Mitch Carson - G.E.N.I.U.S Marketing System

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Mitch Carson - G.E.N.I.U.S Marketing System digital download. Info: [(27 MP3 + 7 PDF + 42 DOC + 1 PPT)]. The Secret Advertising Weapons Used By The Cha...
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Mitch Carson - G.E.N.I.U.S Marketing System

Type: Digital download

Format: [(27 MP3 + 7 PDF + 42 DOC + 1 PPT)]


G.E.N.I.U.S Marketing System

The Secret Advertising Weapons Used By The Champions of Direct-Response Marketing

"Do You Know The Time-Tested and Proven Strategies That Guarantee Every Direct Mail Piece You Send Gets Opened and Read - With Response Rates That Explode on Impact?"

Even in an "email world" you still can't beat the pulling power of high-impact dimensional mail!

"Whether you want to kick butt at trade shows or grab attention with a gotta-open-it mailing, I'll show you how to shift your sales into high gear, even in a rough economy!"

Why should you listen to me? Because I live and breathe the "promotions" niche of marketing. My system delivers at least three-fold return on investment for my clients. Ask successful authors and marketers Dan Kennedy, Joe Vitale or Jay Conrad Levinson.

Dear Friend,

These days, every marketing dollar counts.

That's why I'm making an all-out effort to teach independent business owners, retailers, restaurateurs, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, realtors, mortgage brokers – and YOU – how to use trade show marketing and high-impact dimensional mailings to:

Boost sagging sales.

Get the edge on competitors in a sluggish economy.

Capture more than your share of the dollars that are being spent.

I can show you with actual case studies:

3 Part Marketing Sequence

Step 1:

Bank Bag

Typical Response: 10-20%

Step 2:

Message in a Bottle

Up to 98% Response

Step 3:

Trash Can

Marketing that leaves a lasting impression no one will throw away

Typical Response Exceeds 50 %

Just look at all this inside G.E.N.I.U.S. info!

More case studies from my own files– how I created them, specific how-to information and actual results! (What you've read in this letter is just to tantalize you with the possibilities!)

Incredible promotions that pull up to an amazing 80% response. These kinds of results are unheard of in the industry.

How to create promotions for your web site that routinely exceed 30%!

The intriguing and surprisingly easy way to increase business with reverse prospecting. This is a technique tailor-made for our current economic situation!

The BEST ways to drive traffic to your site now. The industry has changed. Some of the old ways are defunct. New technology allows you to get massive amounts of traffic easier than ever.

Sneaky techniques the pros use to slash production expenses to the bone without losing quality. (Hey, even the big agencies could save thousands of dollars on their clients' mailings if they used these street-smart ideas!)

The back-to-basics, common sense direct marketing formula that has generated millions and millions of dollars, year after year. (I'll never understand why people think they're so smart they can deviate from these tested and proven principles.)

The surprising reasons postcards pull like crazy. (If you use them the right way, of course. Because if you don't follow the proven plan, you might as well take your marketing dollars, dump them in a plastic bag and put it on the curb for the garbage pick-up.)

Why you never, ever send prospects an offer only once.

De-mystifying the United States Postal Service rules and regs. You have to get this right or you could lose a fortune on your mailing. Worse, your mailing might never get there at all.

How to almost guarantee that your local postmaster will make sure your mailings get first class attention.

The secret to creating a mailing people absolutely cannot resist! (Remember, if they don't open it, they can't buy what you're selling!)

The fail-safe way to mail to the prospects most likely to respond to your offer. This simple step can boost response rates one or more percentage points! (Hmm, that means a mailing just over breakeven could suddenly become a breakthrough winner. I like it!)

Discover what classic appeals never go out of style and which ones are threadbare. Find out which new twists are pulling in buckets of cash. (No guarantees these will last past the fad stage, but you can cash-in while the window is open.)

Specific techniques you can merely duplicate to easily develop one successful promotion after another.

How to look like an expert marketer when you have absolutely no experience whatsoever.

The A-B-C-EZ instructions for creating letters that attract customers who can't wait to hand over their money.

The key to putting a siphon into your customers' wallets – pull money out month after month. (Do one thing correctly and they'll not only give you permission to extract cash from their bank account or credit card, they will THANK YOU for it!)

The "Simon says" method to write killer headlines. You don't have to be intimidated any longer. Follow the professional techniques and templates for fault-free, business-building headlines every time!

Find out how an inexpensive premium can forge an incredibly strong bond with clients. (Listen, premiums are my business. I know what comes off as cheesy and what gives your company a shining image!)

Off-the-wall promotions that attract attention. . . and sales.

Find out the goofy things people have put in the mail that shot sales sky-high! (Be careful! There are some guidelines you MUST follow to make these specialized mailings work!)

Inside secrets from master marketers. You can literally 'sit at the feet' of living legends to learn what works and what doesn't. You want genius? You've got it!

Stamp or indicia? First class or standard mail? Since you have postage options, you must learn which works best. . . and in what situation!

Does your company do trade shows? If so, dramatically – and I mean DRAMATICALLY – increase traffic through your booth to squeeze every dollar out of your show fees. (Again, this is my core business, so I know what works!)

The single stupid thing virtually every company does that practically cancels out their investment in a trade show booth and the cost of being an exhibitor. (No kidding, this is the DUMBEST mistake that can easily be cured. If you do this ONE THING, you'll be miles ahead of the competition. . . even if your booth is buried in the back corner!)

The subconscious influence of COLOR on your prospects. Even major ad agencies blow past these known facts. The results can be disastrous if you don't know what you're doing!

How to automate your campaigns so you can stay focused on your core business. This is ESSENTIAL information if you're a one-person operation or if you have a job and are trying to get your company up and running.

How to hit prospects' 'hot buttons' so they can't wait to order. (I'll show you the primal urges that practically force people to act and react!)

The hassle-free ways to track your results.

The smart ways to test your headlines, copy and offer. (Don't reinvent the wheel. Just follow this easy formula.)

Words that turn people on and ignite their desire for your offer. And words to avoid that will keep them from buying.

Become a copy cat! The kit is complete with samples you can adapt to your own products or service!

When to use teasers. And when to leave them off. What makes people rip into the envelope to read your offer?

What to include in simple #10 mailings that almost everyone – and that includes supposedly smart direct marketing agencies – forgets to insert in the envelope. Don't YOU forget this one enclosure that means money in the bank.

And there is so much more!