Mike Paul - Offline Merchant Alliance & OTO

Mike Paul - Offline Merchant Alliance & OTO. Mike Paul - Offline Merchant Alliance & OTONo Selling or Closing Needed...The Astonishing Marketing S...
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Mike Paul - Offline Merchant Alliance & OTO

Mike Paul - Offline Merchant Alliance & OTO

No Selling or Closing Needed...
The Astonishing Marketing Secret of a Former Banker Who Discovered the Offer (Almost) Every Business Wants!
"Local Merchants Will GUARANTEE You Get Monthly Fees,
But It's Paid By Someone Else!"
This may be the best deal going .."
Learn to earn STEADY Monthly payments for work you only deliver ONCE.

Here, finally is your opportunity to discover this almost 'hidden' little business that almost no consultants even think of...let alone market it.

You'll gain super-advanced skills, know-how and techniques and discover...

    How to guarantee yourself 4 qualified appointments a week.

    How to set yourself up for a business that is recession-proof

    How to increase your residual income every 3 to 6 months

    How to win over most competitors

    How to reignite past clients with this service

    PLUS, how to continue replenishing your stock of good leads...allowing you to build income even faster.

And thats just small taste of whats in store for you.

This new training is called, "Offline Merchant Alliance" and took Mike Paul months to record and organize his experiences offering Merchant CreditCard Services to local businesses.

Early reviewers of just the new training have called it "a great new addition to an offliner's bag of services."

    "When Mike sent me an early transcript of his new training I had to laugh. Less than 2 months before I had a client ask me if I knew anyone who would help him get his Merchant Credit Cards costs reduced?" I had no answer for him...NOW I do!"
    Bruce Newmedia Bruce Newmedia

Who Is Mike Paul?

I think you ought to know who you're investing your hard-earned dollars with. I'm Mike Paul from North Carolina. I love the area and my kids do to. Schools are good and the weather is a nice mix of warm days and cool nights. Hey it can get blistering hot some summer days, but at least we don't get the brutal northeast winters.

My business experience goes back to my years in banking and real estate. Both fields overlap and my training in one benefited me greatly in the other. I learned to spot opportunity and be prepared by educating myself so Id always be ready.

The training products I develop are a direct result of my local business experience. I'm not producing 'book reports' or imagining what might happen...I KNOW because I've done it.

Some tell me I must be a teacher at heart, but if I am, its because I'm passionate about the topic. My goal of course is to earn a good living, but my PASSION is helping local consultants better themselves. I just wanted you to know that.

-Mike Paul

It's hard to overstate the power of what Mike is sharing. There really is no other training like this...period.

Until now, you'd only find some information on a few CC merchant provider's websites...a few paragraphs and nothing that gives you the tools to actually sell the service.

With the sudden release of this new breakthrough course, you can quickly equip yourself to go after (and sign) new accounts immediately.

Here's more specifics of what this professional training reveals...

    The Marketing Flyers designed to attract merchant clients (you can't buy these flyers separately, they're only available with this offer!)

    The way to get the PERFECT, MOST RESPONSIVE prospecting lists

    The SPECIFIC phone script a $4.00 an hour outsourcer uses to make all your appointments

    The type of leads you probably should AVOID

    The $100 Gift Card merchant gets for 10 minutes of their time

    How small referrals will generate almost $28,800 after one year!

    The best processors to partner with (our personal experience.)

    How to earn $10,000 per month in 6 months with just 8 clients.

You probably can see already why local consultants are chomping at the bit to get hold of this.

This entire plan, with all the secrets laid bare, hands you an entire income stream or just an additional service to offer to existing client and prospects. Either way, its a cash cow because ...
The Payments Arrive Monthly For a LONG TIME!

    "After digging into the training manual for offline Merchant Alliance, I have to say my favorite part is the built-in residuals. It would seem a year of modest effort will produce years of $20,000.00+ a year income - doing nothing further."
    Ryan Zona

Get immediately download Mike Paul - Offline Merchant Alliance & OTO

    " ...years ago I created for online businesses. A handful of them needed a merchant service so I made arrangements and referred them to a provider. I got nothing upfront but did get a percentage. I stopped selling my software 5 years ago, but I still get small checks from the merchant provider.  Over $20,000 total.!"
    Ron R.

Experienced Consultants Sharing Their Experiences...

If your competiton knew what you're going to receive they would be FURIOUS. They likely would recognize automatically how much more this service can add to your bottom line...and the customers/clients they will lose to you.

Thats because once you provide a better deal for a merchant on their credit card processing, they will think you're the greatest...

And be very inclined to take you up on other marketing services you recommend. Yes, that happens!

Most other Offline training products could be called...
Most other Offline training products could be called...


Y'know more of the same old - same old. A mobile tricky thing, another set of ho-hum PLR flyers, and a re-hashed lead scraper.

This training is DIFFERENT. Reviewers are calling it the single best resource to learning this marketing un-noticed niche.

Nothing like this has ever appeared as a Warrior+ Offering.

If you are ready to realize a serious increase in your STEADY MONTHLY INCOME, regardless of age, gender, experience or anything else, this thorougly tested training will help you experience unimagined success, maybe for the first time.

I'm not kidding, just take a look at this...

    How to use a negative question to sell this.

    The kinds of information merchants are anxious to reveal

    The factors that make your offer believable

    Subtle way of making the current processor the bad guy

    How asking the right questions leads the merchant to conclude he needs your service

    What client niches NOT to target

    Understand a credit card processing statement in 1 minute

    How To Get Your Email Inbox filled with replies from "dead" leads

    How To Get Your Phone Ringing Off The Hook

    No-Nonsense Way To Follow-up with clients

    How To Make NO investment

    A highly ingenious way to 'bump' your commission

    The secret to add perceived value to close more sales

    Learn what NOT to do from phone room solicitors

    REVEALED: MIke's 10-minute tweak to a postcard

    From Page 6: The 'Must Have' Merchant 101 Training

    2 FREE and accurate sources of gold mine data

PLUS!, there are tons of detailed instructions and resources that make this whole business easy. These instructions and examples are the key to attaining new, fresh and overwhelming success.

For example: "Who the key players are in merchant processing and what they are really making."

"The special piece of the puzzle you must have from the merchant." So much more I can't find space to list it all.

Even reps currently selling merchant account processing often don't have this insider knowledge...but you will.

    “"Is this just a re-hash of a previous course?"”

    A:  No, absolutely not. In fact, to the best of my knowledge no one has ever presented this topic and approach on the Warrior+ sales platform.

    This new course is also unique since my twist on how to prospect for merchants is different too!
    “Is there a lot of competition?”

Get immediately download Mike Paul - Offline Merchant Alliance & OTO

    A: Like any service where you stand to make a lot of money, of course there’s competition.  But 2 factors make it very beatable.  First, you’ll be using my own prospecting approach which is better than what most others do… second, the market of qualified prospects is so large, even a tiny share will yield you regular residuals for a long time.
    "Why would a business need my help?"

    A:  Most local businesses feel they are paying too much in merchant service fees. They see that statement every month and it can ‘sting’. If they sell more they pay more. Its not hard to interest them in getting a free comparison.
    ”Do businesses really consider switching merchant providers that often?”

    A:  You’d be surprised. One survey showed up to 14% change providers every year. In some business niches, its higher.  Where a business can save EVERY Month, they WILL make a change.
    “Will businesses show me their statement, even long distance?”

    A:  Yes, happens all the time. Just tell them to make a copy and block out any information they don’t want disclosed.
    “Does this take a lot of time?”

    A: Each client initially takes about 10 minutes to review their bill and know if they’re a good candidate.  After they’ve passed as a qualified referral and sign up, you wait to collect your fees.
    "Will I need a large budget?"

    A:  No. You can do this with no money, just your own time and effort. A little money for an outsourcer (explained in the training) will make it go faster, but its not necessary. Being broke is not a hindrance with this method.
    "Won't my clients Be Taking A Chance On me?"

    A:  Nope.  That’s because we show you exactly how to review their statement and what do next. You hand off the deal and experienced pros do the rest!
    "Will I need Employees?"

    A:  NO (Unless YOU Want Them).  If you choose to use virtual assistants or outsource that’s fine. But its not necessary.
    "This seems inexpensive. Why don't you charge more?"

    A:  At this point, I’m more concerned with growing my online customer base, so I don’t want a high price to be an obstacle to you trying this. I do enjoy helping local consultants and don’t need to charge high prices.
    "Can I do this all from my computer? (Or do I need to go door-to-door to review businesses merchant account statements?)"

    A: This entire business is totally location independent and can be done entirely by email and phone and fax. If a business is convenient to you you can visit them as well.
    "What can I expect to see income-wise in the first 60 days?"

    A:  If you take action you will likely have closed anywhere from 2 to 7 deals. And those deals will pay you for years. Of course, your own efforts will determine the outcome. I cannot guarantee any income.