Nicolai Bachman - THE YOGA SUTRAS

Nicolai Bachman - THE YOGA SUTRAS. Deepen your practice with this audio journey into the source-language teachings of yogaYoga practitioners know there’s more...
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Nicolai Bachman - THE YOGA SUTRAS

Nicolai Bachman - THE YOGA SUTRAS

Deepen your practice with this audio journey into the source-language teachings of yoga

Yoga practitioners know there’s more to the path than asana, or physical postures—but how do we access the deeper wisdom of yogic philosophy? More than 2,000 years ago, the legendary master Patanjali answered this question in 195 pearls of insight known as the Yoga Sutras.

Now Sanskrit and Ayurveda teacher Nicolai Bachman offers The Yoga Sutras, an audio program with a fresh approach to working with Patanjali’s seminal text for guidance and inspiration on your own journey toward clarity and happiness.

Why do we react the way we do in certain situations? How can suffering be an opportunity for growth? Why are nonviolence and truth important to a student? Patanjali’s sutras offer an illuminating perspective on these questions and more.

To help integrate this wisdom into our modern life, Bachman offers a unique approach. Instead of reading each sutra sequentially from beginning to end, he focuses on and discusses 51 key concepts. By exploring these principles and learning to chant the sutras in Sanskrit, the essence of yogic philosophy is revealed—helping us open to its heart and soul.
The Yoga Sutras invites you to discover a variety of practical tools and heartfelt insights for transforming your practice, including:

  • Six sessions full of insights to further your learning about yoga’s essential principles
  • A guided reading of the complete sutras with pronunciation instructions for following along
  • Key concepts for understanding the social, religious, and historical context of the sutras
  • Teachings on humility, the inner light of awareness, the nature of suffering, the importance of nonviolence, the meaning of liberation, and much more

As you immerse yourself in Patanjali’s sutras, the heart of yoga—and what yoga means for you personally—will unveil itself in new and profound ways. Whether you’re a seasoned teacher or a student looking to go deeper with your practice, this essential course offers a treasury of teachings to help realize the “outer joy and inner happiness” of yoga.

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