Monroe Institute (Hemi-Sync) - Collection

Monroe Institute (Hemi-Sync) - Collection. Sharply focus the mind and senses on a particular thought, action or event. Enhance any performance requiri...
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Monroe Institute (Hemi-Sync) - Collection

Monroe Institute (Hemi-Sync) - Collection

Sharply focus the mind and senses on a particular thought, action or event. Enhance any performance requiring concentration such as reading, writing, typing or studying. Increase productivity and improve information retention and recall. (Human Plus -verbally guided - 60 min.)

Monroe Institute (Hemi-Sync) - Do This Now

Move forward and increase your energy and enthusiasm for starting, continuing or completing actions and tasks any time you wish. Procrastination can result in increased stress, a sense of guilt, and a loss of personal productivity. Do This Now helps you tap into your positive life force flow, releasing all blocks within yourself resistant to energetic, effective action. Use this energy to access your full capabilities—to be all of who you are, complete all that you wish to accomplish, and create all that you desire. (Human Plus - verbally guided - 61 minutes.)

Monroe Institute (Hemi-Sync) -Think Fast

Speed up and clarify your thought processes with Think Fast. Develop greater confidence in your mental sharpness; stimulate or enhance creativity; improve memory and recall. (Human Plus - Verbally guided) 60 min.

Monroe Institute (Hemi-Sync) - Access to Energy

Explore and experience the vast reserve of energy deep within you and learn to access that energy anytime you wish. Use Access to Energy to increase strength, agility, alertness, stamina, or to simply feel vigorous all over, and enjoy increased satisfaction and productivity. (Human Plus - verbally guided - 71 minutes.)

Monroe Institute (Hemi-Sync) - Wake/Know

Requested information or guidance will flow into your awareness the following day to help you make decisions or solve problems. (Human Plus - Verbally guided) 65 min.

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