Metabolic Effect - PCOS Program

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Metabolic Effect - PCOS Program digital download. Info: [webrip 20MP4, 10PDF] | 2.557 GB. There is one group of doctors and educators who do have succes...
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Metabolic Effect - PCOS Program

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PCOS Program

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most frustrating of all metabolic disorders. It's frustrating because most physicians do not know what causes it and are ill equipped to deal with it.

There is one group of doctors and educators who do have success with PCOS. Integrative physicians who specialize in lifestyle medicine are the one most suited to help because they take a holistic view of the body and metabolism.

That is critical, because PCOS has multiple causes and contributing factors. To deal with the condition you need a complete overhaul in education around food and exercise. You also need to know what natural therapies work for the condition.

We have assembled an entire education on diet and exercise for weight loss especially as it pertains to PCOS. In this program you get:

  • Fully individualized diet and exercise program based on your metabolic type
  • Education on the normal female menstrual cycle and how it impacts weight gain and weight loss
  • What goes wrong in PCOS and how to fix it
  • Why stress should be a PCOS patient's most pressing concern
  • Why the standard dieting and exercise practices of eating less and exercising more make the situation worse
  • How to eat and exercise in a way that works with rather than against the PCOS metabolism
  • How to know if you have lean type or heavy type PCOS and the different treatments for each
  • Learn everything you wanted to know about the supplements and natural therapies that actually work
  • Full meals plans, recipes and shopping guides
  • And more.....

What Other's Say...

"I am doing amazing. I no longer suffer from PCOS and have lost over 200lbs in the last year. Thank you for all your amazing information over this past year." - Laura

"Btw I have lost 17 lbs and over 10 inches so far. I am thriving on this program and all the info I have incorporated into my life from reading, learning from ME!! Amazing, love it!! As far as weight goes I am 5 lb from my goal and most healthy weight. HEC in check, sleeping and managing hormones much better.." - Nan 

"I eat much less and I'm not hungry and it feels great. I have already lost some weight and regardless of weight I just feel great due to hormonal balance. I'm less fatigue and not as irritable. I think that your approach of balancing hormones and therefore loosing weight is proven and so smart. Continue your amazing job.” ~ Al