Monroe Institute (Hemi-Sync)Scott Taylor - Into The Light

Monroe Institute (Hemi-Sync) Scott Taylor - Into The Light. : Near-Death MeditationsCreated and voiced by near-death experience (NDE) researcher and speaker Sc...
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Monroe Institute (Hemi-Sync)Scott Taylor - Into The Light: Near-Death Meditations

Monroe Institute (Hemi-Sync)Scott Taylor - Into The Light

Created and voiced by near-death experience (NDE) researcher and speaker Scott Taylor, the program is based upon the analysis of more than 6,000 case studies of near-death experiences.

The exercises — Reunion, Life Review, Cities of Light, and Realm of Knowledge — are designed to be used many times. You can expect a different experience each time, and you’ll find your experience of the physical world will become richer as you gain more perspective from the nonphysical. Will you have an NDE or NDE-like experience? No one can predict what another human being will do. However, you’ll have every chance to enter altered states that will allow an experience of expanded awareness to happen. Guidance manual included.

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Metamusic titles that feature music by Jonn Serrie are Maiden Voyage and Celestial Meditation.

Other titles by Scott Taylor are Into the Light: Meeting Your Guides, Into the Light: Exploring the Tunnel and Into the Light: Embracing Source.

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