Mike Long & Kelly Felix - Bring The Fresh

Mike Long & Kelly Felix - Bring The Fresh digital download. Info: [Manual (PDF) + 33 Videos (WMV / AVI)]. Now I’m not going to ramble on about my succes...

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Mike Long & Kelly Felix - Bring The Fresh

Type: Digital download

Format: [Manual (PDF) + 33 Videos (WMV / AVI)]

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Mike Long & Kelly Felix - Bring The Fresh

Hey, Kelly Felix here (founder of the Rich Jerk).

Something I’ve realized from talking to thousands of subscribers, customers and colleagues over the years, both in person and virtually, and from watching thousands emerge from their struggles with how to make money online, is that there’s a common thread in success…

…And nobody seems to be talking about it.

Now I’m not going to ramble on about my success over the past 10 years, nor will I brag about the successes of my partner Mike Long.

I’ll just say that we’ve been behind the scenes of the creation of tens of millions of dollars worth of online businesses, and other than that I prefer to let some of the folks in the following video speak for us:

In helping build the businesses mentioned in the video above, Mike and I have had the opportunity to interact with lots of different people.

At that time, some of the folks we ran into were passionate and positive.  Others were confused and afraid when we met them.  Still others were outraged and mad as hell when we first crossed paths…

Some of the people we met succeeded in what they were trying to do. Others continued to struggle.

What we’ve discovered is that one of the biggest problems with only interviewing “successful” people to find out what they did, is that you don’t find out if the folks who didn’t succeed were doing some of the same things.

Let’s Cut to the Chase

In my opinion there are basically 4 ways to learn how to make money online.

  • First there’s the “step-by-step” instruction manuals you can buy from any “guru”, such as Clickbank ebooks – which are all the rage. Typically this is rehashed info passed around and around, with maybe 1 or 2 new tips added at best. A lot of marketers simply “fake it until they make it”. In other words they copy a popular ebook and pass it off as their own.
  • Second, there’s the “magic pill” solutions, such as “push button software”, which also sounds good to a lot of people, but typically becomes obsolete within months – leaving you with a broken piece of software and no support. This is why it’s typically best to stay away from hyped-up launches selling $1,000+ software.
  • Third, there’s the do-it-yourself method, where you simply read as much as you can in forums, and either succeed or fail through trial and error.
  • And lastly, there’s the “over the shoulder” approach, where you get to look over the shoulder of an expert as they walk you through their tried and true process. And in a perfect world, they would be there to answer your questions when you get stuck.

I originally took the do-it-yourself route. I read forums for months and months, and dumped money into each new method I came across, learning through trial and error (and losing a lot of money in the process). It took me about 9 months before I started making a profit of $300 per month, and I can tell you I was pretty proud of that. But in hindsight, if I had the opportunity available to me, I would have jumped at the chance to look over the shoulder of a successful marketer rather than trudging up the hill by myself.

Mike, on the other hand, attributes a lot of his success to having the opportunity to watch over the shoulders of people like John Reese and Frank Kern, working hands-on with them during their product launches.

What is Bring the Fresh?

Bring the Fresh is our video series where you get the opportunity to look over our shoulders as we walk you through EVERY aspect of building a business online. YOU are the 3rd person in the room with us.

The phrase “Bring the Fresh” is taken from one of my favorite TV shows called “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. Larry David, the creator (and also the creator of Seinfeld) films the show in a very interesting way. On every day of filming he simply hands the actors a sheet with “bullets” of the points they want to get across or achieve. Then its up to the actors to figure out how to do that, through real, fresh improvisational reactions and dialogue.

Something about that spoke to me, because Mike and I have talked on the phone for an hour a day for most of the past 3 years. And every time we hung up, I thought to myself, “Man, I bet so many people could have benefited from listening in on that conversation.” After saying that for years, I finally told Mike we HAD to create a product that lets people listen in and watch us as we discuss our processes for creating successful online businesses.

That is why every video inside “Bring the Fresh” is UNEDITED and ONE TAKE. There are no do-overs. Many times we say things that we wish we wouldn’t have revealed – but it’s real. It’s raw. And we decided to leave it all in.

What Makes Us Different

Let’s face it, we’ve all bought products that have let us down in the past. And it leaves us somewhat jaded, or with a chip on our shoulder. While I truly believe most of the “gurus” out there aren’t intentionally trying to rip anybody off, they do seem to get caught up in their own hype machine, and more often than not, they end up promising much more than they can ultimately deliver on.

Most people flat out don’t realize that there’s a much better way…

That is why Mike and I have decided to forgo having any employees, and are completely “hands on” when it comes to ongoing support and training. We give every customer our personal CELL PHONE NUMBERS, and we created a community Yahoo Group that we are involved in every day. We also personally answer every email. In our experience, you will NEVER get that from any “guru”. Quite the opposite, they typically run the other way after they get your money.

So What’s Inside

  • Search Engine Optimization: This is how I am currently making the lion’s share of my revenue online. I will walk you through exactly how my latest website is getting 90K unique visitors in the last 30 days – and it’s all free, targeted traffic resulting in my monthly revenue numbers jumping 1500%. I also describe my rinse and repeat process for getting niche sites ranked on page one of Google for my primary keyword, typically in 7-10 days. My markets are revealed, and other totally untapped or lesser competition markets are identified.
  • Affiliate marketing. While I won’t necessarily claim that Bring the Fresh is the best training ever created for affiliate marketing, if it’s not, I want to know what is.  That’s because Bring the Fresh contains the behind the scenes secrets & strategies of tens of millions of dollars worth of affiliate business that Mike and I have done over the last 10 years, including the REAL stories behind the Rich Jerk and big launches such as the StomperNet $14 million dollar day. These stories has never been told! We also go behind the scenes into the creation of other affiliate powered businesses such as Traffic Secrets and Product Launch Formula.
  • Product Creation: Throughout “Bring the Fresh” we are transparent about the ins and outs of product creation – how we’ve created products in the past, how we do it now, and why.
  • Copywriting: Most of the businesses that we’ve built and helped build have been driven by great writing. Bring the Fresh is stuffed with the copywriting moves that have helped us succeed. We pay attention to sharing not only how we wrote and performed in the past, but also how we do it right now.
  • Infrastructure: This was one of our heaviest focuses throughout the video training series – relating how we deal with the intimidation of infrastructure. That’s because we’ve heard from a lot of folks that one of the main reasons they get stuck with online marketing is a feeling of intimidation surrounding technology. Mike and I have done all of the “tech” for “Bring the Fresh” with no outsourcing at all. It’s just not that hard. Even if you’re already strong at infrastructure in several areas, you’ll probably pick up at least several tips that will save you time and expand you skills and ability to deliver value to your customers.
  • Back End Sales Funnel: I walk you through the Rich Jerk’s multi-million dollar per year back-end, frame by frame, including all of the most important details of how the business started small and grew into a runaway train.
  • Launches and Events: Mike has been behind the scenes of dozens of launches, and he’s run them many different ways. He walks you through launch after launch, telling the real behind the scenes stories, in a nuts and bolts way.
  • Pay Per Click: I take you inside one of my actual Google Adwords Pay Per Click accounts, walking through 1.6 million dollars in ACTUAL profit. Plus current and updated pay per click strategies.
  • eBay & E-commerce: Mike had both a very successful eBay business and two very successful E-commerce businesses, and he takes you inside to show you how he built those businesses. He talks about the insights that allowed him to have an edge over the competition every single time.
  • Video: Mike and I have used video again and again to create an unfair advantage. From screen capture video, to live video, to music video montages, to video books, and even nifty subjects like hidden camera video. Walk through a 3.4 million view YouTube account that has resulted in over $1 million in collected revenue (almost all videos with 4.5 stars or better. No tricks involved.)
  • Deal Making (Joint Ventures) and Licensing: from the approach letter or phone call, to closing the deal. Several deals are discussed in depth, including all correspondences.
  • Our Personal Resources: software used, contact info for our graphics designers, programmers etc.
  • Ongoing training and updates.

What Now

So that’s it. If you want it, it’s all yours… everything we know.

The choice is yours.

You can take the blue pill, click the X in your browser window, and the story ends – you wake up in your bed tomorrow and believe whatever you want to believe.

Or, you can take the red pill – stay in Wonderland with us, and we’ll show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes…

We’re not changing the world here…but we may be able to help you change YOUR world.

Join Us

Mike Long & Kelly Felix - Bring The Fresh YES — I want “Bring the Fresh” to help me discover how to use Mike and Kelly’s proven strategies for building profitable businesses online, for fast and sustainable success.

I understand there are infinite membership spots available and I am not being coerced to buy with BS scare tactics or false scarcity. There is a good chance nothing bad will happen to me if I pass on this offer.

As a member of “Bring the Fresh”, I’ll receive comprehensive, exclusive training in essentially every aspect of building a business online. Every element of Mike and Kelly’s successes (and failures) are covered in this 18+ hour video series, giving me an entirely unfair advantage.

I will receive access to the member’s area, including current and future videos for life, along with hotsheets, and an invite to the Bring the Fresh Yahoo Group – where community members, including Kelly & Mike, will be there to help each other out. I will also receive a personal phone call from Kelly & Mike.

No Risk:

We offer a no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like what you see, just send us an email. No problem. No hard feelings. But with a refund rate under 5%, chances are you’re gonna be introduced to a whole new way of thinking – and a whole new methodology for making money online.

It’s all happening,

Kelly Felix
(founder of The Rich Jerk)

P.S. You’re not going to suffer or “miss out” on anything if you don’t buy “Bring the Fresh” right now.

We’re here now, we’ll be here tomorrow, and we’ll be here next year.

That means we have no need for phony scarcity tactics, a big launch, a relaunch, or a one day re-opening for two slots that miraculously appeared. None of that stuff.

There’s never going to be a Bring the Fresh 2.0. or 3.0 or …

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve played the phony baloney launch scarcity game before, so I’m not here to cast any stones at anybody…

…But that being said, Mike and I decided to make “Bring the Fresh” the exception to the pretend scarcity rule of online marketing where gurus pretend that perfectly abundant information is limited.

(When they are really trying to sell as many copies as they can, and the “number of slots left” is just a fraudulent way of making folks feel pressure.)

The point is that there’s already enough real scarcity in the world without guru manufactured fear tactics.

Mike and I created “Bring the Fresh” to not only be exceptional now, but exceptional tomorrow and exceptional next year…

We did it by taking our time, and having fun…and because we’ve structured our lives to continue to enjoyably hone, update and improve “Bring the Fresh”, and to help our members improve through personal feedback in our extraordinary membership area.

(We’ll just keep adding to “Bring the Fresh.” And updates will always be free.)

So if you’re “on the fence” as to whether to buy “Bring the Fresh” or not, it’s perfectly fine to wait it out and see how you feel in a few days, or in a few weeks, or even in a few months…