Mike McMahon - XLT - Futures Trading Course

Mike McMahon - XLT - Futures Trading Course digital download.

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Mike McMahon - XLT - Futures Trading Course

Type: Digital download

Mike McMahon - XLT - Futures Trading Course

Mike McMahon - XLT - Futures Trading Course

$8,500 for the first three months; and
$625/month each month thereafter; or
$12,500 for the first three months and the ability to retake this class for life.

Good news! We offer online courses via our virtual classroom.

The futures market is vast… and there’s always an opportunity to profit somewhere. When trading futures, how do you locate that “needle in a haystack” that’s going to be the right trade for you today? XLT - Futures Trading is the expert guide you need. Through live trades and daily online time at your workstation, you can get instructor reviews of your own trades and observe your fellow students’ trades until finding the perfect trade becomes second nature.

What You Will Learn

  • Core Strategy Development

    Learn proven principles for high-potential entries and exits in the futures markets and how to apply them for momentum, swing and position trading.

  • Odds Enhancers

    Explore factors that can increase your potential for success when trading futures if applied properly. These factors can include time of day, strength of a level, relationship of commodities to other asset classes.

  • XLT Advanced Technique

    Learn and practice the All-Star Entry, the Opening Range Breakout, trend and counter trend setups, Bull and Bear Traps and more.

  • Live Market Execution

    Plan your trades and put them into action under the guidance of an expert instructor who is also a master futures trader; review trades with other students in a virtual desktop environment.

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Mike McMahon - XLT - Futures Trading Course