Mike Dillard - MLM System Formula

Mike Dillard - MLM System Formula. With the explosion of the internet, the network marketing industry has undergone some dramatic changes in the last 18 month...
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Mike Dillard - MLM System Formula

Mike Dillard - MLM System Formula

With the explosion of the internet, the network marketing industry has undergone some dramatic changes in the last 18 months. Few network marketers today have realized that in order to build a successful MLM organization, they will be forced to recruit on a daily basis for the lifespan of their business simply because of the attrition rate in the industry. According to Mike Dillard, the creator of the groundbreaking Magnetic Sponsoring System and now the revolutionary MLM Traffic Formula, network marketers can still create a long-term business that is literally immune against attrition and competition forever.

“This is the new reality of network marketing… the very economics of MLM are changing. The cost of sponsoring a new rep in the cold market continues to spiral upward, while the actual return and lifetime value of that rep continues to decline,” Mike Dillard notes.

So how do network marketers build a successful MLM business in the 21st century when on average a new recruit will only stay for 3 months? How do they become and remain ethical leaders, responsibly using the power of the internet to market their business opportunity? And how do these home business professionals best communicate and build relationships with their prospects and downlines?

The MLM Traffic Formula is not about prospecting, scripts, follow-up calls, sponsoring, or even downlines. It’s about building an EMPIRE. Says Mike Dillard “That is really at the heart of the MLM Traffic Formula. It’s about realizing that your business is much bigger than just an MLM product or opportunity.” Basically, it’s about building “the core asset of “YOU Inc.”, which is your list, and the relationship you have with the people on that list.”

Whilst the MLM Traffic Formula has not been officially released, there’s early evidence that it actually works. “The Formula” has already produced real results for its creators, Mike Dillard, Tim Erway, and Tom Bell. Using this revolutionary strategy, they sponsored 1,732 distributors in 31 days, with an average product purchase of $100. They used advanced traffic generation and lead monetization techniques to get 6,742 free leads in a single month, and make over $11,000,000 in the last 5 years.

Interestingly, The MLM Traffic Formula also seems to work for their students. Two young network marketers who participated in the initial MLM Traffic Formula tele-seminar series in early Spring ’06 claim to have generated an average of 25 free leads per day using what they learned in the course. Their actual numbers in the last 45 days are 1,190 free leads generating them a total of $1,620 in upfront commissions alone.

Even as The MLM Traffic Formula is being released on September 12th, it will only be available for a limited time. Serious network marketers and business builders will now have the chance to learn those invaluable marketing knowledge and skills. Here is a taste of what “The Formula” will teach them:

  • “A step-by-step guide on how to generate the best live leads in the world in less than 30 minutes using Google Adwords”
  • “The inside secrets to writing insane copy that tells, sells, and even sponsors for you”
  • “How to get top 10 listings and dominate the search engines for any business opportunity in 5 simple steps”

A Harvard-educated seasoned entrepreneur and internet network marketing expert, Luc Andria is another early adopter of “The Traffic Formula” and an avid proponent of the Magnetic Sponsoring System. Luc reported “The MLM Traffic Formula is the most advanced Internet Marketing course ever created, just for network marketers. What’s more, the Formula is not about giving you a fish, it is really about teaching you how to fish”.

Mike Dillard added: “Learning how to generate leads online is one thing… figuring out what to do with those leads is where the real “thinking” comes into play, and it’s what will ultimately determine if you’re successful or not… MLM Traffic Formula is much more than a guide to online lead generation, because in reality, it’s a blue print for building a true, $1,000,000 empire.”

The MLM Traffic Formula course will be available for 7 days only, from 12:00 PM CST on September 12th to midnight CST, on September 19th. More information on the launch of this “empire building” MLM Traffic Formula as well as other essential network marketing

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