Mika Nanikashvili - DHT Unleashed

Mika Nanikashvili - DHT Unleashed. In this course the author discusses the importance of DHT and presents a simple to understand model for Optimising it. Ali ...
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Mika Nanikashvili - DHT Unleashed

Mika Nanikashvili - DHT Unleashed

In this course the author discusses the importance of DHT and presents a simple to understand model for Optimising it. Ali tackles all issues from health and fitness to lifestyle and self image.

DHT is described as the most underrated compound in men’s health. If you find this statement hard to believe, you will quickly see why this is exactly the case. DHT has wide reaching impacts on male physiology driving processes such as creating a chiseled face and upper body as well as masculine behaviour and creation of facial and body hair.

The mass media has portrayed DHT falsely as an evil hormone. This course explains the real effects of DHT and why it has been wrongly accused of causing Male Pattern Baldness and Prostate Issues.

DHT Unleashed discusses strategies of increasing DHT levels, ranging from nutritional, lifestyle and exercise strategies all the way to practically never talked about drugs and presents it in a simple, easy to understand format.

While DHT may appear to be a superficial compound, its effects run deep. DHT’s profound impact of self image, behavior and psychology is thoroughly explored in this well written treatise on what is potentially the most underrated compound in all of men’s health.

DHTU has two key goals:

1. Make the content understandable by an average joe. The topics are covered with simple, easy to understand language and the Glossary of Common terms is always there so that whenever you don’t understand some word, you can look it up.

2. Create principles in such a way that they don’t become a burden for a persons social life. So many great programs have excellent content but the strategies presented in them are really rules. This creates a lot of neurotic behaviour, making you feel guilty and feel like you “Cheated” the program. DHTU explains to you how the things work and gives you principles to operate upon on, not rules.

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If you follow the 80/20 rule, doing the pro-DHT stuff 80% of the time and leaving the rest for being really flexible and enjoying eating whatever you want.
Eating some Burgers and drinking with your friends on a weekend won’t hinder your progress as long as you mostly stay consistent on a daily bases.

All of the Research About Dihydrotestosterone Put Into the Same Place

For years I have struggled to find any good resource about Dihydrotestosterone . There is a very sparse amount of information on Dihydrotestosterone that can be understood by the average joe, and even the scholar articles are hard to find. So I decided to solve this problem, after going over 400 studies, DHT Unleashed is the end product.

The course features custom made Illustrations to make understanding the content simpler.Its available in a PDF and an online platform based format. I prefer myself a PDF version as I can carry it with me in a pocket or read whenever I want to, but if you like to sit down and really study the content available you will love the online format.

When new research is available, DHT Unleashed will be getting updates and you as customer will get access to the newer version automatically, without any additional fees.

Listen, I don’t want to create a hype and give you false promises. This book is a result of months of research and work, trial and error. If you follow it you will get results. If your goal is to get the results that you will get with 400 mg of Masteron, than this program is not for you.

But If your goal is to get high natural DHT levels, feel, look and preform great and maintain high levels of virility throughout your whole life, whether you are 15 or 65, than this truly is the best investment you will ever make.

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