Mike Heath - Mastering the Sales Conversation

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Mike Heath - Mastering the Sales Conversation digital download. Info: [2MP4 + 2M4A + 1PDF + 1MM]. If you offer products or services, talk to people who ...
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Mike Heath - Mastering the Sales Conversation

Type: Digital download

Format: [2MP4 + 2M4A + 1PDF + 1MM]

Mastering the Sales Conversation

Mastering the Sales Conversation to Charge What You're Worth with Minimum Effort

If you offer products or services, talk to people who want to buy those services, and struggle to make the sale, get this training right now.

We're going to master sales calls so you can stop losing out because THIS happens...

  • Thinking you need testimonials
  • Doing 100% of the talking
  • Thinking you need a track record
  • Spending too much time "preparing" for a call
  • Thinking you can't charge enough
  • Acting like someone you aren't
  • Sacrificing your moral compass for dollars
  • Getting nervous before the call and bombing
  • Making the sale to clients you DON'T WANT
  • And much more!

I know all these challenges because I lived them, and now I know how to completely sidestep them and get people into your business.

I use them every time I have a sales call, and the people I close are MY decision.

Now I'm giving you my secret formula that simply works.
Why? I'm tired of:

-people teaching sales the wrong way
-honest, ethical people not knowing the right way to sell

The reason you're not closing isn't about control, or power words, or high pressure, or the right script…

You simply don’t have the blueprint do it. I do - let me show you.

Bonus: there's no scripts! You'll never sound like you're reading from one.

BonusX2: it's so easy, in less than 10 calls you'll become a pro.

After hundreds of sales calls, a blue million consulting calls and endless questions on this topic, it's time for me to finally unveil how

I master the sales conversation so you can whip 2019 with conversions.

This LIVE training will definitely be recorded so you can buy it EVEN IF you cannot attend in person. Cool!

AND you should buy it now, because the price will AT LEAST double after the event. I priced it so low because EVERYONE needs this skill.

Learn this critical skill YOU MUST master to keep dollars flowing into your business month after month.