Mike Enos - Secret Powerseller Wholesale Sources

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Mike Enos - Secret Powerseller Wholesale Sources digital download. Info: [3 eBooks (1pdf) (2exe)]. The ebook lists 12 different EXCELLENT wholesale sou...
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Mike Enos - Secret Powerseller Wholesale Sources

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Format: [3 eBooks (1pdf) (2exe)]



Real SECRET Wholesale Source Info From A Real Powerseller.

Want to know where a REAL eBay Platinum Powerseller finds enough merchandise to sell $25,000+ A MONTH?

Hi, My name is Mike Enos. From my home, I have sold $25,000+ a month on eBay. I sell fulltime on eBay professionally and make a GREAT living from it.. It is a wonderful business, especially since I run it out of my house. Having a great wife, a 4 year old boy and a 7 month old girl, it is wonderful to be able to provide for their material needs while being at home with them.

If you check out my feedback rating, you'll see that I have over a 7500+ rating at almost 100% praise. (Hey nobody's perfect :-)

I gave 3 presentations on sourcing product at eBay LIVE in Orlando, Florida. Perhaps, you were among the thousands that attended one or more of my presentations. The room was jammed solid, and hundreds had to be turned away from the Thursday presentation. Sorry, if you were turned away :-(

I even had my picture taken during that presentation and put in the WASHINGTON POST. (That's me on stage)

Mike Enos giving first of three eBay LIVE 2003 presentations. Photo copyright Washington Post. Click Here for web article

Mike Enos giving first of three eBay LIVE presentations. Photo copyright Washington Post. Click Here for web article

Quite simply, I'm the real thing. Please Click Here to read some of the kind words I received after those presentations

In other words, what I'm sharing with you works, because I use it everyday.

The reason I mention this is quite often you see people with a VERY low (or non-existent) feedback rating trying to sell you advice. How in the world can someone who is just starting on eBay have advice to offer? I have been a member for over 4 years and selling full time since March 2002 with over 10,561 completed transactions.

Anyway, one of the questions that EVERYONE will ask me who wants to sell on eBay is "Where do you find your items that you sell on eBay?"

Well, I figured why not write an eBook that tells people where I buy my eBay items!

Some have said "Mike, you're NUTS! You are going to shoot yourself in the foot. Why in the world would you want to tell people your SECRET sources from where you get your items?"

My reply? "Why be greedy?" There is more merchandise to buy (and sell) on eBay than I'll ever be able to do. Beside the sources that I recommend are always changing what is for sale and adding new stock. Plus there is so much variety that we probably won't even compete.

THESE SOURCES ARE WHERE I BOUGHT NEARLY $200,000 worth of eBay merchandise to resell.

I also include some other EXCELLENT sources of eBay items that I am just getting started with.

I guarantee that after you have my special wholesale sources, your biggest problem will be choosing from the great multitude of sources in front of you. Some items are new, others refurbished or liquidated. You buy direct with some while others will dropship.

If you have been thinking about starting an eBay business, or you are just trying to grow your existing business, then you must not delay in getting this information.



If your goal is to be able to stay home with your family and work, then eBay is the IDEAL business. But, the reality is that you need a continuous supply of merchandise.

I LOVE MY EBAY BUSINESS. A couple of paragraphs ago I went outside and helped put some mulch in the garden. Then I spent about 15 minutes pushing my son on his swing. Having freedom of schedule is so wonderful. Being home with your family AND making a GREAT living is wonderful. In my previous work as a computer software consultant, I've done the hour and half (one-way) commute to work, and I don't miss it one bit.

This economy is so bad and so many people are out of work. I was just listening to NPR (National Public Radio) the other day and they interviewed a project manager who was making $120,000 a year plus bonuses that lost his job over 1-1/2 years ago. He is now working for $8.50 an hour at a boating store. I wish I had this guy's phone number, I would call him and convince him to start his own eBay business!

Everyone should have the opportunity to work from home
where they can be with their loved ones.

This wholesale list will help you do so by solving one of the biggest problems in an eBay business: sources of merchandise.

Let me tell you more about the ebook.


The ebook lists 12 different EXCELLENT wholesale sources. I give a description as well as the PROS and CONS of each. I tell you what I like and what I don't like about each one. (I hate when people gloss over the faults of a product! I say it like it is!)

Here is a sample of what you get:

Source #1 This company has been key to my success. As of June 6, 2003 I have bought $78,638.25 worth of merchandise from this one source. I bought a group of marine electronics for $4400 and so far I have made $46,710.82 from the group, and still have more of it to sell! (Yes, that is a 1000%+ return on my money!)

Source #2 This company offers a website based service where they track and categorize REAL dropshippers. It is constantly updated. You can search for products three different ways. By name brand, product type, or distributor name. The listing is HUGE! I have barely scratched the surface with it, and I have found eight excellent distributors by using the site!


I'm also including some BONUSES!

There are too many BAD eBay books out there. I've been ripped off too many times! I have spend thousands of dollars in information products and so much of it has been a total waste of time and money. Occasionally though, I have come across some good to excellent eBay specific books that actually contain real & beneficial information.

I have obtained reprint rights to them, and I'm including two of them if you purchase my ebook.


101 Auction Secrets Revealed. This is a quick read that is guaranteed to help increase your eBay sales. A lot of good practical advice. It retails for $29.95, but I obtained reprint rights and I am including it for FREE.


eBay Secrets. This book was written by a gentleman that has been selling on eBay since February 1998. He shares a great amount of personal experience and advice. It includes the following:

1.0 How I started Making Good Money on the internet and how you can too!

How to use leverage to build your eBay business

2.0 Secrets To Building A Successful Online Auction Business: Committment, Value and Focus

Titles that sell (and those that don't)

21 Secrets to building your eBay business.

3.0 Introduction To 7 Really Powerful Ways To Start Making A Six-Figure Income On The internet starting Right now!

4 Ways to Make Money Selling!

2 Ways to Make Money Buying!

1 Way by neither selling nor buying (My secret!)

3.1 Four EZ Ways to Start making $100,000 or more Today selling on the internet!

3.2 My Secrets for Making Big Money on Ebay

3.3 Two ways to make money BUYING on Internet Auctions Starting Today!

3.4 How To Make $30K to $60K A Year Part-Time on eBay without ever buying or selling anything on ebay's site!

4.0 Where To Buy Collectible Merchandise Locally To Sell On Internet Auctions.

5.0 How To Get Good Results In Your New Business.

5.1 Marketing (read: Communicating) with your customer is the only thing that matters!

5.2 Low Cost, EFFECTIVE Marketing Tip: Use this to build your reputation and Get Business To Come To You.

5.3 Successful general business strategies in the real world.

5.4 How specialization can dramatically increase your sales and opportunities for you.

6.0 Putting It All Together: How to Make $100,000 on the internet each and every year for the rest of your life.

6.1 Here's Exactly How To Make $100,000 A Year Starting Today!

7.0 My Million-Dollar Rolodex of Wholesale Sources On The Internet.

8.0 The Most Important and Essential Internet Sites That Help Make You Money Online

9.0 How To Safely Ship Your Items

10.0 Glossary of Internet Auction Terms

11.0 Email Follow-Up Templates