Neil Strauss - The Annihilation Method

Neil Strauss - The Annihilation Method.  Probably one of the best complete introductions to "pick-up” by one of the best story tellers in "pick-up”. W...
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Neil Strauss - The Annihilation Method


Probably one of the best complete introductions to "pick-up” by one of the best story tellers in "pick-up”. Word of warning to those just starting, you should get this to such a level of unconscious understanding that it doesn't even seem like you are doing "pick-up” because "pick-up” is really just the art of being charismatic and likable without being a chump. Some find this very hard, others don't, and everyone is different so programs like these can help, but don't let it become a crutch: "I have to say this one line to get a chick or they'll friend-zone me”. Anyways, happy hunting!


* video 1: The Forbidden L.A.S. V.E.G.A.S. Technique Revealed! This video reveals my unique new system for creating a powerful reality that gets you exactly what you want in life, love, and career. It's the foundation upon which everything else in the Annihilation Method is built!

* video 2: Set Penetration - Deploying Stealth Openers. Ever wonder how exactly to enter into any set or group and instantly command attention, all without setting off alarm bells? In this video I go over my covert tactics that will help you to fly under the radar!

* video 3: Invisible Openers Caught On Tape! Every loser is going around in clubs nowadays using the same material over and over again. The girls are catching on! But now I've developed completely NEW ways of opening sets that no one has ever heard of before. What's more, the woman will NEVER know you're using material on her - even if she's read The Game!

* video 4: Instant Attraction - High Octane Value Building. We all know that social proof and demonstrating higher value is essential in creating powerful attraction FAST. In this video, I take actual girls I picked up the NIGHT BEFORE and demonstrate Value Building tactics on them LIVE! You actually get to see their reactions as the Annihilation Method takes effect!

* video 5: Behind The Lines - Covert In Club Video Of PUAs In Action! If you've ever wondered how these tactics are actually delivered in field, wonder no longer. In this video, we follow the Final Five into the clubs and show them using the Annihilation Method to pick up women (and what's more, you get my "director's commentary” on this video as I comment on what they're doing right, and what they're doing wrong!).

* video 6: Instant Inner Game - How To Be A Master Of Your Mind, And Hers! In this video, we have special guests Hypnotica (also known as Rasputin) and Steve P., who share some of their powerful belief altering techniques for building massively powerful inner game quickly. These are the guys who did the "inner game change work” on me in the book, and you'll see them bring about instant transformations within the Final Five.
Plus, they'll reveal the "Iron Man” psychological trigger system that instanly infuses your very core with unshakable confidence.

* video 7: Mystery And Style - Advanced Techniques For Making HER Come To YOU. Mystery, the man who got me started on my path to mastery, stops in to share some of his most powerful techniques. Mystery is always thinking of new and exciting ideas to attract women, and in this video, he shares his latest and most effective tactics. The sparks continue to fly when I join Mystery and we uncover the hard-wired primal instincts women have (and that you can tap into) that makes some men impossible to resist.

* video 8: Sexual Mastery - Hypnotica And Steve P. Reveal Sexual Techniques She'll Tell Her Friends About! In the final video of the series, Steve P., Hypnotica, and I get together and reveal some of our most advanced sexual tactics.
This video also contains explicit instructions on how to manage multiple women, how to create a "harem” environment, and how to get women to sarge other women for you.
Remember - Steve P. is the guy who gets women to PAY HIM for sex you're hearing it all from the real deal.


* Audio #1: Breaking T
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