Paid Course - VIP Products

Paid Course - VIP ProductsThe best place to advertise your Shopify store productsDo you want to be a part of a secret, underground Facebook group where you ca...
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Paid Course - VIP Products

Paid Course - VIP Products

The best place to advertise your Shopify store products

Do you want to be a part of a secret, underground Facebook group where you can snag products being sold to the public, but to YOU, they are absolutely free?!?!

Me too! lol.

-> Maybe you’re a mom who wants to get free QUALITY stuff you can’t get free anywhere else.

-> Maybe you’re a Shopify store owner or a Teachable teacher and you wanna get your products into the hands of people, gaining exposure, traffic, and reviews.

You’re in the right place!

I get SOOOOOO irritated with all these Facebook groups EVERYWHERE saying, “NO promoting”.

It’s really hurts everybody because if we can’t see what others are working on, often times when they are ing up, they give free stuff and we miss out on all those goodies!!!

We need a place to go where we can actually help people and support each other!

Where we can share our own stuff.

Where we can get free stuff from others.

Paid Course - VIP Products

So here’s the deets…

When you enroll, you get access to the EXCLUSIVE Facebook group where you get to share your paid products with others by giving them free access/free discount codes. You build your email list super fast.

You also get access to tons of cool stuff and introduced to all kinds of new (and AWESOME) ladies like YOU, as well as products that are sold everywhere else, but here, in this private Facebook group, they are 100% FREE!

You’ll get inspired by seeing what everyone else is creating.

Everyone gets an engaged community to hang out, make friends, and chat with like-minded people.

I get the joy of helping my audience, helping my friends with Shopify stores, and bringing everyone together. <3

Literally everyone wins!

But don’t wait. I promise you that the price of this awesome opportunity will only go UP over time, because more and more people will join and it will become more valuable. YOU get the rare opportunity to join NOW and get in at a fraction of the price.

Join over 189,821 lives touched by Sarah Titus paid products!

On occasion, randomly, I may share your product with my entire email list!

I’ve done that in the past and it’s always worked really great. Everyone loves it.

Check out what Viktoria said when I shared her freebie in my newsletter list (Viktoria received 982 downloads in that one email- an instant email list!)…

Paid Course - VIP Products

“You shared one of my products to your email list a couple of months ago and it had such a snowball effect on my business. I’m so grateful that you chose my product to share :)”


Paid Course - VIP Products

…and when I shared The Savvy Couple’s (Kelan and Brittany) product, they got 1,171 downloads!

Paid Course - VIP Products

“I am so blessed to have been able to partner up with you to be able to share our Budgeting Binder with your email list. They were able to get a great product and Kelan and I were able to see HUGE growth with our email list. What an amazing opportunity!”

Paid Course - VIP Products

This Facebook group currently has 267 members.

Paid Course - VIP Products

A few of the types of things you can expect to see free in the group…


Budgeting Binder {20+ pages}:

Paid Course - VIP Products

Deluxe Home Binder {47 pages}:

Paid Course - VIP Products

Cleaning Binder {78 pages}:

Paid Course - VIP Products

Goal Setting Planner {30+ pages}:

(Yes, this binder in particular includes COMMERCIAL license; you can put it in your store and resale it too! FA FREE!!!!)

Paid Course - VIP Products

Small Business Planner {67 pages}:

Paid Course - VIP Products

Forever Grateful Gratitude Journal {40+ pages}:

Paid Course - VIP Products

Hand Lettering Bundle {444 pages}:

Paid Course - VIP Products

The value of just these four products alone is $318 retail and seriously there’s SOOOO much more!!!

Paid Course - VIP Products

“I can’t believe how many cool free products there are.”

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