Michael Zipursky - Momentum (Consulting Success)

Michael Zipursky - Momentum (Consulting Success) . Michael Zipursky – Momentum (Consulting Success) Everything You Get In Momentum The Proven Implementation Pro...
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Michael Zipursky – Momentum (Consulting Success)

Michael Zipursky - Momentum (Consulting Success)

Everything You Get In Momentum
The Proven Implementation Program
for Early-Stage Consultants
Developed By Real Consultants:

  • 30-Day Fast Track Step-by-Step Implementation Guide
  • Over 51 Straight to the Point Consulting Video Trainings
  • Proven Consulting Templates and Scripts to Start Using Right Away
  • Track Your Progress, Follow Time-Tested Strategies to Get Results
  • Learn to Effectively Launch Your Consulting Business and Get Clients
  • Results Based Guarantee to Ensure You’re Successful

Would you like to know what separates a high 6 or 7-figure consultant who has a waiting list of clients who are drawn to him or her almost magnetically …and a struggling consultant who lives hand to mouth, month to month?

Would you like to know what separates a consultant who controls their schedule, makes a great impact doing what they are good at, and earns enough money to take time off and enjoy it with their family, traveling, golfing, skiing, or just lying on the beach…and one who has to work 70-80 hours per week just to pay the mortgage?

Would you like to know what separates a consultant who happily turns away potential clients because they’re not the PERFECT fit…and a consultant who HAS to take every client they can get, regardless of how time-consuming and hair-pullingly irritating they will be because “beggars can’t be choosers”?

Well the thing that separates them is pretty simple, actually.

Let me tell you a quick story that will illustrate the difference …

Martin was 10 months into his consulting business and still found himself staring at his email inbox hoping for good news.

It was a Thursday afternoon. Ping! A new email jumped to the top of Martin’s inbox.

Martin was hoping it was Delta FX, a new prospective client he sent a proposal to. But it was his sister “Please bring a fruit plate for dessert, see you Sunday!”


Martin had checked his email at least 15 times that day, and the day before, and the day before, hoping that Delta FX would sign off and cut him a check that would cover his “nut” for the month.

But it had been over a week…radio silence.

And Martin was starting to squirm. Delta FX was really the only deal in his pipeline that he thought had a good chance of closing. The others were long shots at best.

Martin started to mutter “What did I do wrong? What should I have done differently? I told them all about my expertise. They know I used to work at one of the major national manufacturers. Ted Smith even introduced me to them and told them I was the guy to help them!”

But when Martin sent the proposal (that he’d slaved over for DAYS) to Jerry, all he got was “Thanks, we’ll let you know.”

Then crickets.

And when the waiting got to much to bear, Martin cracked and fired off a email…

“Jerry, I’m just checking in to see if you had any questions about the proposal?”

Nada. The silence was deafening. And the things is…Martin had heard that silence before. In fact, this was par for the course.

Here’s how it always went down…

Somebody he used to work with would refer him. Martin would send the prospect an email. And another. And another. And another. Maybe they’d eventually write back and say, “Sure, send us a proposal.” Then Martin would send one.

Then…the waiting. And waiting and waiting. Martin could feel himself getting older as he waited every time!

Oh sure, he’d landed a couple of clients. But landing one was almost as bad as NOT landing one!

The workload was almost always WAY more than he anticipated. He never seemed to be on the same page with the client. Never truly saw eye to eye. Scope creep, misunderstandings, duplication of work, disagreements about objectives.

Weren’t there any EASY clients out there? Why did they all have to be such a pain?

Martin was starting to wonder if he should just tuck his tail between his legs and go beg for his old corporate job… “I’m sure Bill Johnson would just LOVE that.” Bill was Martin’s old cubicle mate who had chuckled at Martin when he told him he was starting his own practice.

“Why on earth would you give up a secure job with benefits to go on your own? You’ll crack under the pressure, man. I give it 3 months…tops!”

It would be humiliating to admit Bill was right. But what was he going to do??

If Delta FX didn’t close, he’d have to go back (if they would even take him back!). Or his wife Tiffany would have to take that admin JOB to make ends meet until he could land another client.

And he had no idea how or when that would happen.

That’s Martin’s story.

And I’ve heard variations on that story about 387 times in my career. It’s the story that many consultants end up living. And eventually they quit … or come to accept it as “just the way it is.”

“This is just the life of a consultant, I guess. You work 70 hours a week for ungrateful clients just to pay the bills. And every few months you have to scramble to find more clients.”

Feast or famine. Rollercoaster consulting. Up and down. No consistency. No stability. No security. No joy. No fun.

But there is another story.

Martin’s story does not have to be yours.

Your consulting story can be very different.

In Fact, in as Little as 25 Days, Elliot’s Story Could Be Your Story…

“I had been bored and disenfranchised with corporate life.

I was offered an opportunity to leave the company I had been with, move back to Northern California and be part of a turnaround.

I thought that would be the cure. It wasn’t, in fact, I was even unhappier. I am a pretty stoic guy but one night I came home, miserable, stressed, and angry that I made this move and found myself just as unfulfilled.

I sat down at the kitchen table and just lost it.

Julie (my wife) said it was time, for all these years I had been betting on someone else, it was now time to bet on myself. She liked that better.

I had wanted to make the jump for years but always found a reason not to. At the time I made the move, we had 2 in college and one more ready in just a few years. We just purchased a large home in Northern California. It was scary.

I look back now and wonder how I ever lasted so long in corporate life. Now I wake up every day excited to go to the office, I work with and for people whom I care about, who I am aligned with, and admire.

I make more money (which I didn’t think was possible) and I find myself having experiences that I’d would have never had.

For example, sitting at the kitchen table of a Hollywood celebs house on the top of Mulholland Drive, traveling with clients’ friends to Malaysia, or heading to Lisbon for a Mastermind group.

It’s all pretty amazing.”

What’s the difference between Martin and Elliot?

What’s the difference between a consultant scraping by on the skin of his teeth…and a consultant who has a pipeline full of prospects and a loaded roster of high-paying clients?

Here’s the difference…

  • Elliot has a system which clearly identifies his ideal client – companies who are eager to hire a consultant with exactly his expertise. Clients who are easy to work for, happy to work with him, and grateful for the results he achieves for them
  • Elliot has a method for positioning his consulting expertise so precisely that virtually no other consultant can make the specific promises he can. He is the BEST choice. He’s not a “commodity consultant”
  • Elliot has a system that ensure he gets paid handsomely (which is essential for clients to respect you)…yet doesn’t scare off potential buyers with “sticker shock”
  • Elliot has a LinkedIn presence that’s more than an online resume. A presence that starts conversations with his ideal clients and leads to paying engagements. Most are mystified as to why and how it gets him so many clients so fast and so easily.
  • Elliot has a proven template for generating proposals that gets clients to respond in hours or days…not weeks or months. Elliot has eliminated the frustrating “don’t call us, we’ll call you” syndrome.
  • Elliot has a proven and simple Magnetic Messaging system that draws perfect clients into his orbit.
  • Elliot has a system in place that keeps his pipeline full. He has a waiting list. Rather than worrying about where his next client comes from, he often turns away prospects because they are not PERFECT for him!

If you were reading closely, you’ll now understand the difference between Martin’s story and Elliot’s story….the story that could be yours.

A system. Momentum

In fact, the Momentum System is guaranteed to make Elliot’s story your story in as little as 25 days, if you can promise one thing.

What must you promise? I’ll get to that in a moment. But first that guarantee I mentioned…

The Momentum “Results in 25 Days or It’s Free” Guarantee

If you work with (or plan to transition into working with) companies, associations or non-profit clients solving valuable problems… And if you take consistent action and follow my recommendations, within 25 days of enrolling in Momentum…

  • You’ll have at least 3-4 new highly-qualified leads in your pipeline
  • You’ll know exactly who your ideal client is…and isn’t
  • You’ll feel 100% confident about how to target and attract your ideal client
  • You will have a marketing message that will get the attention and interest of your ideal client so they respond to your messages and want to speak with you about how you can help them.
  • You will know how to build a repeatable, efficient marketing machine that delivers ideal clients consistently
  • You’ll know how to package, position and price your consulting services to increase your revenue by 40% to 300%
  • You’ll know how to write winning proposals faster and easier
  • You’ll see your pipeline of ideal customers filling up before your eyes

…in 25 days or less or we’ll personally work with you until you do…or give you a full refund whichever you prefer.

Now back to the promise.

You must promise to focus and follow the system.

And here’s why this is so important. There are so many things you COULD be doing to grow your consulting business.

  • LinkedIn
  • Podcasts
  • Google Ads
  • Webinars
  • Facebook Ads
  • Mastermind groups
  • Networking events
  • YouTube videos
  • Email marketing
  • Referral programs
  • And it seems like 15 new shiny objects pop up every week.

Think of it this way… you probably have developed systems, procedures and methods for solving your clients’ problems, right? Don’t you hate it when THEY get distracted or side-tracked and fail to follow YOUR recommendations?

Same applies here. This system is guaranteed to work…if you work it and stay focused. OK, that covers the promise I need you to make.

So now let’s talk about proof. Here are the words of several of my high-income consultant clients. Clients who have followed my directions and transformed their consulting careers…

As you read these reviews, pay particular attention to the bolded text…

I found the Momentum course great, and I’ve only gone through part of it so far. The thing I needed most, was help with generating quotes for projects. I had multiple new prospective consulting clients and I used the lessons from your course to generate effective quotes that helped seal several short and long term consulting contracts generating over $40,000 in new and ongoing consulting work!
Jason Cutter,
Cutter Consulting Group, LLC

Hi Michael, Your advice on how to obtain a renewal of a 12 month marketing and consulting client in Pennsylvania worked. I followed the script and concepts you provided during the last call and the client agreed to move forward. That’s a $30,000 annualized sale.”
Earline Lagueruela,
B2GSA Consulting

I have been working through my strategic offer and “Revenue Roadmap Program” with Michael. I met with a couple CEOs and both asked for a proposal on a next stage of work. Within 3 days I had a confirmed project that was for $55k and a verbal yes on another for $33.5k.”
Doug Nelson, Social Sector Board & CEO Expert
Past President BC Cancer Foundation

This is the first program that provided a focused, linear path to success with a clear, detailed process, accountability and specific tools to ensure your success.”
Josh Canova, CEO Pow Wow Growth Strategies
Former founder Detour Films, clients included Reebok, Pfizer, Toyota, Ad Council

Michael’s suggestions pushed me beyond what I thought was possible. We’re getting 3x more leads than before, we have a lead generation process in place that works consistently, and we’re working with world-class clients as advisors in a leveraged way. Working with Consulting Success is an investment, but it’s a very worthwhile one.”
Andrew Kucheriavy, UXMC
CEO and Founder, Intechnic Corporation

I had things going rather well, but knew that I could do better. Michael helped me in finding the unused potential that I had and leverage that in a short timespan. Within 2 months, I’ve been able to increase the size of the deals as well as my pipeline and to have a clear plan on how to move my business forward.”
Tsahi Levent-levi,
WebRTC Consultant
Former CTO Radvision

I just won another project and received DOUBLE the fee compared to what I would have before. That happened because of Michael’s help. I’m learning new approaches and strategies to grow my business and have no hesitation recommending Michael’s program.”
Greg Van Hyfte,
Principal, GrowthVisionHealth

Within a few weeks of working with Michael I went from making $24,000 from one project to $64,000. I feel so much more focused and my team tells me they’ve noticed a big difference too. I have a lot more clarity around what I need to be doing each and every week with my marketing. Michael has really helped me to get results and I’m looking forward to significantly growing my business this year.”
Leonor Urena,
Coach, Trainer, Founder of Scrum Mastering llc

Mike helps you to focus on the right things and build stronger value. Since being in the program, I have significantly expanded my reach and increased my sales by 45%. Most importantly, he has given me great advice structuring more profitable offerings which also add better results for my clients.”
Kate Caldecott,
Founder, Kate Caldecott & Associates

Thank you, great course! It helped me to identify a focus. Your advice on value proposition formula was great too…and my leads pipeline now consists of potential clients that show interest in my services.
Igor Chigrin,
Win Global Partners

Did You Notice (Again) What Separates These Successful Consultants from Struggling Consultants Like Martin?

Systematic Methods
Templates and Scripts
Clear Paths
Step-by-Step Plans
Efficient Processes

Martin had no system. Or, more accurately, he had a system that he (and many other consultants) have proved DOES NOT WORK.

Yet Martin kept doing the same thing over and over and hoping for different results.

But the testimonials from the successful consultants above show, that when you follow a proven SYSTEM, your story changes.
Is it time to change your consulting story?

Your Step-by-Step System for Rewriting Your Consulting Story and Finally Building the Consulting Business You’ve Dreamed About

In Momentum, you’ll get…

A systematic way to earn your prospective client’s trust early in the process…reducing their risk and making them more comfortable saying “yes” and writing you a check
A process for shortening your sales cycle from months (or even years?) to weeks or even days.
My step-by-step method for positioning your expertise so ideal clients are drawn to you…they even seek you out
A fill-in-the-blank formula for creating your own Magnetic marketing messages
A simple but powerful method for getting clients to contact you and ask, “How do you do that???” It’s all about promising specific results. But most consultants don’t or won’t do this…and their proposals land in the “I’ll get back to you” file.
How to get you marketing message in front of your perfect clients…how to be where they are and get their attention
My 4-step no-charisma-required method for finding, engaging with and closing high-paying clients
A foolproof method for increasing your confidence and giving yourself more energy and zest for your work
A script you can follow to book interviews with prospects that lead to paying engagements
How to get your prospective clients to tell you everything you need to know to close them
A simple exercise to insure a prospect will never think “So what?” about your services and expertise again
A proven checklist, swipe file and template for developing a social media presence that makes them think, “It’s like they are talking directly to me!” (That will only take you hours to construct…not weeks or months)
How to turn your social media into a lead generating asset, not just a “digital brochure”
My method for lowering a buyer’s perceived risk so they’re ready to do business with you today
A proven process for getting the first “yes” from a buyer fast…this can also help you disqualify bad clients before you commit to hundreds of hours of work!
A 3-step system for getting paid more…without raising your fees
The “get-back-to-you-fast” proposal templates my clients have used…thousands of times…all over the world…to land new business fast

Get immediately download Michael Zipursky – Momentum (Consulting Success)

How to get off the “referral wagon” and finally fill your pipeline with highly-qualified leads.
How NOT to do networking…why most consultants miss loads of potential clients by doing it the wrong way
How to instantly find and target hundreds of your “perfect prospects” on social media…without paying an ad agency thousands of dollars
How to do all this without ever feeling spammy or salesy.
The script that professional consultants have used hundreds of times to get more referrals
How to stop selling from your heels…start selling from you core…and close more deals
An old-school…and almost completely forgotten…marketing method that can help you pull more revenue from your best clients
My 12-point process for following up with prospects that could very well transform your business…it’s done exactly that for many of my clients
A line-for-line script that will insure you never waste time talking with the wrong client again…this could very well save your career
How to make sure you never make the most common “rookie mistakes” ever again…much of consulting success is what you DO NOT DO and what you DO NOT SAY
My 1-hour-a-day method to keep your marketing machine humming, delivering you consistent, high-quality prospects every day
My proven process for paving the way to your “first conversation” with a prospect…getting your foot in the door is half the battle won
A step-by-step process for becoming a leader in your industry…the most powerful position a consultant can achieve

And that’s just the first 30 days! There’s way more to Momentum.

Do you want theory and hunches and shiny objects? Or do you want a proven “by-consultants-for-consultants” SYSTEM for adding 6 figures to your income?

This is no college class in theory or philosophy. Nor is it a collection of random ideas from someone ‘teaching’ how to consult who has never actually consulted before. You’ll learn proven strategies, approaches, techniques and timeless principles that have been tested. Tested by me and my consultant clients…at the front lines with hundreds of organizations around the world.

And produced results. If the testimonials above don’t convince you that it will get you results, then my Guarantee should.

Try it for 25 days and if you don’t feel you’ve gotten everything I promised in the guarantee, I’ll refund every penny.
Why Should You Believe Me?
(And Why Advice from Others Might Hurt You More than Help You)

These days advice is everywhere. You can Google any subject and get all the advice you could ever consume on any topic. Free and fast.

And most of it is worthless.

You can waste a lot of time consuming and implementing the WRONG advice.

So, to survive in today’s business world, you must make sure you’re getting the RIGHT advice… not wasting your time on “almost-right” or “dead-wrong” advice.

What do I mean by wasting your time on “almost right” advice? Well, if you want to create online funnels Russell Brunson is the undisputed champ. For product launch sequences Jeff Walker is king. Want to become a coach or spiritual healer working with consumers, Sam Ovens and Russ Ruffino have that mastered. Facebook ads, Keith Krance. Webinars, Joel Erway.

All of those subjects are undoubtedly important specialities and you can find plenty of people who have become successful in each area respectively.

But if you want to become a successful consultant, most of that advice will HURT YOU NOT HELP YOU.

Consumers Buy In Very Different Ways from Organizations and Companies. Most business advice is very focused on selling to consumers. But consumers buy in a very different way than organizations and companies buy.

Buying a pair of yoga pants, a massage treatment, or even shelling out $150 to see a counselor requires a completely different mindset compared with the B2B buyer investing tens, hundreds of thousands… even millions of dollars.

And while reaching consumers through Instagram, Facebook and the latest social media tool can work well, it’s not where buyers of consulting services ‘hang out’.

Selling consulting services requires a different approach.
This is your opportunity to learn from someone who has achieved EXACTLY what YOU want to achieve and helped hundreds of others LIKE YOU achieve it as well

As of this writing, 6,037 consultants in over 100 countries have studied my methods. More are added every day. And I’ve received email after email about how they have…

Successfully transitioned from employee to independent consultant
Gone from zero to well over six figures in annual revenues
Gained confidence about who their ideal clients are and how to effectively and efficiently target them
Know how to structure their day to be extremely productive, getting more of the RIGHT stuff done each day
Increased their consulting fees by 40% to 300%

I’ve helped hundreds add six and seven figures to their annual revenues.

Whether you desire to earn a solid six-figures a year as an independent consultant, or if you prefer to build a consulting firm with staff, Momentum is the only proven plan I know of to help you achieve that.

But Time is Running Out

(Not on my program… but on your career)

Is consulting about to get Uber-ized? Is it about to undergo a dramatic shift where only the savviest and sharpest consultants survive and the rest get swept out to sea?

According to Inc Magazine, yes…

Here’s the issue: Festering underneath myriad consulting offerings, methodologies, tools, and firms lie some vulnerabilities that will eventually unravel the consulting business model—the same kind of dramatic disruption that other industries like photography, publishing, health care, and many others have experienced.

Michael Zipursky – Momentum (Consulting Success) on