Nick Kemp - Provocative Change Works - Live in USA

Nick Kemp - Provocative Change Works - Live in USA. Welcome to Provocative Change WorksProvocative Change Works around the globeThis is the official s...

Nick Kemp - Provocative Change Works - Live in USA

Nick Kemp - Provocative Change Works - Live in USA

Welcome to Provocative Change Works
Provocative Change Works around the globe

This is the official site for Provocative Change Works. Here you can find articles, videos, products and trainings relating to PCW. This model was first created in 2006 and is in a constant state of development. To date, there is a full 10-day official practitioner training for those interested in the full potential of this model of communication. This Provocative Change Works model works equally well in coaching, business, therapeutic and personal development. PCW was inspired by my old friend and mentor Frank Farrelly whose “Provocative Therapy” was a primary influence on creating PCW. For further information on Frank Farrelly’s original Provocative Therapy see

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Testimonials from professionals

“I’ve watched the work of Fritz Perls, Anna Freud, Carl Rogers, Moshe Feldenkrais, Alexander Lowen, and a few more of the “names” in the psychotherapy field. Your clinical work surpasses some of them now, at a comparatively young age. Given your passion for clinical learning, love of people and creative spirit, I suspect I’ll be dropping your name onto that list of recognized “names” in the psychotherapy field one day.”
Frank Bourke Ph.D
Executive Director of the NLP Research and Recognition Project, former lecturer Cornell University and researcher London University

“Nick Kemp makes Provocative Therapy accessible to NLP trained coaches and therapists. My recommendation is to get his DVD set from the workshop in Boulder Colorado, watch DVD number 6 – an excellent example of what can be done – and then go back to the beginning and learn how he does it. You may be surprised how much of NLP already depends on provocation! “
Richard Bolstad
International NLP Trainer, Psychotherapist

“Unassuming and yet beneath that quite persona there is a depth of knowledge and integrity. Very likable and easily approachable, Nick has that magical knack of making people feel good and his methodology is so easily understood that his workshops are refreshingly effective. I will recommend Nick to anyone wanting to have the tools for a better life.”
Dr A Abraham India

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“I have known Nick Kemp for a number of years as both personal friend and mentor… no one has done more to promote Frank Farrelly and his highly effective treatment modality of “Provocative Therapy” than Nick Kemp. In 2004 when both myself and Nick met Frank Farrelly for the first time, the only readily available material was the classic 1973 book, “Provocative Therapy.” Since that meeting, Nick and Frank have become firm friends and there is no doubt the rest of us have benefitted enormously from this unique relationship. Now with numerous audio and DVD training products produced and promoted by Nick Kemp, Frank Farrelly’s work is more readily accessible than ever before.
With this is mind, I had the very great pleasure of attending Nick’s first “Provocative Change Works” course in Leeds. Having extensively studied Provocative Therapy and seen Frank work one-to-one sessions live with clients on several occasions, I was astonished at the level of expertise demonstrated on the stage. I have no doubt that with his modelling skills, Nick Kemp has managed to “get” the PT model in its entirety. Watching Nick interact with his clients left me in no doubt that he is the very embodiment of Frank’s humour, wit, skill and flexibility. I suspect that anyone familiar with Frank Farrelly’s style of working will get that spine tingling sense of familiarity when watching Nick work and that the mantle of Frank’s ground breaking work has truely found its lineage, and his experience and dedication to detail makes him one of the best trainers and change work therapists in the UK today.”
Andrew T Austin
Therapist and Author

“I have been in a stupor of laughter in Boulder, seeing you at work. What I found was that I unconsciously copied your amazed silent look at the client. I found your combination of provocation and trance fresh and I very much appreciated the way you have structured the didactics of provocative work(s). To practice and demonstrate provocative work is totally different from teaching it. A demo is not yet a course: and you provided me with the tools that bring something that is very much a matter of creative flow into structure with the help of your icons. You were excellent in motivating the students to overcome their inhibitions and free their flow on behalf of the client.”
Lucas Derks
Social psychologist, trainer and researcher

“Do you know Nick Kemp? – (he is) exceptionally bright, and I have immensely enjoyed communicating…The kind of exchanges that I have been having… are the kind of activities that I think can really advance the field. He has modeled two different simple processes which are part of his Provocative Change Works™ set of tools for working with anxiety and other strong emotions that I have found enormously useful in working with clients. He has also modeled the different patterns in Frank Farrelly’s Provocative Therapy so that they are easy to learn. In addition, he is everything you might wish for in a colleague – available, creative, and eager to discuss ideas and learn as well as teach.”
Steve Andreas
NLP Developer and Author

You are totally disarming and beyond formalisation. There is an ease and naturalness about you and you make people relax really quickly. You got the power man!”
Frank Farrelly on Nick Kemp (June 16th 2006)

“I’ve been studying the PCW model with Nick for a while now and the more I learn the more I understand the nuance and skill of this approach. Initially it can seem almost random and hard to judge what is going on. But having worked with clients utilising this approach I have found it highly effective and brings about significant shifts in how they think about their problem.
Nick himself is a very generous man, who is genuinely interested in sharing what he has learnt, and sharing his experiences with others. If you’re curious about discovering a different approach to your skills then I highly recommend attending one of his courses.”

Brooke Hender Hypnotherapist

Get immediately download Nick Kemp - Provocative Change Works - Live in USA

Nick Kemp

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