directory of the best, proven resources, to help you explode your Internet business.

It is not crammed full of affiliate links, and it contains no filler. It's simply an itemized and categorized listing of the tools and resources you need to get it done.

And get it done right.

While there are far too many categories to list, listed below is a sample of what you'll find in The Internet Marketer's Little Black Book...

Advertising Resources (traffic) - Pages 10 - 12

Audio (editing, conversion, etc.) - Pages 14 - 15

Blogs (announcers, tricks, plug ins, etc.) - Page 17

ClickBank (software, tools, etc.) - Page 19

Competitive Intelligence (spying) - Page 22

Customer Support (outsourcing and virtual assistants) - Page 26

Duplication (CD & DVD Duplication) - Page -30

Ebay (auction tools and CRM) - Page 31

Email (list building software, list management tools, etc.) - Page 32

Fulfillment (physical product fulfillment) - Page 35

Graphics (stock photography, graphics design, etc.) - Pages 36 - 37

Keywords (research, analysis, etc.) - Page 38

Legal (copyright, trademark, etc.) - Page 39

Miscellaneous (you just have to see these;-) - Pages 42 - 44

Pay Per Click (tools, software, fraud detection, etc.) - Page 47

Publicity (services, press release distribution) - Pages 49 - 50

RSS (advertising, software, etc.) - Page 50

Research (niche research tools) - Pages 51 - 52

Search Engine Optimization (training, software, etc.) - Pages 53 - 54

Surveys (hosted and server side survey software) - Page 58

Traffic (member sites, software, etc.) - Pages 59 - 60

Video (creation, editing, etc.) - Page 61

Web Design (editors, software, services, etc.) - Pages 62 - 63

Web Other (too cool to leave out, to hot too categorize;-) - Page 65

"Why This, Why Me, Why Now?"

Trying to build yourself an online business, or taking your existing online business to new heights in today's economy is an incredibly intelligent thing to do.

I mean, look at the recent headlines and you'll see they're jammed full of bad news about the economy.

Here's a few recent bits of news I found in a 2 second search...

With news like that, you personally couldn't be in a better place at a better time. With your own Internet business, headlines like these won't faze you at all

Because you'll be financially free and not dependent on some conglomerate to put money in your pocket and food on your table..

Now, The Internet Marketer's Little Black Book will NOT teach you how to become rich. But the tools inside can help you build your business quicker, faster, and better.