Osterwalder & Pigneur - Business Model Generation Online Course

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Osterwalder & Pigneur - Business Model Generation Online Course digital download. Info: [Video MP4 + Workbooks [PDF]. An online course that will teach y...
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Osterwalder & Pigneur - Business Model Generation Online Course

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Format: [Video MP4 + Workbooks [PDF]


Business Model Generation Online Course

Business Models that work and Value Propositions that sell

An online course that will teach you how to design, test, and build business models and value propositions based on the methodology practiced by the world’s leading organizations.

Course Outline

For the price of a short flight, you could be learning how to use the proven Business Model Canvas methodology used by successful ventures worldwide. Learn the techniques and concepts that corporations (GE, Mastercard, Adobe, 3M, Intel), consultants (PWC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young), SME's, schools, and startups have discovered and changed the way they think about business models and value propositions.

Whether or not you've read "Business Model Generation", you'll be taking your skills to the next level with this course. Each lesson is designed to be extremely practical, visual, and concise – so you don't have to spend weeks online learning the content. You also don't have to leave your office to attend a physical Masterclass, because this course covers all of the content and more than what is covered in our in person training sessions.

Presented by the creators of the methodology and produced by the team that produced the book, this online course incorporates real world learnings from our experience with thousands of practitioners in all types of organizations around the world. If you're looking for the best place to really dig into these powerful techniques so you can start applying them tomorrow, start with this course today.

Section - Topics & Activities

Getting Started
• The Business Model Canvas
• Getting Started with the Canvas
• Canvas Detail
• Your Business Model
• The Business Model in Context/FAQ

Applying the Business Model Canvas
• The Business Model Canvas in Action: A Versatile Tool
• The Business Mode Design & Innovation Process

Business Model Mechanics
• Succeed Beyond Great Technologies & Products
• 7 Questions to Assess Your Business Model Design
• Blue Ocean Strategies & Doing More With Less

Designing Business Models
• Prototyping Business Models
• Business Model Innovation Techniques
• Playing With Numbers

Getting Focused on the Customer and Value Propositions
• Introduction to the Value Proposition Canvas
• Customer Profiles
• Value Proposition Map
• Fit
• Differentiation & Competition

• Why Business Models Fail & and How to Avoid It
• How to Validate Your Business Model and Value Proposition Hypothesis
• Putting All Together


Alex Osterwalder

Osterwalder & Pigneur - Business Model Generation Online Course

Alexander Osterwalder is an entrepreneur, speaker and business model innovator. Together with Professor Yves Pigneur he co-authored Business Model Generation, a global bestseller on the topic of business model innovation. His Business Model Canvas, a tool to visualize, challenge and (re-) invent business models is used by leading organizations around the world, like GE, P&G, Ericsson, and 3M.
Alexander is a frequent keynote speaker and has held guest lectures in top universities around the world, including Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, IESE and IMD.
The Business Model Foundry, his current start-up, which he co-founded with Alan Smith and Peter Sonderegger, builds strategic tools for innovators. Strategyzer .com and the Business Model Toolbox for iPad are the Foundry’s first applications. Alexander holds a PhD from HEC Lausanne, Switzer- land, and is a founding member of The Constellation, a global not-for- profit organization aiming to make HIV/AIDS and Malaria history.

Yves Pigneur

Osterwalder & Pigneur - Business Model Generation Online Course

Dr. Yves Pigneur has served as Professor of Information Systems at the University of Lausanne since 1984, and as a visiting professor at Georgia State University, University of British Columbia, and the National University of Singapore. He earned his doctoral degree at the University of Namur, Belgium. He is editor-in-chief of the academic journal Systèmes d’Information & Management (SIM). Together with Alexander Osterwalder, they authored the international best- seller Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers.