MLD Jon - Body Language Mastery 3.0

MLD Jon - Body Language Mastery 3.0 digital download.

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MLD Jon - Body Language Mastery 3.0

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MLD Jon - Body Language Mastery 3.0

MLD Jon - Body Language Mastery 3.0

Did you know that most women never say what they are actually thinking on a date? If you have been looking for hidden meanings in her words during a date and not watching for the secret body language signals she is giving you naturally then you aren’t doing yourself any favors. You are wasting your time and money on dates that only lead to texting and not the bedroom.

Women subconsciously display their true thoughts and feeling through their body language. So if you want to dramatically increase your closing rate on dates and get to an expert level (like Modern Life Dating) then here’s what the Body Language Mastery Course is all about:

Hi, this is Jonathan from Modern Life Dating. Several years ago when I was still in my early 20’s, I began to learn how to decipher the code of the modern dating world and the truth about women.

As a young man who grew up without a strong masculine role model, I have had to actively search for the right knowledge and tools in order to attain the highest level of success with women.

Dating is a skill that (with active practice) can be learned and refined, but many men fail to achieve success due to inaction.

At the ripe age of 24 I had gotten my fair share of action, but it often took me several dates with a woman before I had any confidence that her intention was to visit my place and not to leech off of my wallet for an easy meal.

That’s about the time when I began to truly understand the power of body language.

Imagine walking into your local GameStop on a weekly basis and seeing a solid 9 out of 10 at the cash register every time. Her name was Ashley and I had to have her.

I had talked to her about 3 or 4 times before in passing, but by the 5th time something finally caught my attention. As I was walking down aisle after aisle looking for new games to play, I noticed that she was giving me small yet intentional looks.

My gut feeling was that she was attracted to me, so I invited her for a short break at Starbucks and she quickly accepted.

As we drank our coffee I was somewhat self conscious, so I tried turning on the charm and told terrible joke, after terrible joke. I thought I was driving straight for a disaster, but that’s when I noticed her intentionally laughing and touching my hands constantly. Although this wasn’t foreign to me, noticing it consciously was.

I decided to go for the close and invite her back to my place. She agreed without hesitation and I was astonished.

Now I know some of you may think she was throwing herself at me or that I just got lucky, but that was not the case. Like many of you, I had seen subtle body language signals like this in the past, but either failed to take action or truly dissect the situation consciously.

Fast forward to today and now I have body language down to a science.

After mastering body language I am now able to make first contact with a woman and get her back to my place within a day. I don’t have to try and impress women either.

Just get on Tinder in the morning to find a match and take the lucky lady on a cheap coffee or snack date by the evening.

If I notice any positive signals such as a big smile or primitive nesting (snuggling or body pushing while walking) then I know that I can get her back to my place any time I want. Also, if I notice any negative signals like no eye contact or her body leaning away then I can cut my losses and ask quickly for the check.

This saves me time, mental energy, money, and most importantly it has made my closing rate dramatically higher and consistent.

That’s the gift that I want to give to you in the Body Language Mastery Course. The ability to understand a female’s body language on a date and give you the confidence to know what she is thinking and feeling by just observing her body.

In the past I have given information like this away for free on my website, YouTube, and even on the Red Man Group. But I noticed something important, most men do not take the necessary action to improve if they do not put any skin in the game.

That’s why I am offering you the most Red Pill experience you’ve ever had for a one-time fee of $697. This includes:

Enrollment is OPEN for only 5 DAYS!

  • Quarter 3 Enrollment: September 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th (Only 5 days due to extreme demand.)
    What this course includes:
    • A Head to Toe Video Breakdown of Female Body Language that shows you if she is sexually interested in you or not. ($999 value)
    • 3 weeks of twice daily webinar Q&A sessions for Quarters 3 AND 4 of 2020 ( 90+ hours total coaching) on Zoom that allow you to interact with top members of the Red Pill Community and Multimillionaires to Ask Them Your Personal Questions. Speakers included - Rollo Tomassi, Richard Cooper, Rian Stone, Donovan Sharpe, Ed Latimore, and More! ($9999 value)
    • Access to the Red Pill DATABASE of last years webinars with 100+ Hours of Red Pill Content!
    • Access To A Men’s Only Facebook Group That Allows You To Connect With Top Level Men in the Community in Order to Expand Your Network of Power, Knowledge, and Authority. ($1999 value)

    You get all of this tremendous value for only $797.

There is limited enrollment. That’s right, enrollment will only be one time per business quarter so you don’t want to miss out.

For Q3 2020 enrollment is limited to a 5 day period from Sept 24th - Sept 28th. Why only 5 days? This is a group reserved only for men who will take decisive action, so click the link below and sign up now for the course launch notification on Sept 24th.

I am looking forward to helping you step up your game in 2020, and beyond.

Jonathan from Modern Life Dating

P.S. One more thing…

This course is not for everyone. If you’re OK with the way you perceive reality right now then this course is not for you. If you have gained the knowledge about how to improve your dating game, but are a man who does not take action then this course is not for you.

There has never been a program like this in the Manosphere before. I guarantee that It will change your life.

You will never be able to unsee the things you see in the Body Language Mastery Course. You may even encounter new, uncomfortable situations such as noticing body language from your female in-laws who are attracted to you.

After I started learning body language in my 20’s, my game improved significantly and now I cannot unsee it.

This course will help you to notice a woman’s resistance to you breaking down over time or if she is just looking to mooch a free meal off of you.

You will be able to read if a woman is a hot or a cold call immediately. Don’t waste your time if there is no eye contact, leaning away, wandering eyes, or if she is just being nice until the check comes. Save your time and open your eyes.

I truly want to help you out. Many women out there are ready and able to extort you for a free meal, jewelry, a visa, or even for a baby. Don’t fall for it. Understand what is really going on by honing into their body language, not their words.

Everything in this course is personally made from scratch by Jonathan from Modern Life Dating. No reused cookie cutter material here.

I am looking forward to helping you master body language today. Sign up now for the course.

Course Curriculum

Body Language 1.0 Introduction
StartCourse Introduction (1:32)
StartMeet Juri (0:39)
Module 1: The Head
StartIntroduction To Module 1: The Head (0:41)
StartThe Flirtatious Gaze (2:59)
StartKiss Signaling (2:49)
StartDeep Sexual Signaling (2:40)
StartGenuine Smile Indicator (3:28)
StartHair Placement and Preening (2:39)
StartSeductive Feeding (3:42)
Module 2: The Torso and The Arms
StartIntroduction to Module 2: The Torso & Arms (0:35)
StartOpening Signals & #1 Easiest Comfort Indicator (2:42)
StartProximity & Spacing (HIGHLY RECOMMEND MUST WATCH) (4:56)
StartNervous Behavior (2:37)
Module 3: The Hands
StartIntroduction to Module 3: The Hands (0:54)
StartFlirtatious Touch (5:15)
StartTouch Reception (3:22)
StartSexual Projection & Phallic Gestures (4:58)
StartMirroring (2:03)
Module 4: The Legs
StartIntroduction To Module 4: The Legs (1:04)
StartLeg Placement (3:37)
StartWhen She Enters Your “Bubble” (1:46)
StartHow to Hold her Hand (1:49)
StartLeading and Pacing While Walking With A Woman (1:08)
Body Language Mastery 2.0 Module 1: The Head
StartThe Eyes Part 1 - The Flirtatious Gaze (1:55)
StartThe Eyes Part 2 - Kiss Signaling (2:31)
StartThe Eyes Part 3 - Subconscious Sexual Signaling (2:22)
StartThe Eyes Part 4 - Visual Submission (1:39)
StartGenuine Smile Indicators (3:03)
StartHair Placement (1:42)
StartPreening (1:28)
StartTerritory Marking (1:02)
StartSeductive Feeding (1:13)
StartThe Lip Bite (1:01)
StartStress Indicators (1:45)
Body Language Mastery 2.0 Module 2: The Torso & Arms
StartThe Comfort Sway (1:37)
StartOpen vs Closing (1:49)
StartFertility Signaling (0:54)
StartProximity (1:18)
StartSpacing (1:16)
StartMate Grooming (0:59)
StartMirroring (1:02)
StartThe High Five Lockdown (1:04)
StartSexual Hug vs Non (1:49)
StartSelf Preening (0:47)
StartNervous Behavior (1:54)
Body Language Mastery 2.0 Module 3: The Hands
StartFlirtatious Touch (1:40)
StartTouch Reception (2:16)
StartPhallic Gestures (4:22)
Body Language Mastery 2.0 Module 4: The Legs
StartLeg Placement (2:41)
StartLeg Barrier (1:45)
StartFeet Placement (1:13)
StartComfort Indicators (1:16)
StartNervous Indicators (1:11)
StartEntering Your Bubble (1:02)
StartHow To Hold Her Hand (1:25)
StartLeading and Pacing (1:31)

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