Michael Jones - The Adwords Manifesto

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Michael Jones - The Adwords Manifesto digital download. Info: [eBook (PDF)]. This Adwords Secret Agent Is Quietly Ripping Down Six Figures Each Month An...
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Michael Jones - The Adwords Manifesto

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Format: [eBook (PDF)]


Michael Jones - The Adwords Manifesto

Introducing: The Adwords Manifesto

Forget all the silly ebooks and wacky Adwords loopholes you've been hearing about. That's all BS. If you're looking for real Adwords success, The Adwords Manifesto has got the information you need to know... I'm fessing up my most closely guarded Adwords secrets, things like: 

  • How to build a complete business from scratch, using Adwords to drive as much traffic as you can handle
  • How you can absolutely dominate all your competition, systematically controlling whichever advertising position you want
  • The reason behind the Google ...once you know this you'll never ever need to worry about getting slapped ever again...
  • How to get as many of the most targeted, profitable keywords for your niche as you could possibly need
  • The secrets behind grabbing your customer when they're in a buying mood...once you know this you can multiply the power of your ads by many times over
  • Why Adwords marketing may be dead in the water, and how you can drastically change your approach to capitalize on this
  • Why you are making a HUGE mistake if you are still Adwords marketing the traditional way with thousands of keywords
  • How Adwords has changed...if you don't know the changes or understand Google's new mindset you're going to be fighting against them forever
  • How to use special tools to find the keywords that absolutely must not be used for your campaigns
  • The ultimate top secret keyword tool...just an hour with this thing is equivalent to 300 hours of work with lesser tools
  • The top secret trick to getting a massive list of your competitors most successful ads...
    Why you are almost guaranteeing that you won't make a profit if you're using Adwords with your home page...