Paul DiModica - How to Cold Call Senior Management

Paul DiModica - How to Cold Call Senior Management digital download. Info: [2 CD (MP3)]. Cold calling corporate managers or C-level executives at global...

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Paul DiModica - How to Cold Call Senior Management

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Format: [2 CD (MP3)]


"How to Cold Call Management, Create Value and Set Up Appointments"
Success Kit

Like you, I hate to cold call. It's labor intensive, time consuming and often . . . people are not always polite.

Cold calling corporate managers or C-level executives at global 1000 companies, or business owners and trying to sell them technology or services is difficult. But when done correctly, it is the fastest and cheapest way for any company to grow revenue and the easiest way for professional IT salespeople to become rich.

  • Learn how to create three dimensional IT value over the phone that prospects believe

  • How to find clients and penetrate their no-talk zone

  • Learn how develop your technology or professional service sales value proposition that puts your business value in front of you

  • Learn management telemarketing do's and don'ts that most salespeople don't know

  • 9 steps to build tactical telemarketing scripts that work with management and get you through the door

  • How to manage gatekeepers so that they don't manage you

  • Learn the right communcation skills that will get you into the C-level executive office 

  • How to set up your first in-person appointment, qualify the IT prospect on the spot and prove to them that you are an industry specialist

  • Learn how to create executive language so prospects see you as a peer instead of a vendor

  • The three business drivers that force management to buy and how to use them as a selling tool

  • 7 questions you need to ask every IT management prospect to confirm they are a qualified buyer, not a professional looker

  • How to position yourself as a thought leader with the prospect on your first appointment so they see you as a specialist . . . and not a commodity

  • How to communicate with prospects so they tell you their business problems

This How to Cold Call IT Management success kit comes with a 20+ page class workbook and 2 audio CDs to help you custom fit our methods and techniques to your IT, software or services offering.

Note: Workbook is not included