Moses K. - Huna and Confidence

Moses K. - Huna and Confidence digital download. Info: [1 CD - mp3] | 111.77 MB. Archer wrote:Hey Everyone,Confidence still seems like a common interest ...

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Moses K. - Huna and Confidence

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Format: [1 CD - mp3]

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Archer wrote:Hey Everyone,Confidence still seems like a common interest of many folks. If its an area of your interest, then let me tell you a few things about it.90% of everyone who did the program experienced amazing results within 21 days. The other 10% could get through all 21 days of the program for one reason or another.So we made some changes to it and ultimately came up with an even more effective 10-day program that we called Super Confidence.Since then, our ex-partners have released "updated" versions of Demonic Confidence, our former students have modified (somewhat) our material and sold it under different names, and some have come up with their own products or books based on what we created.

 In all cases we concur that "imitation is the highest flattery". Although other than explaining the process of "progressive conditioning" or "progressive desensitization" , no one has an real understanding of how Demonic Confidence really works (and certainly not of how and why Super Confidence works) because we never explained it. The exercises alone won't do it. You have to listen to the original recordings. So imitations must either copy the program exactly how we created it, or leave out important elements.We haven't bothered to explain the real principles behind the programs for various reasons. The most obvious one being quality control. Imitators can duplicate but never replicate our products. Those who have tried have failed.A more important reason is that from day one we kept developing our skills and technology to the point where we no longer need 21 days or 10 days or even one day to install "demonic" levels of confidence in you. We can have you go from zero to hero instantaneously.

We like to do this in person but we could also do it through a product. The product, however, works so easily that it wouldn't make us much money unless we add some fluff too so that you get "a lot of material" for your money. Rather than adding fluff, we have opted to not sell the instantaneous confidence techniques but instead reserve this gift for those who come see us personally. And I don't mean doing hypnotherapy on you. That too can work, but it takes some time. I mean something different. When I say "instantaneous" confidence I really mean it. And once we get the confidence issue out of the way we can focus on more fun things.I don't have anything to sell you in this post. So go ahead and buy any confidence products you'd like. Try them out. Then if you want you can come see us and finally gain the confidence you want. You'll have to do exactly what we tell you and, if you do, you'll easily develop this confidence instantaneously.

Confidence still remains an elusive holy grail for those who want success with women. I could say for success in every area of your life. Women call it self-esteem, men call it confidence. These don't mean exactly the same thing, but men and women sometimes differ. So we approach self-esteem and confidence differently.And be honest with yourself. Where do you find yourself when it comes to confidence?For us confidence has become an non-issue. Still it seems like an problem for many guys. So lets do this. Email me privately if you have a confidence problem you'd like to get over. I'll tell you where to go from there to tackle this and free yourself from it. I consider buying products a form of entertainment. With this other way of doing things, you go more directly into just getting rid of limitations you don't like.Wait times:Vip - 1 weekPU - 2 weeksUsers - 20 yearspm me if you werent whitelisted