Michael Neill - The 7 Myths of Success

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Michael Neill - The 7 Myths of Success digital download. Info: [7 MP3s] | 128.61 MB. These may be the most enriching audios I've heard in years. They re...
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Michael Neill - The 7 Myths of Success

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The 7 Myths of Success: Breakthrough Your Limiting Ideas of Success

Michael Neill - The 7 Myths of Success

Here's just some of what the program contains:

- An introduction to cultural mythology
- A new definition of success
Weighing your life on 'the success scale'
- Creating balance - peace of mind and a nice piece of real estate overlooking the ocean

Part One - The Myth of 'Experts':
- Why so many experts give such lousy advice
- You are the expert on you
- Practicing radical self-honesty
- Techniques for tapping your inner wisdom

Part Two - The Myth of Happiness:
- The Millionaire exercise
- Why success doesn't lead to happiness
- The secrets of a fulfilling life
- Creating happiness now

Part Three - The Myth of Procrastination:
- Perfectly timing the universe
- The three "enemies" of getting things done
- Why you aren't successful (or as successful as you want to be) - yet!
- Overcoming inertia, generating momentum, and creating a life that makes you go 'wow'!

Part Four - The Myth of Self-Sufficiency:
- A myth of Heaven and Hell
- Asking for help without feeling helpless
- Building your success team
- Seven keys for motivating others

Part Five - The Myth of 'No Pain, No Gain'
- The limits of unhappy motivation
- Using the energy of happiness to go for and get what you want
- The antidote to 'no pain, no gain' thinking
- A formula - the easy way to success!

Part Six - The Myth of Successful People
- The top three traits of all highly successful people
- Living in a world designed to help 'people like you' succeed
- The myth of the well-rounded person
- On rabbits and mentors

Part Seven - The Myth of Failure
- The 'right' way to succeed
- The power of hope
- Reigniting your dreams
- A simple way

"Phenomenal! High energy, brilliant insights, mind-expanding concepts. These may be the most enriching audios I've heard in years. They reshape your limiting ideas of success so you can allow true success into your life. Truly astonishing!" Dr. Joe Vitale, President, #1 Best selling author of "Spiritual Marketing"

What if everything you had been taught about success was wrong?

"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest,
but the myth - persistent, persuasive and unrealistic."

-John F. Kennedy

Some years ago, I created a personal mission statement which contained three simple statements of purpose:

1. To discover the secrets of success, happiness, and well-being
2. To live the 'secrets' in my own life
3. To share the best of what I learn with others

This mission led me to become, among other things, a bookseller, a job which exposed me to thousands of books, audio programs, and success 'experts', each one purporting to offer their own unique insight into the worlds of success, happiness, or well-being.

The problem is, many of these people seemed to have learned everything they knew from each other!

An amusing case in point is the famous 'Class of 1953 study at Yale University' which followed the lives of a graduating class of Yale University over a twenty year period. At the end of that time, the 3% of graduates who had clear, written goals had outearned the other 97% of the class combined. An impressive statistic - if it were actually true.

In researching an earlier project, I discovered that there is no record of the study ever having been done at Yale, Princeton, or any other Ivy League university. Tony Robbins reported he had first heard the story from Zig Ziglar; Zig Ziglar couldn't remember where he'd first heard it, but he thought it was from... wait for it... Tony Robbins!

Now that's not to say these people are dishonest - in fact, it would be easier to sort out if they were. The problem is that as each new success 'expert' blindly repeats the mythology of their peers and predecessors, the myths of success take on a life of their own. They start to seem familiar, almost like old friends, and so we accept them into our minds and hearts without questioning them or putting them through the only test that matters - do they work, for you, in the real world?

Perhaps the bigger question is this:

Would you like to discover an easy, fun way to live the life of your dreams?

Would you like to learn:

  • The secrets of inner and outer success?
  • To have a great time going for, getting, and having what you want?
  • To tap into your inner wisdom for fun and profit?
  • How to motivate yourself and others in ways that really work?
  • To remove the obstacles between you and the life of your dreams?

Five years ago, I was asked to speak to the "YES" group in London, a group of people inspired by the work of Tony Robbins and passionately committed to setting a standard of excellence for themselves in their work and in their lives.

I wanted to find a way of sharing with the group not only what I had gained from my own work with Tony (I did my original NLP practitioner training with him back in the late 1980's), but what I had learned from working in the real world with high achieving clients in every walk of life since.

Rather than perpetuate the ideas and stories of the 'success experts', I wanted to show people what was possible when you didn't make happiness and success an either/or choice. To demonstrate how so many of the limits we place on our lives can be broken through in minutes, not years. To share ideas for how to deal with those aspects of life that don't get better just because you learned a new technique or went on a new seminar.

This was the first time I delivered a talk on "The 7 Myths of Success", and as all of us who were there would happily testify, there was something special about that evening - a sense that we had tapped into something more universal and powerful than a simple "think positive thoughts" approach to life.

In the ensuing years, I have delivered the talk dozens of times, each time refining it and developing it based on what I've learned from applying these principles in my life and in the lives of my clients.

When Paul McKenna asked me if I would be interested in recording the 7 Myths, I jumped at the opportunity. I went back through the material with a fine tooth comb, doing my best to make sure that only the best of what I had to share remained.

Here's what Paul had to say about the resulting 4 CD set:

"The time I've spent listening and re-listening to The 7 Myths of Success has made a remarkable difference to my success, happiness, and well-being. I have recommended it to everyone I know who is genuinely interested in self-improvement."

--Paul McKenna, Ph.D. Bestselling author,
Star/Host of "I can make you thin!"