Natalie Ledwell - Mind Movies Matrix

Natalie Ledwell - Mind Movies Matrix digital download. Info: [DVD (ISO)]. The Brand New Mind Movie Technology that Puts Your Brain on Auto-Pilot for Suc...

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Natalie Ledwell - Mind Movies Matrix

Type: Digital download

Format: [DVD (ISO)]


Mind Movies Matrix

The Brand New Mind Movie Technology that
Puts Your Brain on Auto-Pilot for Success!

Mind Movies Consults with Brazilian Military Brain Wave Specialist
to Create the Ultimate Multi-Sensory Success System

Hi there,

Natalie Ledwell here and about 2 years ago we started developing a secret technology! We had to keep it pretty hush hush because from the research we’d done we knew the results were going to be potent, fast acting and wickedly effective.

After a lot of intense development and in-house testing, it was finally ready to be released to the world, and was aptly named Mind Movies Matrix.

Now if you’re wondering exactly what Mind Movies Matrix is, here’s how we created it…

We combined our already astonishing Mind Movies with the best subconscious programming technology in the world to bring you the ultimate experience in mentally transforming yourself for success.

It’s not hypnosis, it’s not NLP, and it’s not anything you’ve ever seen before…

Natalie Ledwell - Mind Movies Matrix

And we used the mastermind brain of Morry Zelcovich to help us achieve the seemingly impossible! If you’re not sure who Morry is, let me introduce him to you...

Morry is a Brainwave Entrainment expert that has worked with the Brazilian Military to train officers to peak performance in a staggeringly short period of time. If you’re not familiar with Brainwave Entrainment, it’s a sound technology utilizing Alpha, Theta, and Delta waves to “plug you into the Matrix” and literally download beliefs and success habits directly into your brain.

He worked with us for two years to create a very advanced version of Mind Movies that simply defies its description.

In this transformational program, you get:

4 Brand New Pre-Made Matrix Mind Movies Laced with Brainwave Entrainment Programming on Wealth, Weightloss, Relationships and the Perfect Partner -

This is the technology Morry Zelcovich used to train the Brazilian Military to perfection. It physically re-balances your brain so all the positive messages of Mind Movies are absorbed like a sponge into your consciousness and your mind is conditioned to see opportunities for success in every moment of your life.

All you have to do is choose the Mind Movie you want to focus on first (whether it be your Wealth, Weightloss, Relationships or the Perfect Partner) and watch it for just a few minutes in the morning.

4 Pre-Made Subliminal Success Mind Movies on Wealth, Weightloss, Relationships and the Perfect Partner -

Morry has installed subliminal technology into these Mind Movies so you get positive audio programming that will bypass any conscious resistance and absorb straight into your subconscious mind.

He’s done this by turning up the audio messages to a higher frequency and increasing the speed to such a point where your conscious mind can’t recognize them, but your subconscious mind is recording everything and making plans to implement these new ideas (at these high speeds of transmission, you’re literally absorbing over one million positive messages per Mind Movie viewing).

Watch your chosen Mind Movie for a few minutes in the evening or for an extra turbo boost, during the day too. It’s that simple!

4 Subliminal Success Audios on Wealth, Weightloss, Relationships and the Perfect Partner -

These are audio versions of all four of the Subliminal Mind Movies. You can listen to these while cooking, cleaning the house, or even working on your computer!

(If you’re wondering why we don’t have audios for Brainwave Entrainment Matrix Mind Movies, it’s because they’re just a little too powerful, and are not suggested to be used while focusing on anything else).

Sleep Meditation Audio –

During your immersion into success conditioning, your mind will need some help integrating all of this while you sleep. This is why Morry has created a Brain Entrainment Sleep Meditation audio that you can listen to right before bed. This will put you out like a light and let all the images and subliminal messages from the program weave itself into the deepest parts of your mind.

By listening to the Sleep Meditation each night, you’ll find that your ability to take on new positive habits skyrockets while you experience happier emotions, without any additional effort on your part.

And the really cool part is that you can watch all of your Pre-Made Matrix Movies online or download them to your computer or iPod to watch them on the go.