Open Source Training - HTML Coding Course

Open Source Training - HTML Coding Course digital download. Info: [26 FLV]. Introduction: Session 1: Introduction to the Course, Session 2: Suggested Ed...

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Open Source Training - HTML Coding Course

Type: Digital download

Format: [26 FLV]

HTML Coding Course


Session 1: Introduction to the Course
Session 2: Suggested Editors
Session 3: Intro to Textmate
Session 4: Course Project Overview


Session 5: Introduction to HTML
Session 6: Text Formatting
Session 7: Inline vs Block Element
Session 8: Course Project


Session 9: Anchor Element
Session 10: Course Project


Session 11: Introduction to Tables
Session 12: Table Attributes
Session 13: Course Project


Session 14: Introduction to Lists
Session 15: Course Project


Session 16: Introduction to Images
Session 17: Course Project

Miscellaneous HTML

Session 18: Introduction to CSS
Session 19: Spans and Divs
Session 20: HTML Entities

Creating a Full HTML Document

Session 21: Overview
Session 22: Head, title tag and metatags
Session 23: Course Project

HTML Validation

Session 24: Validating the HTML Code

Applying to Your CMS

Session 25: Using HTML in CMS Systems

Wrap Up

Session 26: Wrap Up and Thank You