MTI - Trading Systems 2 Plus Course (Feb 2014)

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MTI - Trading Systems 2 Plus Course (Feb 2014)

MTI - Trading Systems 2 Plus Course (Feb 2014)

Are your current trading strategies just not measuring up to their potential? Learn how to create and program your own set of guided and automated trading systems with MTI’s Trading Systems 2.0 Plus course. This course is specifically designed to teach traders how to build, use and customize trading systems tailored to their individual preferences and trading style.

What Will I Learn

  • How the market moves in an ABCD’s / trend for automation andcreating a system
  • How to create pages, templates, indicators, systems andtimeframes with the MTI 4.0 Charting platform
  • How to create and program trading systems for trends, sideways movements, on multiple timeframes, for scalping, day and long-term trading

What Do I Get

  • Four fully-automated and customizable trading systems
  • LIVE interaction with a Forex professional
  • A detailed manual with all the instructions, rules and checklists
  • Recorded version of the class

What Should I Expect After the Class

  • Have the ability to understand and trade using existing systems
  • The ability to create and customize your own trading systems
  • Trade with increased confidence due to the accuracy of the systems

Who is Market Traders Institute?

Welcome to the Market Traders Institute site!


We’re happy to see your interest in our company. You can receive all of the details on our company, our mission, and our Forex education during a LIVE web demonstration. To get started, fill out the form to the right. We hope to see you there!
- The MTI Success Team


Who is MTI?

Often referred to as MTI, Market Traders Institute Inc. is a foreign exchange (Forex) education and training company based in the Orlando suburb of Lake Mary, Florida. We provide Forex education to beginner, intermediate, and advanced traders. Our education system, The Ultimate Traders Package on Demand™, is a phased approach to learning how to trade the Forex market. MTI combines performance oriented forex education techniques, state of the art trading and analysis software, online interactive Forex analysis rooms and comprehensive live and online support. For many, MTI is synonymous with high standards, effective teaching, sound Forex instructional materials, and a dedicated commitment to performance oriented results.


MTI was founded in 1994 by FX Chief™ Jared F. Martinez. He began by teaching forex trading out of his house but quickly moved his enthusiasm for the forex into some real office space, took on a few employees and became CEO of MTI.

Striving for Success

The education provided by Market Traders Institute gives you:

  • LIVE! Online support and professional Forex mentorship
  • The training platform that allows you to learn at your own pace
  • The knowledge to make more effective trading decisions while you complete the education
  • Lifetime access to MTI’s Forex education and online resources

Founded by Jared Martinez

Jared is an entrepreneur and the founder of Market Traders Institute, Inc. (MTI). He is also the creator and author of several forex training materials.


Not only has he been mentored by some of the most successful traders in America, but he is self-educated in the fields of psychology, equity management, currency and commodity trading and conducts twice weekly Live Mentoring to most of MTI’s clients. We believe Jared’s past experience has clearly placed him in a position to understand what one must know in order to successfully trade currencies.

The MTI Analyst Team

At MTI, we believe our staff is what makes us such a successful company, not to mention a wonderful place to work. But the only way to know that is to meet some of us. We’re here to give you helpful insight into the world of the Forex market, train you like a Forex professional, and get you equipped to take on the Forex!