Nitro Marketing, Kevin Wilke - 241 Proven Niche Markets

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Nitro Marketing, Kevin Wilke - 241 Proven Niche Markets digital download. Info: [ eBook (PDF) ]. If You're Ready To Quit Struggling To Find The 'Right' ...
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Nitro Marketing, Kevin Wilke - 241 Proven Niche Markets

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Format: [ eBook (PDF) ]


241 Proven Niche Markets

"Discover The Fastest, Most Painless Way To Find The Perfect Online Niche Market That's Guaranteed To Make You A Full Time Income!"

If You're Ready To Quit Struggling To Find The 'Right' Niche, And Get A List Of 241 Hand- Picked Online Business Ideas That Are Proven To Be Successful... Then This Will Be The Most Important Letter You Ever Read...

Dear Friend,

Are you feeling "stuck" trying to pick the right niche market, or simply overwhelmed with the process of finding one?

Be honest, because here's what I want to know...

  • Do you feel the only thing keeping you from being financially successful online is finding the right market to go into?
  • Are you just worried your online business idea is going to fail?
  • Does the thought of doing keyword research to find the right niche give you a headache or make you cringe?
  • Are you still trying to figure out the proper way to research and identify a profitable market? And you simply can't move forward because of it?
  • Are the amount of options available to you getting you overwhelmed?
  • Can you not decide between many choices for a business idea to pursuit?
  • Are you worried about wasting days, months, or even years working on the wrong online business that ends up failing?

If you can identify with any one of these, then pay very close attention. You're not alone... and it's not your fault.

No one taught you back in school how to do market or keyword research, or to have a specific criteria on picking the perfect niche market. And I admit, it took us a lot of trial and error to figure it out on our own and get to where we are.

But would you believe me if I told you that I wrote this letter because I'm the one who is frustrated??

Yes, my company and I have been in the online business game for over a decade now... and yes, we've made over $18.2 million over the past few years. So finding and picking the 'perfect' niche market is no longer a problem for us at all.

But the people we deeply care about most, our customers, when it comes to online success constantly struggle with this.

Hands down, the single biggest challenge most people face when building an online business is FINDING the right business idea. And through our one-on-one and group coaching programs, we have to address this problem with our clients almost every time.

Even though we've created a step-by-step, easy to follow training in our other products on how to do market research, it still becomes overwhelming and often confusing for people.

And from talking to hundreds of people personally, doing surveys, researching, and asking questions at live seminars, we've discovered that the amount of people who need help in this area is MASSIVE. 

It's almost scary how much of an epidemic the problem of NOT having the right idea is, and how much it's destroying people's momentum and any chance of building a highly successful online business.

Given how widespread this problem is, we realized it's NOT possible for us to give our one-on-one time to everyone to help them overcome it.

It was OUR frustration of not being able to help a lot of people with our time, and THEIR frustration (and probably YOUR frustration as well) of not being able to or wanting to go through the market research process.

So... to address this chronic problem that's killing countless business dreams, I got together with the president of our company, Dan Swanson, and decided to do something about it for you.

Dan Swanson has created over 275 products for over 120 different companies, resulting in more than $2 billion in sales... not to mention many years of experience in building businesses.

We put our collective minds and decades of experience together, and hammered out a fail-proof system on researching and pin-pointing niche markets that are absolutely guaranteed to be successful online.

I'll walk you through exactly how we did it in a second so you can use it too.

We then took our system and over 5 months, with 6 people spending 513 hours, created a list of proven online business ideas.

The result:

513 hours of research to find 241 of the absolute best
niche markets proven to make you money!

It was hands down the hardest thing we've ever done... no wonder so many people struggle picking a niche market

It was the combined effort of Dan, myself, 4 other market experts, and MONTHS of endless market research to come up with this list.

I'll show you that research process to ensure you pick the best niche market for yourself (and how you can skip it entirely by getting your hands on our list... but more on that shortly).

The Biggest Mistake People Make When Searching For An Online Business Idea...

There's an old saying... "build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door". In other words, if you come up with something better that no one has ever thought of, you'll make lots of money.

Those are supposed to be words of wisdom.

But here's the problem...

Henry David Thoreau, the man who said that quote, never invented any "mousetraps" and the world never beat a path to his door. In fact, he lived in an isolated cabin writing poetry... and died penniless.

On the other hand, Gary Halbert, a highly successful entrepreneur, once asked a room full of internet marketers the advantages they would like to have if they were to sell hamburgers.

The answers he received from his students were "superior meat", "better buns", "a great restaurant location", and "having the lowest prices".

Halbert told them, "I'll give you every single one of those advantage you asked for... but I myself only want ONE advantage, and if you give it to me, I'll whip the pants off you when it comes to selling burgers!"

He revealed,

"The ONLY advantage I want is a STARVING CROWD!"

The biggest mistake most people make is they don't look where money is already flowing, and then put themselves in front of that stream.

In other words, you should find out where people are spending money right now, and get a piece of it for yourself! And that's exactly the criteria we used to hand-pick 241 of the most profitable online niche markets that are guaranteed to let you become and online business success too.

We identified thousands of markets where products were being sold and people were already buying, and then narrowed them down to 241 of the absolute best opportunities for you.

It was a long, hard process that's absolutely necessary if you want to start off on the right foot when building your online business empire.

And If you were to do this on your own, here's the process we went through to find EACH of the 241 niche markets that are proven to produce a full-time profit...

Our Million Dollar Short-Cut To Finding
The Best Online Niche Markets...

Here's the exact process we went through to find the top niche markets online to guarantee your success...

There are 2 parts:

1) First use million (billion) dollar websites that ALREADY did all the research FOR YOU and legally "steal" their research.

2) Also find out what solutions people are searching for online, then sell them the solution they are looking for!

Part 1 Explained: We went through 12 of the top websites that have already done the market research and identified the most successful online niche markets. Fortunately they "publish" their research for the entire world so you and I can legally "steal it."

These are sites like...


  • Chicken Soup books

  • "Dummies" books

  • "Idiots" books







We ended up sorting through thousands of categories to see what these million, even billion-dollar websites have identified as proven markets.

Here's a couple examples...

  • alone has 524 different markets just for books. For example one of their 524 markets is "Outdoors & Nature -> Bird Watching"

  • The Chicken Soup series of books has 179 different markets and sold over half a billion books. They have identified niches such as Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul, for the Cat Lover's Soul, for the Expectant Mom's Soul and 176 more.

  • has identified 803 different markets. Here's a couple...
    Child Care, Children's Books, Children's Music, China Travel, Chinese Culture, Chinese Food, Cholesterol

About 100 hours later, when you've combed through tens of thousands of webpages, spread across dozens of websites, you will have 3,663 potential markets.

And you will then be ready to move onto the second step.

Part 2 Explained: We identified keywords people are currently using when they're looking for a solution online, and determined what exactly are they looking to solve.

These are a couple of the solution seeking keywords...

  • training

  • information

  • tips

  • help

  • tutorial

  • guide

  • how to

  • resource

  • coaching

  • forum

  • discussion

  • seminar

Here's a short example of your results using the keyword "Training"...

  • Dog training (1,220,000)

  • Weight training (368,000)

  • Computer training (301,000)

  • Management training (246,000)

  • Puppy training (201,000)

  • Sales training (165,000)

After dozens of hours working on this, you will end up with another 1,591 potential markets.

Through a vigorous and LONG process of sorting through thousands of categories, subcategories, and keywords... we came up with a list of 5,254 possible niche markets.‚Â

And that was just the beginning!

Most of those markets don't pass the critical "2-Question Test" verifying if it was truly a money-maker. That means most of the markets you will come across are NOT good markets and would be a complete waste of your time!

To be a Proven Niche Market, it has to successfully meet these 2 criteria...

(1) Is this a niche market in which people are currently buying stuff online right now?‚ and

(2) Can you easily reach those buyers online and get them to come to your website and buy from you?

After 513 hours of research divided among 6 people over 5 months... we narrowed it down to 241 niche markets that passed our test, and that were proven to be highly profitable.

We finally had in our hands...

The Most Powerful (And Maybe
The Only) List Of Proven Online Niche Markets Ever
Created For You...

How can I make such a bold claim?

Ask yourself if this is true.

Before you can...

-Register a Domain
-Get a Website
-Build an Email List
-Get Traffic
-Write a Sales Letter
-Create Backend Profits
-Have a Membership Site
-Do Pay-Per-Click
-Use Social Media Marketing
-Create a Product
-Before you can make ANY money...

You FIRST need to find your niche market!

No wonder so many people fail online...

Picking a niche is the least talked about topic by all the online gurus!

Yet it is the single MOST first important step!

And if this is single-handedly the biggest hurdle people face in building an online business, then our list of 241 Proven Niche Markets is directly solving single-handedly your biggest problem on the internet.

That's why I fully stand by that statement. I whole-heartedly believe this is going to break down the biggest barrier to you finally having a successful online business... period.

What Exactly Is In This List of
241 Proven Niche Markets?

First, to make it easy for you to go through the list without getting overwhelmed, we categorized all the niches.

All 241 niche markets are broken down into categories and subcategories so you can go through them VERY easily and according to your areas of interest.

The 11 major categories include:

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Business

  • Education

  • Self Improvement

  • Food

  • Entertainment

  • Games

  • Health & Fitness

  • Hobbies

  • Home & Garden

  • Sports

And within each of these categories are 3 to 5 subcategories, each of which have at least a handful of specific niche markets we've identified as being highly profitable.

Second, every niche has a complete description telling you what that niche is about so you can quickly see if its a good fit for you.

Third, every niche has a list of products that people are already buying in that market saving you hours of research.

Fourth, every niche also comes with a long list of keywords people are using right now in the search engines related to your niche. Also if you are really into keywords and SEO traffic, it also includes a list of alternate (or LSI) keywords too.

You can use these keywords to create your content, start your PPC campaigns, target your SEO efforts and more.

"Here's Just A Small Taste Of What You'll Get From Our List Of 241 Proven Niche Markets And All The Powerful Training That's Included"

  • Discover the 'perfect' niche market for you to go into, and build an online business that will not only make you a full-time income, but also be a lot of FUN!

  • Never again be "stuck" spending MONTHS trying to figure out the right online business to start...

  • How to skip the long, painful hours of doing market and keyword research to identify the right business idea you can quickly retire off of...

  • A free video training on how to hit the ground running with your new business idea and start making money within weeks...

  • Eliminate any lingering doubts about your chosen niche since it will be personally hand-picked by us, and guaranteed to bring you success...

  • Overcome any feelings of overwhelm or confusion when it comes to building the RIGHT kind of online business...

  • Learn from 3 of the best minds in the online business world on how to find the right niche markets in the future, and how to start making money in them quickly...

  • The 3-step formula to easily pick the best idea for you out of the list of 241, and start building your online empire right away...

  • Have the confidence to know that ANY online business idea you pick from our list CAN be turned into a 7-figure business...

  • Get ahead of the competition and prove the skeptics wrong by overcoming the biggest challenge online entrepreneurs face (finding the right business idea that can make you plenty of money)...

  • See how in just 15 to 45 minutes a day, you can start making $450 a month starting from absolute scratch in any one of the 241 niches you choose...

  • Completely eliminate the need to learn a bunch of complicated stuff to see results, or to be an expert in any area, or have 10 things thrown at you, making it a never ending onslaught of difficult things for you to learn to see results with your online business...

  • Finally stop "thinking" about what niche to go into, and start putting all of your business building knowledge to use...

  • Build an online business that you're passionate about, that is in your strengths, and that gives you the time of your life because you're making money doing what you LOVE!

  • You'll also have lots of back-up ideas so you never have to worry about the future...

  • And much more!