Next Gen Ecom - Next Generation Ecommerce

Next Gen Ecom - Next Generation Ecommerce. In this course you will be taken through the exact step-by-step strategies in which have brought myself, Ta...
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Next Gen Ecom - Next Generation Ecommerce

Next Gen Ecom - Next Generation Ecommerce

In this course you will be taken through the exact step-by-step strategies in which have brought myself, Tanner Planes, and multiple other young entrepreneurs success within e-commerce.

All the way from an idea to a successful drop-shipping store. Every. Single. Step.

We reveal strategies, apps, and methods that we personally use to generate our stores income. Everything that you need to know in order to become successful drop-shipping, but just watching these videos won’t make you successful. This process only works if YOU do.

You have to actually take this exact blueprint I am supplying you with and then apply it to your own business(es).

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I will continue to fly in young entrepreneurs from across the world to bring their knowledge to you within this course.

 Your Instructor

Tanner Planes
Tanner Planes

Seventeen Year Old Serial Entrepreneur Focused On Continuously Creating Profitable E-Commerce Stores While Helping Others Do The Same.

Course Curriculum


Introduction (0:57)

Private Group (0:18)

The Basics Of Dropshipping

The Dropshipping Business Model (3:06)

The Framework Of A Shopify Store (11:21)

Automating The Fulfillment (4:23)

Finding A Product That Sells

Determining A Niche Or General Store (2:29)

Instagram Influencer Product Research (10:13)

Facebook Ad Product Research (10:35)

Watching Top Shopify Stores (4:44)

BONUS *Product Research Slideshows*

Product Visuals & Descriptions That Convert

How To Create Collections & Add Products (5:28)

Creating A High Converting Product Description (12:02)

Necessary Shopify Apps To Increase Conversions & Collect Data

Bold Upsell (9:18)

Privy Integration (5:30)

Loox Reviews (5:13)

Hurrify (3:59)

Free Trust Badges (4:28)

Backend Marketing To Make Sales On Autopilot (Featuring Parik Basnet)

Introduction To Parik (2:29)

Biggest Mistake Made With Email Marketing (2:56)

Klaviyo Overview (5:51)

Main Types Of Emails (4:48)

Welcome Series (9:23)

Post Purchase (10:48)

Abandoned Cart (7:27)

Segmenting Audiences (3:31)

Sending Manual Campaigns (4:03)

Closing (1:00)

BONUS *Email Slideshows*

Branding Before Launching Your Store

Finding/Creating An Effective Logo (8:13)

Creating Social Platforms (4:59)

Adding Posts & Engagement For Credibility (6:28)

Finishing Overall Design Of Store (10:03)

BONUS *Branding Slideshows*

Pre-Launch Checklist

Creating A Business Manager & Installing Facebook Pixel To Your Store (2:42)

Determining Whether To Launch Your Store With Facebook Ads Or Instagram Influencers (5:36)

BONUS *Pre-Launch Slideshows*

Launching Your Store With Instagram Influencers

Creating Ad Copies That Convert (10:09)

Finding Profitable Influencers (6:10)

The Best Method To Contact An Influencer (2:45)

The Silent Tactic When Negotiating (1:56)

BONUS *Instagram Launch Slideshows*

Launching Your Store With Facebook Ads (Featuring Noah Brewer & Dennis White)

Introduction To Dennis (1:09)

Product Research (Mindset & Guidelines) (4:20)

Where & How To Find Winning Products (5:27)

Introduction To Noah (1:30)

Product Testing (Mindset & Guidelines) (9:25)

Creating The Actual Product Test Campaign (15:31)

Analyzing Results From Product Test (8:07)

Scaling From 2-3 Sales To 50-100 Sales (12:46)

BONUS *Facebook Launch Slideshows*

Scaling Your Store Once Profitable (Featuring Noah Brewer)

Scaling With Lookalikes (Mindset & Guidelines) (8:05)

Scaling With Lookalikes (Showing Numerous Examples Of Strategy Working Successfully) (20:38)

The Breakdown Tab (7:15)

Retargeting: How To Make Custom Audiences (7:37)

Retargeting: Basics (2:41)

Retargeting: Time Frames & Different Posts (5:17)

Retargeting: Creative Custom Audiences (3:26)

BONUS *Facebook Scaling Slideshows*

Facebook Ads & Product Research in 2019

Welcome Back, Noah! (0:45)

The Pioneer Strategy (Product Research) (12:12)

The Stalking Strategy (Product Research) (9:26)

Images VS Videos (Product Testing) (3:08)

Calculating Your Budget (Product Testing) (4:17)

Winning Product Identifiers (Product Testing) (4:04)

Utilizing CBO Campaigns (Scaling) (5:39)

Using Higher Budgets (Scaling) (5:23)

Facebook Ads Q&A (6:32)

Mastering E-Commerce (Featuring Hayden Bowles)

Introduction To Hayden (1:25)

Hayden’s Dropshipping Business Structure (5:54)

Unexplored Product Research Methods (15:38)

Secret Product Testing Method(s) (4:39)

Secret Marketing Tactics (For E-Commerce) (11:58)

Maintaining A Long Term Store (6:30)

Closing (1:11)

Untraditional E-commerce Marketing Methods (Featuring Matt Faber)

Introduction To Matt (1:22)

Creating a 3x3 Marketing Grid (5:21)

Vyper Giveaways / Retargeting (9:49)

Chatbot Marketing (22:50)

Closing (0:24)

BONUS *Untraditional Marketing Slideshows*

Maintaining & Automating Your Profitable Store

How To Automate The “Dirty Work” (5:18)

The Outsourcing Mindset (2:34)

How To Outsource Like A Machine (5:20)

What To Look For In Ad Agencies/Freelancers (6:34)

How To Keep Your Brand’s Audience Engaged (4:42)

How To Handle Five & Six Figure Success (7:54)

BONUS *Maintaining Success Slideshows*

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Influencer Not Posting Your Ad (2:37)

Merchant Processors Declining You (1:52)

Facebook Ads Not Spending Money (5:04)

Tons Of Store Visits But No Sales (1:39)

Dealing With Returns (3:04)

Product Ran Out Of Inventory (1:56)

Facebook Ads or Instagram Influencers (2:43)

Lower Pricing From Suppliers (2:41)

Low Conversion Rate Issue (3:32)

Finding Profitable Influencers (2:46)

BONUS *FAQ Slideshows*


The Final Steps (1:09)