Oren Klaff - Raising Capital

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Oren Klaff - Raising Capital digital download. Info: [1 Video (MOV) 1 Audio (MP3) 8 Manuals (PDF)]. Join Oren Klaff, who has raised over $400 million in...
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Oren Klaff - Raising Capital

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 Video (MOV) 1 Audio (MP3) 8 Manuals (PDF)]

Raising Capital

Learn How to Pitch Investors and Raise Capital

Join Oren Klaff, who has raised over $400 million in capital for businesses over the last five years, as he breaks down the new rules for persuasive, frame-based pitching

While her mouth moved, and she continued talking, Oren was thinking one thing, This analyst is trying to ruin my deal.

She was a new consultant from a hard-hitting and illustrious venture capital background, and like a lot of consultants — and car mechanics — she needed to prove that her expertise and rates were worth it by throwing mud at everything that had transpired before her involvement. Problem was she was doing that by working something called the analyst frame.

As much as Oren tried to steer the conversation back to the deal, she kept interfering, delving into dry, granular, and ultimately un-novel, un-interesting aspects of financials. It was time for some frame disruption:

Finally, he just cut her off mid-sentence — “Excuse me, but what value will you bring to this deal once your engagement is through? We’re here working to make this happen and it will continue to happen once you leave.”

The room — stunned. The analyst — stunned. The only person not stunned — Oren. Because he knew what he had just done. He hadn’t offended her, insulted her, or torpedoed the momentum of his deal. Instead, he had firmly asked this analyst to qualify herself, massively disrupting her analytical frame — and returning the power of the social interaction comfortably in his hands.

He watched and listened — the entire room did — as she spent the next ten minutes giving everyone her background and experience, and when she was done, Oren said, “Great. So it’s easy for you to see why this deal…”

Boom. Back on track.

Seven days later, wire. For over $5 million.

Raising capital is not your typical sales situation. It’s a high-stakes powerplay and social interaction with its own set of rules. Master the rules, master the game.

Oren goes into material not covered in his breakout book Pitch Anything to help you turn the tables on investors and get the best deal for your company.

What You Learn

– What the structure of pitching is (without this you’re ineffective)

– How to understand how frames work (plus a NEW video exclusive from Oren explaining frames) — until you understand this you won’t have the full power of your arsenal

– Which frame is the most important to have (plus scripts and routines to get there)

– How to prepare properly for the pitch ( The right language for the deal

– The right (and wrong) way to think about your business when raising capital

– What happens if you don’t prepare properly in terms of status and how this effects the terms of your deal

– A primer on how to communicate your deal in language of capital markets.

– Why it’s so important to give the right reasons for the deal — besides “you need it” (get 3 example scripts to use)

– When to communicate the major deal points without editorial, because of the binary way investors think of deals

– How to stick to a three-stack of concrete, impressive accomplishments, NOT a comprehensive list of everywhere you’ve worked

– The simple formula to introduce your idea that pumps you up with credibility and makes your solution even more exciting

– The right and wrong ways to address the question of competitive landscape

– How to underline the staying power of your idea so it stands out

– How investors view pitch sessions, and how you can take advantage of this viewpoint

– How to get tour targets to say, “Wow, I can’t believe this is just here for me. Where do I sign?”

– How to eradicate neediness and stay in your prize frame

– Where you get killed EVEN IF you’ve gotten a term sheet

What You Get:

– The full 110-minute course in streaming format, downloadable .mov if you prefer to watch on the go, and downloadable .mp3 to listen with your iPod

– A .pdf collection of scripts and routines to help you get started

– 3 sample pitch decks and the original slides from Oren’s presentation at Google on persuasive frame-based pitching

– A .pdf of the course notes (we couldn’t get to everything in the outline, but want you to have the material as a bonus)