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$100,000 Sales Letter Ebook

“Even though some of the BIGGEST Info and Internet marketers are fanatical about keeping my existence a “hidden trade secret”… I’m finally coming out of the shadows to reveal…

How To “Snap Together”
Your Own $100,000+ A
Year Website Sales

And get this: I’ve done all of the “work” (and
virtually all your “thinking”) FOR YOU! So, no
matter what you sell… or… who you sell it to,
you’ve finally got a simple and easy way to “snap
together” a scorching HOT sales message for
your website… that “fires a desire” in your
readers’… and practically FORCES them to
eagerly fork over their money for whatever you
are selling!

And to prove it… I’ll even send you all the
information… absolutely FREE… for you to “test
drive” and profit from for a full 30-days. That
way, you can see for yourself that I over-deliver
on every promise I make on this website!

From: Michael Silk
Thursday, 8.37 a.m.

Dear Reader,

If you have any interest whatsoever in making a lot more money from your website(s), the extremely valuable information I’m going to share with you in this report will show you how.

In fact, to get the “ball rolling”…

I’m Going To Reveal THE MOST
To Know About Making
ENORMOUS Internet Profits!

Listen, over the years there have been just a handful of breakthroughs in the business world that have made massive fortunes for those who discovered them… and… those savvy enough to exploit those breakthroughs for all they were worth.

The most obvious example of a breakthrough that has truly revolutionized the world… and has made fortunes for many entrepreneurs… is… the Internet.

But, in order for me to set the foundation for making HUGE profits on the Internet, let’s back up a little and talk about another breakthrough that made fortunes for the first people to exploit it.

The Newspaper!

Or, more precisely, the first advertisement carried by a newspaper. Imagine the impact of that first ad. Instead of a shopkeeper hanging a “shingle” outside his store… hoping to lure in passing trade… he could now place an advertisement in the newspaper… and reach every person in the entire city in one day with his “sales pitch”!

Even people who would not otherwise know about the shopkeeper’s business would now be exposed to what he was selling.

Just imagine if you were that shopkeeper who was first… or merely among the first… to use printed advertising in a newspaper. You would be among the first to exploit a “marketing channel”… and… you would have no real competition for what you had to sell. You would be able to reach (overnight) every man, woman, and child who read that newspaper. What is more, your advertisement would be something new, fresh and exciting to everyone who read it.

What is the point I am driving home here?

Simply this:

You Would Have To Be A Complete
Moron” Not To Make A
Lot Of Money By Being Among The
First To Advertise In A Newspaper
Whatever You Had To Sell!

But wait, that was a long time ago.

So, let’s “fast forward” to today’s “technological times”.

Today, the world’s largest source of news and information is…

The Internet!

And, just like the newspaper, people can advertise on the Internet (via websites and e-mail etc.,)… and reach (instantly) many millions of people with their “sales pitch” for whatever they have to sell.

A marketer’s dream right?

You betcha! Many people and companies have become fabulously wealthy by exploiting the Internet as a “marketing channel”.

And, in all honesty, just like the first newspapers, the Internet has made it possible for complete “marketing morons” to make a bundle of money very quickly.

But those days are rapidly coming to an end.

No longer is the Internet “virgin territory” for somebody who wants to put their sales pitch in front of their market.

For example, type “weight loss” into your search engine and up pop 70.3 MILLION listings.

Type “real estate” into your search engine… and… shazaam… 325 MILLION listings.

“Books” will keep you busy with 1,170 MILLION listings.

“Miserable failure” brings up 3,150,000 listings (by the way, did you know that the top listing on Google for “miserable failure” is the “Biography of George W. Bush”?)

Here’s another interesting fact: Right now - according to the CIA World Factbook - there are 186 MILLION Americans (roughly 63% of the U.S. population) who are hooked up to the Internet.

Throw into the mix the rest of the English speaking world - and millions more around the globe who speak English - and it’s a pretty sure bet that well over 300 MILLION English-speaking people are regularly surfing the `Net.

“So what?” you say.

Well, the point is this: Many Internet “marketer’s” have been spoiled rotten.

You see, until recently, the Internet has been a “false marketplace”. It has made it possible for people who know absolutely NOTHING about marketing to make money online.

But, the Internet is maturing at a rapid pace, and with an estimated 2 BILLION users online by 2010… the Internet as a “marketing channel” is becoming a hell of lot more competitive and unforgiving.

Also, the average `Net consumer is wiser, older… and after getting “burned” so many times… a lot more skeptical. Which means, ladies and gentlemen…

Amateur Night Is Over!

That’s right. Already many Internet marketers are panicking because they are experiencing dwindling response to their online marketing efforts.

And it’s only going to get worse!

You know, I often stumble across major Internet companies that have it all. They probably employ some of the world’s smartest programmer’s with stratospheric I.Q.’s. Can probably create any kind of software or website you could imagine. One word from the CEO… and hey presto… out pops a new “all signing, all dancing” piece of software before lunchtime.

And yet, if these MAMMOTH Internet companies don’t learn the SECRET you’re about to learn on this website… in as little as maybe a few short years from now… they’re at serious risk of…

Being Put On The Seat Of Their

Like I said before, for a long time many Internet “marketers” have been spoiled rotten.

Which brings us “full loop” to THE MOST IMPORTANT SECRET you NEED to know about making ENORMOUS Internet profits.

This SECRET will revolutionize the way you think about marketing online.

Grasping this SECRET will allow you to DOMINATE virtually any market online.

Ignoring this SECRET will mean you’ll soon get swallowed up by the tidal wave of online competition.

It’s that powerful.

And it’s not what you think!

Listen, many people attracted to Internet marketing get seduced and bamboozled by the “tools” and “technology”.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with equipping yourself with the tools and technology that will allow you to automate and streamline much of your online business. But tools and technology are all but useless… if… you first do not grasp the SECRET behind all of the most successful marketers online.

What is this SECRET?

Simply this:

There Is No Such Thing As Internet

Whoah! That kind of slapped you across the head didn’t it? But it’s true!

Listen: Every successful “Internet marketer” I know, is, in reality, a direct response marketer who just so happens to deliver his / her sales message via websites and e-mail.

In case there is still any misunderstanding…

Internet Marketing IS Direct
Response Marketing!

I’ll say it again: You are not in the Internet business. You are in the direct response marketing business and just happen to be using the Internet as a message “delivery vehicle”.

Otherwise, it would be a bit like saying that anyone who advertises in the newspaper is in the “newspaper business”.

That Would Be Kind Of Dumb,
Wouldn’t It?

And yet it’s absolutely amazing how many people - including MAMMOTH Internet companies - seem to lose sight of the fundamental fact that - (assuming you are selling what people want to buy) - the most important SECRET to making ENORMOUS amounts of money on the Internet is… thinking like a direct response marketer.

And, the most powerful weapon in a direct response marketers’ bag of tools… is…

A “Killer” Sales Message!

Unfortunately, far too many Internet “marketers” concentrate all their brain power on employing tools and technology like pop-ups, pop-unders, exit pop-ups, sliding pop-ups, “loop-the-loop” pop-ups (has anyone invented them yet?), “disguised” spam, audio generators, video links… and… every other “gizmo” they can dream up.

Don’t get me wrong, like I said before, you should make use of many of the tools and technology available. BUT… if you first do not have a “killer” sales message on your website… or in your e-mail communications…

Everything Else Counts For

This is true for all marketing channels (newspapers, magazines, direct mail, T.V., radio, etc.,). Yet, until a media matures… very often… the people that are amongst the first to market via that media… can very often…

Get Away With Murder… And Still
Make Money!

Think back to the newspaper example I gave earlier. If you were the first person to advertise in a newspaper and your advertisement simply said “Buy shoes at XYZ Store, Main Street”, it is very likely that you would have been swamped with new business. In other words, you could have made money with an ad… that… in all truthfulness… does not even come close to being an ad.

And so it has been with the Internet!

But let’s get real: If you want to survive and thrive on the Internet you’re going to have to be jolted into reality. Look: I doesn’t matter who your “fancy-schmancy” website designer is. It doesn’t matter if you know every Internet / website trick there is to know. It doesn’t matter how “pretty”… or… how “professional” your website looks. It matters NOT that you get a gazillion visitors to your website every day… if… you do not know how to motivate them to ACTION with the words you use.

Truly, if you do not know how to write a persuasive, compelling sales message…you are thieving yourself of all the money you could be making… because… assuming you are selling to a market of proven buyers…

ENORMOUSLY Profitable Internet
Business Unless You Know How To
Write A Persuasive Sales Message
That Motivates ACTION!

Now, there happen to be many (many) things in this world that elude me. I don’t know how to “maintain” or fix my car. I can’t figure out how to tune my TV. Altogether, I’m pretty much technically inept. Anything more technical than sending e-mail, baffles me. I don’t know what an iPod is. I don’t know what a Blackberry is (it always used to be a fruit!). I’ve been spat out of just about every job I’ve ever had (and there’s been w-a-y too many I care mention). And… and… well… truth is…

I’m Pretty Much A Dysfunctional
Creature In All Of Life’s “Ordinary”
Activities And Endeavors!

Sometimes it makes me wonder how I manage to make it from one day to the next.

But, for all my foibles and fallibility there does happen to be something that I am pretty good at. And that something is writing a sales message that makes money on the Internet.

For example, whilst putting the finishing touches to this message, I heard back from a client of a “start-up” company that my sales copy (posted on the company website) pulled in $155,050.65 with a 60-hour promotion. Of course, you don’t believe that… so… click here for proof of numbers.

Now, if you’ve never heard of me, its probably because I’ve been quietly and anonymously working “behind-the-scenes” for some of the BIGGEST “player’s” in all of Internet and Info-Marketing Kingdom - including: Armand Morin, Randy Charach, Michel Fortin, Dan Lok, Michael Senoff, Jason Oman, Andrew Reynolds, as well as a slew of others… but… for confidentiality reasons… I’ve been sworn to secrecy not to reveal their identity.

Really, the way some of my “secret” clients act… you’d think they were protecting state secrets. That’s how seriously they take my copywriting services, and how bad they don’t want anyone (especially their would-be-competitors) knowing about me.

(If you want to “get to know me better” you might want to check out the, “Who The Hell Is This Michael Silk Guy?” at the foot of this website - but that’s not really very important right now).

Point is, I know how to write copy that compels people to want what I’m selling. Want it bad. Want it NOW. And happily fork-over their buckolas to own whatever I happen to be selling.

Now, some of you after reading this will conclude that you should hire me to write your Internet sales messages. Well, sorry… but…

To Hire Me To Write Your Copy
You Will Need Very DEEP Pockets!

That’s a bummer, isn’t it?

And even if you’ve got a few “g’s” laying around in “loose change” to pay me… I’m not sure when (or even if) I could schedule you in. The demands on my time are bordering on unbearable.

That’s the bad news.

But wait!

The good news is: As well as knowing how to write a sales message that brings in money on the Internet… I also know how to teach other people… how to write a profitable website sales message.

And this is good news for you because I have just put the finishing touches to a new information kit that’ll teach you… even show you right before your gleaming eyes… how to “snap together” a hugely profitable website sales message… as easy as snapping together a child’s jigsaw puzzle…

At A Tiny Fraction Of The Price
You’d Have To Pay To Hire Me To
Write Copy For You!

In any case, this information kit is rather aptly titled, How To ‘Snap Together’ Your Own $100,000+ A Year Website Sales Message.

And get this: Listen, for the time being, I’m willing to send it to you… absolutely FREE… so you can tear into and “devour” its contents for a full 30-days at my expense. I’ll tell you more about that 30-day free “test-drive” offer in just a jiffy.

But first, it’s only fair I warn you right up front that if you request a copy of How To ‘Snap Together’ Your Own $100,000+ A Year Website Sales Message you will be exposed to certain underground “bad boy” psychological tactics (including some cruel ones nobody else will - or can - tell you about!).

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about anything illegal or unethical here. No way! In business you should never resort to such low-life tactics. However, my methods can be contrarian and may push you outside your “comfort zone”. So… to help you decide if you’re adult enough and mentally ready enough to take the “psychological adventure” with my material; here is a quick glimpse into what you will be let in on:

  • The disturbing reason why most people selling from a web site are committing online suicide! 
  • Why you should never follow the advice of a “conventional” web site designer!
  • How even a computer moron can virtually guarantee they’ll leave all their online competition in the dust!
  • A totally legal way to “inject” your mind with a healthy dose of “sales writing steroids”!
  • Why you must become a “sales detective” if you want to make MAXIMUM money from your website.
  • The almost forgotten sales writing advice from the man whom sold coal by the trainload - and why the people who know the most about marketing on the Internet were dead long before the Internet was invented!
  • How your sales message will almost write itself if you follow this simple, “insider” technique! 
  • How to program your neural pathways with the ability to write a sales message that has the power to “suck” money into your bank account!
  • A secret technique to jump-start your mind into producing a sales message no sane person can resist! 
  • 4 secret weapons that will allow you to take the Internet by storm and “hijack” your online competitions profit - before they know what’s hit them!
  • The “secret selling ingredient” that can almost instantly increase your website profits by up to 2,200%! 
  • The secret of the genius who sold more than 100,000,000 “little blue books”… and how it has the power to transform any web site from a “money-losing” website into a “money-making” website!
  • How to write a throat-grabbing, eyeball-popping headline that FORCES people to give your website their “laser-focused” attention - If you don’t know this electrifying secret, you are missing out on at least 80% of the sales you could be making! 
  • The “fool-proof formula” for coming up with a headline that stops people in their tracks!
  • A neat “little trick”… that will take you less than 5 seconds… and will give your headline 28% more attention!

Let’s take a quick “breather” shall we!

Look, no matter what you sell… or… who you sell it to… how big or how tiny your business is… how much or how little “talent” you have at selling, marketing, advertising, persuasion or influence… you can take the information I’ve bundled up for you… apply it to your Internet business today - (or even offline - in newspaper or magazine advertising, Yellow Pages ads, radio or T.V. ads) - and see more money in your bank account as soon as…

Tomorrow Morning!

How can I make this promise?

Simple: When you apply the proven, time-tested, selling and persuasion strategies I unveil and explain in How To ‘Snap Together’ Your Own $100,000+ A Year Website Sales Message, all your copy, ads, e-mails and every written communication you have with your target audience will be “infused” with so much raw selling power… virtually everyone in your target audience will sit up and say to themselves, “Shit, I just got to have this, and I just got to have it now!”

And when you can create that “got to have it” feeling in your prospects and customers… not only will they buy from you in droves… they’ll literally fight over each other to buy from you right away. The very instant they read your copy!

Anyway, “on with the show”. Here’s just another small, (very small), sampling of the lethal sales tactics and jealously guarded psychological secrets you’ll be spoon-fed when you take possession of: How To ‘Snap Together’ Your Own $100,000+ A Year Website Sales Message:

  • The single most effective and powerful means of raising a person’s attention level - absolutely critical to have any chance of turning a visitor to your site into a customer! 
  • How to “salt” your sales message and make the reader “thirsty” for what you are going to say next - just this simple technique alone will work miracles for your website sales!
  • How to make your writing come “alive” in the mind of the reader - you won’t believe how many sales are lost by neglecting this super-powerful persuasion technique! 
  • How to “lock” your sales message into the mind of the reader… so it remains embedded in their mind… and they take it to their grave!
  • How to make the reader feel “guilty” for not buying from you - this is totally ethical… but… will give you an “unfair” advantage over all your competitors! 
  • How to forge an almost “intimate” bond with everyone who visits your website… and… “connect” with the reader at their DEEPEST emotional level - they will feel as though you understand them better than anyone else they know… maybe even their lover! 
  • Why fast “thoughtless” writing is always the most profitable writing - you may have a hard time believing this one but I’ll prove it out to you! 
  • The secret of “editorial marketing” that turns you into an instant expert and makes people crawl out the woodwork… and fall into line… itching to spend their hard-earned money with you!
  • How to put your reader into the “buying frenzy zone” that makes them crave what you are selling more than a junkie craves heroin! 
  • How to use almost forbidden “hypnotizing” techniques that gets the reader “addicted” to every word you write!
  • What you MUST do before you write a word of your sales message - neglect this and you’re leaving a bundle of money on the table! 
  • What really makes people buy - Until now a secret known only to master salesmen and “con men” (Knowing this secret makes “selling” your product or service as easy as giving away water in the desert!).
  • How to lead the reader “by-the-hand” - all the way to the online shopping cart! 
  • The 9-secret ingredients and ultimate layout of an ordering page to up your sales by as much as 30%!
  • A neat little secret to get people to almost beg you to take their money… without you having to grab ’em round the throat and threaten them! 
  • Why writing a sales message for a website is not entirely the same as writing an offline sales message. 99.9% of people online haven’t figured this one out and it’s costing them a whole bunch of customers, sales and profits!


Let’s take another short “breather” shall we?

One thing that is extremely important that I want to “implant” in your mind right here, is this: It doesn’t matter what anyone outside your “core group” target audience thinks about your sales copy. Again, it is completely and utterly irrelevant (even dangerous) to seek “feedback” on your copy from anyone outside your target audience.

Seriously, the list of people you want to avoid getting an opinion from usually includes the following: Friends, family, spouse, “significant other”… and in all but extremely rare cases… your web site designer… and God forbid… any vulture “selling” you advertising space. And last, but by no means least… any dimwit that works in a conventional ad agency.

Truth is, most conventional ad agency “executives” wouldn’t know a great piece of copy if it bit `em on the ass.

Actually, very often the “hallmark” of a great piece of copy - apart from clarity - is when certain “experts” outside your target audience… tell you how nobody will read it and how you should “tone it down a bit” so you don’t offend anyone.

Screw that!

If everyone gives your sales copy their “seal of approval” … chances are almost certain that you’re not selling enough of them.

Which means you’re leaving money on the table… because… reality is…

There Is No Human Action
Without Emotional Reaction!

Lookey here truth seekers: You want to whip your audience into a frenzy of emotional reaction. And then… elegantly position your product or service as the ultimate solution to salve their emotional tension.

When that happens… your sales are going to explode through the roof!

Okay, moving on: Here a few more scorching secrets you’ll be let in on that… frankly… will shock, titillate and stun you:

  • How to use almost “criminal” mind control tactics… (almost illegal in the wrong hands)… to write so powerfully… and… persuasively - no sane person will be able to resist!
  • 30 “power words” that are the secret weapons in the arsenal of every great sales writer!
  • One single letter that tripled the response of an ad! 
  • One word that doubled the sales of a major corporation!
  • The shocking reason why 97% of products fail in the market place! 
  • One sure-fire way to kill any chance of making a sale whenever anybody visits your site!
  • How to super charge your headline with the “power wrap!” 
  • How to “seduce” the reader into reading your entire sales message - this is an “invisible” Don Juan selling technique that… although has an almost hypnotic effect over the reader… it is impossible to consciously detect!
  • The “magic” number, proven to make you more money from your website! 
  • Why you must make your website read like a “greasy slide” - if you still want an online business this time next year!
  • Why you have to get every visitor “addicted” to your website in the first 25 words - fail to do this and it doesn’t matter what you write after that… you could be giving away free money… and you’d still nosedive your Internet business into the ground! 
  • A simple… yet seldom used… technique that is proven to increase readership of your website by an average of 13%!
  • How to make your sales message posted on your website so “electrifying”… it will be like flypaper to the flies! 
  • Your number one “ultimate weapon” to making more money from your Internet business - most people (even M.B.A. hotshots) never figure this out in their lifetime!
  • A sure fire way to multiply sales from your website - no matter what “type” of product or service you’re selling! 
  • The most common… and… greatest crime you can commit when writing a sales message for your website - make this mistake and you’ll never sell a damn thing… but… once you find out what it is, you’ll whip the pants off all your competition!
  • The one “type” of product you should NEVER screw around trying to sell from your website if you want to still be in business this time next year! 
  • Why you’ve got to approach writing your sales message for your website like an “assassin” - this little secret will instantly position yourself in the reader&r
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