Michaela Swales - Core Components of DBT

Michaela Swales - Core Components of DBT digital download. Info: [MP4]+[PDF] | 569.24 MB. This 69-minute video is the first in the series of Core Compon...

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Michaela Swales - Core Components of DBT

Type: Digital download

Format: [MP4]+[PDF]

File size: 569.24 MB

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Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/CsR7L

This 69-minute video is the first in the series of Core Components of DBT demonstrated by Michaela Swales, Ph.D. and Christine Dunkley. In Core Components of DBT: Behavioural and Solution Analysis, Michaela Swales and Christine Dunkley demonstrate how to conduct a behavioural analysis and implement a comprehensive solution analysis. In the two unscripted role-plays on this DVD Michaela and Christine demonstrate a range of different solutions and how to engage the client in behavioural rehearsal of those solutions in session. Therapists can watch the role-plays either with or without the ‘strategy highlight’ feature turned on. The accompanying study guide contains a complete transcript of the role-plays with strategies listed and aspects of the therapist’s conceptualisation highlighted.

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