More Paying Patients - Boost Your Practice on Instagram

More Paying Patients - Boost Your Practice on Instagram | Instant Download ! PLEASE CHECK ALL CONTENTS HERE:Salepage: More Paying Patients - Boost Your Practic...
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More Paying Patients – Boost Your Practice on Instagram | Instant Download !


Salepage: More Paying Patients – Boost Your Practice on Instagram

For less than one month of traditional marketing expenses, you get lifetime access to our proven system for aesthetics practices, to help you drive more patients on Instagram. One-time Fee. No Subscriptions. Satisfaction Guaranteed. It’s that simple.

Proven 9-Step System to Grow Your Practice
Drive More Consultations + Bookings on Instagram
1 Welcome to The Instagram Video Course for Aesthetics!

Welcome to Launch Your Practice with Instagram Videos!

2 Lesson 1: How to Set Up Your Practice Instagram Profile

Lesson 1 Free Preview

A: Set up and Optimize Your Profile

B: Build Your Following

C: The Keys to Quality Content

D: Captions, Tags, Mentions, and Hashtags

Hashtags in Aesthetics

E: Time to Post

3 Lesson 2: How to Use Your Smartphone to Create High Quality Instagram Videos

Lesson 2 Free Preview

A: Camera

Preferred Equipment List

B: Lights

C: Sound

D: Edit

Best Video Editing Apps for Your Smartphone

E: Share + Repurpose

4 Lesson 3: The 5 Types of Instagram Videos Your Patients Want to See

A: Instagram Profile Videos

B: Instagram Stories

C: Boomerang Videos

D: IG Live Videos

E: Profile Highlights

5 Lesson 4: How to Create Instagram Videos That Drive Revenue

A: Entertain + Educate

B: Share Your Practice Story

Story 101: Tips + Techniques

C: Know Your Patients

D: Address Your Patient Fears

E: Features 1st, Benefits 2nd

F: Call to Action

6 Lesson 5: The 5 Ways to Showcase a Higher Standard of Care on Instagram

A: Transparency

B: Post-Op Care

C: Concierge Service

D: Reviews

E: Credentialing

7 Lesson 6: How to Turn Instagram Followers into Loyal, Lifetime Patients

A: Reach

B: Acquisition

C: Conversion

D: Retention

8 Lesson 7: How to Target, Engage, and Convert Millennial Patients on Instagram

A: Treat Your Selfies

B: Showcase Personality + Results

C: Influencer Marketing

9 Lesson 8: How to Ensure Your Content Is Compliant on Instagram

A: Instagram Rules + Regulations

B: Online Claims

C: FTC Disclosure

D: HIPAA Compliance

On-Camera Release

10 Lesson 9: How to Maximize Patient Retention and Satisfaction Using Instagram

A: Set Expectations

B: From KOL’s to KPI’s

C: Satisfaction

D: Ambassadors

PRO TIP Master Checklist

Instagram Glossary

Call to Action Template

Company Pitches

Create Your User Persona

Product tags