Nicole - 21 Day Money Challenge

Nicole - 21 Day Money ChallengeJump Your Journey to Financial FreedomThe 21-Day Money Challenge was created with the beginner in mind. This challenge is PERFE...
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Nicole - 21 Day Money Challenge

Nicole - 21 Day Money Challenge

Jump Your Journey to Financial Freedom

The 21-Day Money Challenge was created with the beginner in mind. This challenge is PERFECT for the person who is sick and tired of being sick and tired…for the person that wants to quit losing sleep because of money (or lack of it) but really has no idea where to begin.

Do you want to buy a home, save for your kids for college, save for retirement, or investing but you feel stuck? Stuck because you are in debt, behind on bills, and have no idea where all your money is going!

If you are already successfully budgeting and are already debt free, then this challenge is probably not for you!

But, if you are just ing out and you want to learn how to address limiting money mindsets, ditch debt, build an emergency fund, and slash expenses, then sign up now!

When you purchase the 21 Day Money Challenge and you’ll receive:

  • Immediate access to 21Money Lessons (in both video and written format)
  • 57-page downloadable workbook that includes:
    • Reflection questions
    • Cheatsheets and worksheets that enhance the written lessons.
    • Two different budgeting templates (monthly and paycheck)
    • Debt at-a-glance worksheet
    • Debt snowball tracker
    • Monthly expense tracker
    • Weekly meal plan template
  • Inspirational quotes to keep you motivated
  • Bite-sized, actionable money tips
  • Brief exercises to help you go from information to action
  • Links to additional tools and resources

As an additional bonus, you’ll receive access to 5 BONUS Masterclasses:

  1. Master Your Money Mindset
  2. Dealing With Debt
  3. Budget Like a Boss
  4. How to Rock Your Goals
  5. 8 Financial Lessons Inspired by the Government Shutdown

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I’m a money coach, Youtuber, and personal finance blogger. I ed a YouTube channel in 2015 to document my journey to getting out of debt, which included paying off nearly $100K in student loan debt. I’m on a mission to promote financial literacy and teach people how to earn more, spend less, and grow the gap in order to achieve financial freedom. You can find me over at

Course Curriculum


Welcome to the 21 Day Money Challenge!
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Week 1
  • Day 1: What’s Your Why? (14:00)
  • Day 2: Mind Over Money (11:22)
  • Day 3: What Do You Value? (8:30)
  • Day 4: If You’re in a Hole…Stop Digging! (7:59)
  • Day 5: Emergency Fund 101 (10:00)
  • Day 6: Get to Know Your Enemy (5:02)
  • Day 7: The 411 on Credit Reports and Scores (8:25)
Week 2
  • Day 8: What are You Worth? (6:12)
  • Day 9: Where is Your Money Going? (5:34)
  • Day 10: You Need a Budget (7:50)
  • Day 11: Budget Nitty Gritty (5:20)
  • Day 12: FrugalChic is the New Black (8:52)
  • Day 13: Low-Hanging Fruit (6:56)
  • Day 14: Find More Money in Your Budget (5:33)
Week 3
  • Day 15: Take the Panic Out of Your Purchases (4:12)
  • Day 16: Live Below Your Means (4:47)
  • Day 17: Should You Save While Paying Off Debt? (4:39)
  • Day 18: No Such Thing as Good Debt? (6:45)
  • Day 19: Try a Spending Fast (2:48)
  • Day 20: Dream Big and Set SMART Goals (4:38)
  • Day 21: Accountability is Key (3:45)
What Now?
  • The Time is Always Now!
BONUS: Masterclass Series
  • Masterclass: Master Your Money Mindset (31:50)
  • Masterclass: Dealing With Debt (31:05)
  • Masterclass: How to Rock Your Goals (74:49)
  • Masterclass: 8 Financial Lessons Inspired by the Government Shutdown (78:00)
BONUS Module: How to Budget Like a Boss
  • Masterclass: Budget Like a Boss (35:43)
  • Excel Budget Template
  • Excel Budget Template Video Walk Through (9:53)
  • 7 Reasons Why Your Budget Isn’t Working
  • 5 Phases of Budgeting
  • 31 Frugal Living Hacks That Will Save You Thousands

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