Nicole Whitney - Spoonbending Kit 2

Nicole Whitney - Spoonbending Kit 2. Learn to bend metal with the power of your mind - for real.TWO FOR ONE - INSTANT ACCESS - LIFE CHANGING - READ ON! TEST...
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Nicole Whitney - Spoonbending Kit 2

Nicole Whitney - Spoonbending Kit 2

Learn to bend metal with the power of your mind - for real.



Hi Nicole, I received your kit and watched the video’s and though it took me a few attempts I DID IT!  What really amazed me was that I cried because I felt such a release of negative beliefs that have been blocking me for years just melting away simultaneously while bending the spoon. What an amazing break through to experience the solid become just energy and so soft.

Thank you from my heart, you have the ultimate best programs and site for direct experience of learning I have ever come upon with the most expanding guest, I am so appreciative that you followed your path that is helping everyone evolve to our own empowerment. Now I understand the challenge of keeping any metal around for each opportunity to bend. I am now practicing what you referred to as the next level, knowing it will even be more empowering.

Many heartfull thanks…Anna from Canada

Experience it yourself right now for real.

Nicole Whitney - Spoonbending Kit 2

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“I am tremendously excited about this.  You kit is a real winner!” Eliot Camaren, Clinton Chronicle - Contributing Editor

THIS JUST IN:  Here’s the highlights of three humbling emails received from an independent reporter who reviewed our one and only Spoonbending Kit this week.

“Well, Nicole, I just went through my first spoon bending exercise after watching your level one video. It took awhile because I am not that easy with concentrating. But I looked at the spoon after a few minutes and the shaft of the spoon was bent off at an angle of about 5 degrees at the most.  But it was bent and I exerted no physical strength. Amazed at the result, I continued and at 3:44pm ET I won’t say “I” bent the spoon, but the thing got ever so soft and just went with my will. I have a perfectly bent spoon! And I’ll be damned if I can’t unbend it! The spoon is as strong as it ever was. I did listen to several of the audio presentations which greatly build up the mind’s “confidence” so, when it came time to do it, all your words came through - as well as those of your guests - and then there it was… The Power of the Mind!  … “

“… to move ahead with showing this to other folk. By that I mean, getting them to buy your kits. First the article I will write, then anyone I meet. Especially in a place like NYC- filled with negativity and false ego. People need to see that there’s a doorway to greater things….  I will stay in touch. And I’ll be listening to your programs in the internet radio. They are the best “self-discovery” - not self-help but discovery - programs I have ever heard. They will figure prominently in my article.  You have a wonderfully indirect way of teaching. You simply allow people to see who you are rather than lay down “rules” for them to follow like slaves. Then when they have seen you, you say to them ‘now go be yourself’.  The word “education” means to draw out - to educe. You do that where most teachers cram stuff in. You are a true educator, not a trainer.”

Eliot Camaren
Clinton Chronicle
Contributing Editor
“The Newspaper of Record for Hell’s Kitchen & Midtown West”


If you could bend metal with your mind for real - what could you NOT do?????

Want to find out?

Then read on!


Hi Nicole, I know you probably get a ton of emails like this, but I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for your spoonbending kit. I had tried spoonbending in the past, but I just couldn’t get it. After watching your video, especially the one where you show how to activate the energy in your hands and see the energy surrounding them, I bent my first spoon! And I just now bent my second… At any rate, I wanted to let you know that what you do touches the lives of many, and it has definitely touched mine 🙂

~ Vanessa


Nicole Whitney - Spoonbending Kit 2

Several years ago we developed the Level One Spoonbending Kit - a one of a kind training package containing nearly two hours of audio and video that shows you how to bend metal with your mind for real.     A few years later we released a more indepth LEVEL TWO SPOONBENDING KIT which raised the bar significantly - or bent it!  News for the Soul’s Level II Spoonbending Kit features all new videos, audio, visualization and much more !!!!

Nicole Whitney - Spoonbending Kit 2

YOU REALLY CAN DO THIS!   For real. Everyone can.   In fact most of you will be bending spoons on the same day you receive this kit!!!   And you will be able to show others how to do it - with success!


* brand new video training on bending metal with the mind.

* brand new audio training on bending metal with the mind.

* brand new video visualization exercise (DVD version!)

* brand new reports of feedback, results and Q&A from our level one spoonbenders over the years.

* brand new stories and information about mindset paradigms.

To receive both Level II Spoonbending and a free bonus download of our entire Level I Spoonbending Kit,  visit the special link below:

Have your own direct experience with your true power!

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