Milana Leshinsky - Creating A Best Selling Coaching Program

Milana Leshinsky - Creating A Best Selling Coaching Program. Part 1: Coaching Program Success Coaching CDsIn this eye opening 2 CD set, you’ll join me as I la...
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Milana Leshinsky - Creating A Best Selling Coaching Program

Milana Leshinsky - Creating A Best Selling Coaching Program

Part 1: Coaching Program Success Coaching CDs

In this eye opening 2 CD set, you’ll join me as I lay out my coaching program development formula, giving

you real life examples and case studies as we go so you know exactly how to implement it for yourself.

You’ll feel like you’re sitting down with me and having an intimate conversation about how to grow your

business and attract more clients.

When you’re done listening, you’ll have a clear picture of what makes my formula work so well at

exploding your business and how you can quickly put it into practice for your coaching (some of the

program models I’ll show you can realistically be copied and applied to your knowledge and expertise in a matter of hours)

Part 2: Coaching Program Success Training Manual

The training manual will expand on certain points of my program development process, and serve as a

handy reference as you are implementing the formula for yourself.

This is not a long, drawn out, boring book that you’ll have to spend hours trudging through. Instead, it’s a

short, to the point guide on exactly what you need to know to re-structure your coaching and start pulling in

more clients than ever before!

Part 3: Coaching Program Success Training DVDs

Next, you’ll get to watch me live as I show you my secrets for developing high end coaching programs

people are willing to pay top dollar for.

You’ll also discover how to roll out a series of coaching programs - each focused on solving a specific

problem for your market - so you can retain clients for months longer than you do now. All of this will be

explained in an intimate, easy to understand style… just like you were sitting down with me in my office.

Part 4: Coaching Program Success Action Guide
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Finally, you’ll go through the action guide to find out exactly how to take action on the concepts I teach you

and roll out your own highly successful coaching program. You’ll find eye-opening exercises and step-by-

step action plans for every element of my coaching program success formula.

Unlike most books and courses that leave you hanging when it comes to actually implementing and getting

results from their ideas, I’ve made taking action clear and easy. You won’t have to wonder what to do next,

because it’s all laid out for you in simple english.

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