Myles Dunphy - FBA Freedom Accelerator

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Myles Dunphy - FBA Freedom Accelerator

Myles Dunphy - FBA Freedom Accelerator

Revealing The Exact System I've Used To Find Untapped, Profitable Product Niches
& Rapidly Build A Life Changing Amazon FBA Business

Read Before going ANY Further!
This Program is Not For You If...

    You're not an action taker.
    ​You're not ready to do the work.
    ​You're not ready to build a profitable, freedom-enabling business.
    ​Or you just came here for the easy Lamborghini...

...Then, sorry, I can’t help you and this course is not for you.
But the FBA Freedom Accelerator 2.0 IS For You If...
You ARE ready to work, and:

    You're tired of struggling endlessly with product research.
    ​You see through false promises of fake 'gurus' who don't even sell on Amazon.
    ​You've been searching for a reliable, battle-tested system to launch winning products.
    ​You know there must be a simple pathway to achieve lasting success with Amazon...

NO MATTER... Where in the world you live,
NO MATTER... How old you are,
NO MATTER... What skills & experience you're starting with.

...If that's you - then yes, this course is for you. Sound good?
Introducing the
fba freedom accelerator 2.0...
Three Core Pillars of Successful CHANGE...
....Engineered to maximise your RESULTS as FAST as possible.
1. An Engaged Community
Don't walk this path alone - let a highly engaged & supportive community of 400+ students & Amazon sellers become your secret success weapon.

Your goals will be realized, your wins will be celebrated & your inner enthusiasm & motivation will come out to play.
2. A Proven Process
Results first, last and always. Every tactic in the playbook is backed by real world experience and a proven process. To date, I've invested tens of thousands of dollars, and countless hundreds of hours verifying these strategies.

Join hundreds of students achieving winning results at a fraction of the cost, time and effort.
3. Expert 1:1 Mentorship
Walk into the ring prepared, with a multiple 7 figure seller in your corner, backing you every step of the way.

Be guided by somebody intimately familiar with the struggle and the ins and the outs of the game.

Every student has their questions answered by me personally.  
What's Included When You Join Today?
The FBA Freedom Accelerator 2.0
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 400+ Successful Students
Within the FBA Freedom Accelerator, I'll take you under my guidance and reveal, step by step, the little known methods I’ve used to find & sell profitable products on Amazon FBA - and then scale to over $2,000,000 per year.

    23+ hour Amazon FBA video course, 2020 ready (A-Z training)
    Lessons personally delivered by multi-7 figure professional FBA seller
    ​Downloadable materials for offline reference
    Learn anytime, anywhere
    ​Mobile & tablet friendly learning platform

Here's a breakdown of the course modules:

    Orientation: Building The Foundation
    Inner Game: The Secret To 7 Figure Success On Amazon
    Fundamentals & Business Setup Secrets
    ​Product Research: Find Your First Winning Product
    ​Sourcing & Shipping (Part 1): Find & Negotiate With Suppliers
    ​Sourcing & Shipping (Part 2): PO's & Shipping to Amazon
    ​Pre-Launch: Create An Amazing Product Listing
    ​Launch & Rank Your Product on Amazon
    ​Post-Launch: Maintain & Optimize Your Product
    ​Scaling: Grow Your Business Into A Money Making Machine

And There's So Much More...
$1,997 VALUE
You’ll get exclusive, inner-circle access to the Accelerator Mastermind. Connect with 300+ other students & Amazon sellers and get REAL TIME feedback on your niche, product and business.

This is your secret success weapon to avoid costly mistakes & focus on what matters.

Get immediately download Myles Dunphy - FBA Freedom Accelerator

Share your WINS, solve your CHALLENGES and watch your motivation and enthusiasm soar.  

    Thrive in a community of like-minded people that bring out the best in you
    Amazon can be FUN if you have the right community around you
    ​Personal access to Myles - your questions answered with 1 on 1 guidance
    ​​Regularly scheduled live Q&A video calls only in the group

"One of the things I am most grateful for... Sharing ideas, strategies, keeping each other motivated and accountable.

I'm looking forward to it every time!"
exclusive scripts
& cheat sheets
$1,997 VALUE
Get exclusive access to 2020-ready business templates, contracts & growth tools. These hold my business together & I use them every day.

They cost me thousands of $$$ to build & develop - but you get them for FREE...

    Battle-tested supplier negotiation swipe files
    Comprehensive purchase order agreements
    Clear & concise photographer creative briefs
    Review-boosting email feedback sequences

access to MY
$997 VALUE
I’ll introduce you to my professional network of contacts that help me to create & sell profitable products on Amazon.

Ever hear the phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know”?

Now you'll have both.

    Professional product photographer
    Trustworthy freight forwarders
    China factory inspectors
    3D graphics designer

& AMZ Alerts
$1,497 VALUE
Selling on Amazon & selling online is a constantly changing environment.

Beginners often get caught up using "old" strategies & tactics that no longer work, or worse - can get you suspended.

Not inside the FBA Freedom Accelerator. You’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to a current multi-7 figure Amazon playbook - for free.

Plus, you'll be the first to know about cutting edge developments as they happen - straight from myself and other 6 & 7 figure sellers in the Mastermind.

    ​Free updates & lifetime access
    ​Private insights shared weekly
    ​Be the first to know about breaking changes for Amazon sellers

Get immediately download Myles Dunphy - FBA Freedom Accelerator
$697 VALUE
You’ll get an instant head start on building your Amazon business with this massive bundle of exclusive discounts, hand-picked from the best services I've personally used and tested.

Save on critical seller software, payment providers, photography, freight shipments - and more.

Here's a summary of everything you get
A reliable, proven system to quick-start your own Amazon FBA business. Here's how to do it:

The FBA Freedom Accelerator 2.0
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 400+ Successful Students

    23+ hour Amazon FBA video training program
    Personal mentorship by a multiple 7 figure professional seller
    ​Private mastermind Facebook group
    ​Business swipe files, templates & cheat sheets
    ​Lifetime access
    ​Discount bundle

meet your MENTOR
Hi! I'm Myles.
7 Figure Amazon Seller
Digital nomad
Aussie guy
Some Notable Non-Achievements:

    Had my hair cut by my mum until the age of 21
    Best described as a "below average" engineer
    Passionate over-eater of pizza & hamburger
    ​Used to play way too much League of Legends
    Selected for no sports team, ever

Do any of my "non-achievements" sound a bit familiar?

Yeah...Like you, I definitely don't have everything in life figured out.

I'm no guru and I'm far from perfect. In short, I'm nothing special.
But I'm going to prove to you that to do this, and to succeed...

You don't need to be a rockstar.
You don't need experience, or a fat bank balance.
You don't need to be special.

You just need a will... and maybe a helping hand to show you the path.

Wanna see my own path to success on Amazon?

2016: Beginnings. First sale on Amazon (November 2016)
2017: First $1,000,000. Worked hard. It paid off...
2018: Reached $2,000,000/year & began to automate. Started the 4 hour work week.

So far, I've sold...
...over $2,784,401.44 on
...and over £111,647.09 on
Pretty cool, huh?

Still, I've made a LOT of costly mistakes along the way... so that you don't have to.

Now, let's be clear on one thing. I didn't achieve these numbers overnight - and neither will you. But if you're serious about improving your future, working towards your dreams & escaping an unfulfilling 9-5..

You absolutely can make it happen. So here's proof that a normal person...

...Like me...
...Like HUNDREDS of my students...
...Like YOU...

...Can use Amazon to build a life-changing, profitable, FREEDOM BUSINESS.

So the only remaining question is...
What are you waiting for?

What Students Are Saying...
Adam R, Utah USA
“Myles is the best person to learn from, straight up.

Whether you’re new to the game looking to get in for the first time .. to scaling to a 7 figure business.

The course has something for everybody ..and it’s just a lot of fun!

It's a phenomenal time to start Amazon FBA.. The freedom it brings, the scalability it brings.. There’s nothing else like it."

Adam is selling $65,000 per month
across 2 brands!
Drew, Connecticut USA
"$8,000 to $10,000 per month and I just started...
The sky's the limit."
Drew's Amazon journey began with an expensive 'Lamborghini guru' course.  The results? As expected... “I launched poorly, I didn't know what I was doing, I was scared & stumbling. A new stumble every week!"

He pretty quickly realized that something was missing. Luckily, Drew stumbled on my Youtube channel and was able to enroll in the Accelerator shortly after.

Get immediately download Myles Dunphy - FBA Freedom Accelerator

"It cleared up literally everything.”

Today, just a few short months later and Drew is now at $8,000 per month and growing - with new 5 products on the way! And we’re about to start working privately on some cutting edge ranking strategies that will take him even further.
Drew's advice for potential 5, 6 or even 7 figure sellers?  

"It takes time, it takes work, it takes energy - but it is an amazing feeling.  Don't be like the 99% who are scared... Take the plunge.

Once you get in - all your fears are going to go away. Follow Myles - take his advice!"
Julie, Pennsylvania USA
Since filming this video, Julie's sales have TRIPLED to $37,000 PER MONTH
Like so many students, Julie came to me after purchasing another guru’s course. Her polite description? “Not a good experience.”

After learning the hard way that not all training programs are created equally, Julie joined us ready for a second attempt.  

I immediately saw that Julie was already a naturally gifted seller - she just needed the right push and a solid foundation to work on. So with the course & Accelerator community backing her, she got to work. And the results?

Over a thousand dollars in sales per day!

Now, Julie is recommending the Accelerator to family and friends. Her advice?

“Plan to be in this for the long haul - and count on Myles as a trusted advisor during this journey.”
Tom, Perth AUS
When Tom first thought about joining the Accelerator he had some doubts.

Was it going to be worth it? Was it actually going to help him achieve what he wanted?  

Tom took the leap and he hasn’t looked back. Now he is currently selling $15,000 per month!

Tom’s favorite part of the Accelerator is the private Mastermind group for the engagement and support that it offers its members.

Another huge plus? The clarity of teaching. “Myles puts it to you in a way that sets you up for success. There’s no ambiguity.”

Tom has simple advice to give to future potential students:

“The Accelerator will set you up on a path to having more freedom. This is the one course that will best help you achieve that goal...

It’s started to change my life.”
<<< Tom is now a member of the $100k club!