Methodology Study Course Bundle - 13 DVDs 2009 Edition + Manual (TechniTrader)

Methodology Study Course Bundle - 13 DVDs 2009 Edition + Manual (TechniTrader) digital download.

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Methodology Study Course Bundle - 13 DVDs 2009 Edition + Manual (TechniTrader)

Type: Digital download

Salepage: TechniTrader

TechniTrader - Methodology Study Course Bundle - 13 DVDs 2009 Edition + Manual

TechniTrader - Methodology Study Course Bundle - 13 DVDs 2009 Edition + Manual


This is our most popular course. It is the Benchmark course by which all other stock market trading courses are compared. The Stock Trading Course is designed to give you a complete stock trading training education that will set you apart from all other retail traders.

Our Stock Market Trading Course covers details not even mentioned in most courses. This set is backed with our lifetime student guidance team. This is a complete DVD home study course that allows you to learn at your own pace in spare time. DVD courses offer the highest rate of retention of all educational platforms.


• Step by step instruction on where to begin and what to do next

• 13 instructional DVD’s

• Homework packet and a matching Homework DVD with chart evaluations to test your understanding.

• Chart worksheet packet and instructions so you can apply the training to your own stocks

• Buy signal and indicator review sheets for future reference and study

• Tools and Setup Manual and 2 instructional DVDs that will guide you through the process of setting up your charting software, broker, simulator and risk analysis tools

• Settings disk

12 chart templates to view charts and indicators identical to those used by her personal trading. ○7 scans used to determine Market Condition and to find strong stocks for your trading and investing ○Worksheet files so you can print and use all the worksheets explained in the training

• Traders Journal - this is a necessary tool for all traders. Includes appendix with detail instruction on how to become proficient at determining market condition and anticipating the trading environment for the next day.

• 5 weeks of nightly email lessons with current day market information

• Email support - email us any questions you have as you apply your education to the simulator and live trading environments

• Bonus Study Guide Manual and 3 instructional DVD’s

• Exam and Answer Packet to test your course understanding

• Traders Workbook for deeper stock analysis


Who would benefit from The Methodology Course?

Beginners: If you are brand new to the market and are trying to figure the stock market out all on your own but find everything confusing and frustrating, the Methodology Course will get you started on the right path to consistent success.

Part-Time Traders: For those of you who want to trade part-time and need a complete approach that works, the Methodology Course is your answer.

What do I get when I buy the Methodology Course?

Far more than you’d expect for the cost. This is not your every day stock market course. It is a complete 3 Part Training Program that includes:

This is a Stock Market Training Course on DVD that comes with a printed manual that takes you logically through the Methodology Stock Market Trading Course, each chapter builds upon the previous chapter’s information.

The Course Outline has been developed around the principles used in colleges. A concept is explained in detail, graphics and charts are used to further explain the information, followed by classroom exercises, then a summary before going on.

This firmly cements the training and is easier to remember. The Methodology Course is filled with charts and diagrams and classroom exercises you do as you watch the DVD’s. This hands-on training helps you to hone your new skills and gets you prepared faster.

And that’s just the FIRST part of this 3 Part Course

Once you are through the training DVD’s you will start the Second Part of this amazing course which is setting up your trading tools: broker, charting software, and trading office. We help you every step of the way.

Because we are strictly an educational service we provide you with the best recommendations for brokers, charting software, and other trading tool companies without bias or prejudice. If you have a favorite software or broker we work with you to improve your results using that software or brokerage service. That means you’re not forced to use a broker or charting program that you don’t want.

The third part of the course is learning how to apply the skills you have learned by practice trading using a simulator along with daily lessons.

Each lesson reviews topics and goes into more detail about each aspect of the Stock Trading Methodology Course in stages as you begin your practice trading. During this phase of the training you can ask any question and will receive a written explanation via email that you can add to your manual and course materials. This is like having a personal mentor sitting right beside you every single day. The daily lessons continue for 5 weeks while you are practicing on your simulator and experiencing how to trade in a safe environment.

Every market day, you get to hear from her and the rest of our guidance staff about what is going on with the stock market, what buy or sell signals you should look for, in-depth analysis of individual stocks that are student requests, sector analysis, market condition analysis, watchlist stocks and more.

Instead of just recommending a stock, you can request a full detailed analysis of a stock of your choice.

During your journey to becoming a successful trader or investor, our guidance team is with you, every step of the way, answering questions, providing free help files with additional education when needed, and finally, a personal Progress Evaluation Form which helps us determine areas you need further help with or if you are ready to go on your own.

Once you have completed the course, you will receive your Certificate of Completion that you can frame and hang on your wall—a testament to your education and the start of your trading career.

ur goal is to make you a successful, self-reliant trader who is confident and capable of making your own trading and investing decisions.

The Methodology Course is unlike any other stock market training course available on the market because we pay attention to every detail and every aspect of the market you need to learn. Instead of huge gaps in your training, you have a solid base of knowledge you can build upon to become the investor you dream you can be.

Join the thousands of students have taken our Stock Market Trading Methodology Course and have been rewarded with confidence and success in the stock market. It’s easier than you may think. Call today to find out more about our most popular course and you’ll receive additional educational materials designed specifically for the current market conditions.