Mike Filsame & James Cumner - Traffic Crusher

Mike Filsame & James Cumner - Traffic Crusher digital download. Info: [19 (FLV) + 13 (PDF) 5 (ZIP)]. If you own, or want to own an online business this ...

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Mike Filsame & James Cumner - Traffic Crusher

Type: Digital download

Format: [19 (FLV) + 13 (PDF) 5 (ZIP)]

Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20081201162257/http://www.trafficcrusher.com/go/index.php

Traffic Crusher

If you own, or want to own an online business this knowledge will be essential for the upcoming possible depression and our current recession.

This looks to be the real deal and very, very interesting.

Exciting course on all methods of paid traffic from PPC, email drops, PPV/CPV, Banners, and getting onto CPA networks.

Here Is What YOU GET with
Traffic Crusher:

Traffic Crusher Course which covers...

  • Pay-Per-Click (beginner, intermediate, advanced. Including site placement)
  • Cost-Per-View (Contextual Traffic)
  • Email Marketing: Ezine Ads and Co-Registration
  • Banner Buys and Insertion Orders
  • Landing Page Essentials
  • Virtually everything about testing and tracking
  • Steps to getting an offer listed in CPA Networks (the ultimate traffic source)
  • How to quickly monetize traffic

Hot Bonuses:

  • Ad Influence (killer copywriting book by Eric Louviere used to maximize conversions)
  • Six Figures Uncensored webinar (blow out event on making 6 figures, ask anything Q&A)
  • And much more...

Traffic Crusher Puts YOU In Control
of YOUR Business:

  • You Get step-by-step videos and PDF manuals giving you 100% confidence to apply and dominate whats taught in Traffic Crusher.

  • Traffic Crusher puts YOU in control of your business for REAL with a virtual license to legally print money over and over.

  • Discover how to test fast for fast results and fast profits and discover all the secrets to testing and tracking that you'll ever need to know.

  • Conquer any and all fears of paid traffic using the proven and tested risk eliminating methods in Traffic Crusher.

  • YOU GET to tap into thousands of hours and countless ad spend to find out exactly what works and works best to generate Mass Traffic proven and solid results that you can copy for yourself.

  • Traffic Crusher allow YOU to create success FAST!