Metabolic Effect - Male Metabolic Blueprint

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Metabolic Effect - Male Metabolic Blueprint digital download. Info: [ webrip 1XLS, 30PDF, 63MP4 ] | 4.342 GB. Why are you so fatigued? Why do your joint...
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Metabolic Effect - Male Metabolic Blueprint

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Metabolic Effect - Male Metabolic Blueprint

Metabolic Male Program

A Complete 8-Week Online Program To
Master The Male Metabolism

Lift weights, eat more protein, train intensely and reap the benefits. That is what you are told as a man isn't?

What if it were not that simple? What if that advice could backfire on you?

Think about it, if the training and eating regimes you read about in the popular media and the health and fitness blogs were really all they are cut out to be, why are you still struggling?

Why are you so fatigued? Why do your joints still ache? Why is your libido shot and why aren't you getting leaner and feeling more vibrant?

The reason? The advice you are getting is great advice…….IF you are between the ages of 15 and 24! But that is not you is it?

Older men in their mid twenties, thirties, forties, fifties and beyond can't just train harder, they need to train and eat smarter.

My name is Dr. Jade Teta and what I'm about to share with you comes directly from my 25 year experience as a personal trainer, integrative physician and a guy who has been in the weight lifting trenches since I was 15 years old.

It also comes from my own personal experience with a thyroid condition and an overzealous training program that completely wrecked my metabolism. Not just once, but a few times.

I have spent the last 10 years researching how stress, through over-training and improper eating, stalls results and makes it impossible to developed the strong muscular V-shape that is the hallmark of a healthy male metabolism.

The result of my research and clinical experience resulted in a system of training I have now proven on countless men all over the world.

It is a program that get's at the core of the issue, the key factor blocking most men from achieving the lean muscular physiques they want.

The solution I came up with is probably going to surprise you. That's because it goes against much of what you have read or learned about metabolism.

Lift Heavy Or Go Home

Ever heard this, "lift heavy or go home?"

Or felt this, "man these workouts are killing me, before I can even recover from one, the next one is the next day?"

Or how about this, "what the hell is up with this diet? I feel like I am going to gnaw my arm off. Surely I can enjoy a pizza or a burger on occasion?"

And finally, "I am busy! I don't have time to spend all day thinking about training and eating. I need a simple effective program that also allows me to enjoy myself on occasion. Something that works with my busy lifestyle."

I know how you feel because I have been there. I have been the overworked, health obsessed, carbophobic workout junky and what did I get for it? A 40 inch waist, 30 extra pounds and a thyroid condition.

During this time I was a full time medical student and I also worked weekends as a bartender and personal trainer.

Starting Friday night I would work until four o'clock in the morning. I would then sleep two hours and then work a twelve-hour personal training shift all day Saturday before going back to the bar for another 4am bedtime.

I would rest up as best I could and then go through a strenuous week of full-time classes before repeating that ferocious weekend schedule.

Through all of this I was training 5 to 6 days per week doing hardcore high intensity interval workouts combined with super heavy weight training.

Have you ever forced yourself to go to the gym and then trained like a madman all while feeling fatigue so deep it hurt down to your bones? That was me.

Damaged Metabolism

After living this schedule for nine months, and suffering the debilitating fatigue and unrelenting hunger and cravings that ensued, I went from a lean 215 pounds to close to 250 pounds! And most of this weight came on in a 3 month period!!

Sure, I was training and building some muscle, but most all of this extra weight was fat.

I also diagnosed myself with hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue and a severe vitamin D deficiency. For a guy in his early thirties, my testosterone levels were in the toilet.

For a time after that, I got my shit together and started taking care of myself. I dropped my Friday night bartending shift. I cut back on some personal training. And I doubled down on my willpower efforts to stop binging on burgers and pizza.

In time, I slowly started to get healthy and lean again.

I should have realized then that willpower was not what was required. In fact, white knuckling my way through results may have end up making me worse.

You will learn why as you continue reading. You are also going to learn the secret to doing it the right way.

Fast forward several years later and I was back to late nights, crazy hours and a hectic schedule trying to run a clinic, write a book and build an online business. Before I knew it I ballooned back up to 250 pounds and was feeling worse than ever.

All of this while still training. In fact, my knowledge in diet and exercise was more advanced than ever. I was building a reputation and teaching physicians and personal trainers how to use the same techniques to get amazing results.

Obviously I had to learn the hard way. There were missing pieces to the puzzle. I could not see it at the time, but I and guys just like me, the hard working business types, did not thrive for long with this style of training. Sooner or later it caught up with us.

Then I asked myself a question. Could the way I was exercising and eating be part of the problem? Was there a better way?

The Banana Effect

I remember thinking, "I am doing everything right? Why am I regaining this weight again?"

One of the things that was most problematic is that the approach I was taking eventually always led to a binge of some sort.

As an example, I would stay away from bananas because they "had too many carbs" but then as a result I would end up gorging and go on a burger and cheesecake binge a couple days later!!

After seeing this phenomena play out in patient after patient, I gave it a name. I have come to call this phenomenon "the banana effect!" And not surprisingly, men get it bad.

I started to realize there was a reason I could not stay disciplined.

But I kept "eating clean" and following low carb, ketogenic and paleo diets. And I kept working out like crazy despite having little motivation and feeling like crap.

In fact, I used to pride myself on the fact that I did the hardest and heaviest workouts out of anyone I knew. I once did a workout called "The Monster Workout" that entailed doing 4 rounds as fast as possible of 10 rep max on squat (405), deadlift (~500), bench (120 dbs) and powerclean (225).

If you have ever done any workout using true 10 rep max weight, you know how brutal this would be.

I am not kidding when I say it took me a month to recover from that workout. Within two days I was in bed with the worst fatigue and had no motivation to train for weeks.

These types of workouts would have a boomerang type effect on my energy and motivation. I would train so hard that I would dread going to the gym the next day.

It was the workout equivalent of the banana effect.

I got myself into a very bad place with diet and exercise. It was all or nothing which almost always led to nothing. My weight skyrocketed and I was once again fat and fatigued.

The Solution Was Staring Me In The Face

I would love to tell you things started to turnaround right away, but truth is I had more than a handful of "start-overs" in my thirties. You know what a "start-over" is right?

That situation where you "mess up" and tell yourself you will "start-over" on Monday? That is what I was doing.

But these "start-overs" started to morph into something I was not expecting. I would eat clean during the week and be incredibly disciplined and then I would splurge on the weekend eating double the calories I consumed during the week.

I was feeling like crap. My workouts during the week sucked because I was in an insulin coma brain fog. When you eat like that you feel ok that day, but crappy the next.

But then something happened. One week I got super busy. I stayed on my diet but did only mostly cardio during the week. I did not have time to get my weight training in.

In the past I would train during the week and take off on the weekend. But this particular week I did almost the exact opposite. I hit the weights hard on the weekend.

Something pretty magical happened almost immediately.

When I was young and I would be engaged in a good workout I would feel energy surges all through my body. I would feel strong and while the workouts were challenging, I completed them with intensity.

It had been years since I felt that kind of energy. Well, this particular weekend I had it. I crushed it in the weight room.

Starve The Fat, Feed The Lean

It made such an impact on me, I decided to try the same thing again the next week. I remembered in my younger years many bodybuilders would use a similar approach.

They would take a few weeks and focus on cutting calories down, they would also lift lighter and less intensely and do more cardio. This was their "cutting phase."

Then they would spend several weeks in a "bulking phase." This meant big eating and big lifting.

I realized this new approach was similar in concept, but condensed the cutting/bulking cycle into a one week. I would deplete during the week, and then eat big and train big on the weekend.

It worked like a champ!! Sometimes if I was really busy I would use this to my advantage and take a week, or even two off, from any intense exercise. Opting instead for something I now call ELEL (eat less, exercise less).

Learning how to cycle my diet in this way allowed me to start to train like I did when I was young again. I could bring intensity to the gym. It also added muscle and burned fat off my body at the same time, something that is incredibly difficult to do.

I started using the same approach on my male clients who did not respond to the more traditional way. The approach had the same impact. They felt better, trained harder and started to look better almost immediately.

Busy executives who traveled during the week loved it and thrived on it.

Of course, old habits die hard and I would frequently deviate from this magic mixture of training and eating. Whenever I did, I would overtrain and start feeling that familiar heavy brain fog and fatigue. The weight would come on again almost overnight.

Take a look at some recent before and after pictures. These were taken about a year apart. The picture on the right was a after a long two years of stress and getting off this natural training cycle.

The picture on the right came after a period of de-stressing my system, and then moving back into a cycling diet like the one I described above.

Most of the above results game within 3 months. That is how fast I have seen this approach work for me and others.

So how do you start implementing this for yourself?

Well, I have the solution for you. The exact program I have used for myself and countless others.

But before I share it with you, let me tell you why it is so powerful and how I created it.

An Individualized Approach

I have twenty five years in the personal training industry, a degree in biochemistry and I earned a doctorate in natural medicine. All of this education helped me to understand what most people miss.

Imagine working with real people like me or you, who are struggling with unrelenting fatigue, sleep issues, weight gain and other issues.

Imagine you are tasked with helping them. And imagine you understand all the mental hurdles associated with the necessary changes they must make. Then, through trial and error, you realize that is only a small piece of the puzzle.

It is not just a matter of discovering what works and what doesn't, it is a matter of being able to put things together in a way that is simple, easy to apply in real life and still allows for people to honor their own personal preferences.

In other words, if you are anything like me the last thing you want is a program that does not allow you to indulge in a burger or pizza on occasion.

BMI-meOnce I started to understand that people were their own worst enemies and were unknowingly blocking their own success, I knew I had to come up with something more simple and doable.

You can't just tell people stop doing this, don't eat that, avoid this thing and never ever do that thing. All this does is confuse and stress people out further.

It does not work and usually leads to the banana effect or worse.

At the same time, things do have to change. You do need to do things differently.

But that is the beauty of cycling the diet in this way. During this time I would eat the things I wanted to eat. I would just do it during the times I was training the hardest. Then I would give myself a break.

Ironically, this worked with the natural way I was doing things anyway. During the week I was busy and did not want to stress about food and workouts. On the weekend I wanted to eat and have a beer or two and I had time to spend in the gym. It was win-win.

The final approach was tweaking it so people could change the protocol to fit their particular needs. After solving this issue for myself and working with countless others both in person and online, I came up with a solution that was simple, understandable and doable.

The Male Metabolic Blueprint

This program teaches you how to time your training and cycle your diet in a way that makes sense and works with your average work week.

It clearly outlines the workouts you should be doing and when they are most beneficial. This allows your metabolism to focus on training and eating to build muscle or burn fat when it is most primed to do so.

The metabolism either likes to be building itself up (anabolism) or tearing itself down (catabolism). It functions better doing one and then the other in sequence. It does not do well trying to do both at the same time.

In addition, the male metabolism becomes more stress sensitive as it ages. Joints start to feel it. Libido starts to fall. Fatigue sets in. Mood issues crop up. Even health issues like prostate problems can start rearing their head.

I know how all this works, and have put a huge amount of extra education into the program. You will get issues related to attacking specific trouble areas like love handles or man boobs.

You will learn a lot about how estrogen levels can climb in men and how to deal with them.

Plus all men are different and have different goal sets. Some want to lift heavy weights and build big muscular arms.

Some want to get as lean as possible or get faster in endurance events. The education for both is included inside the program.

You will also learn about one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle that almost all other health and weight loss programs ignore. That is how to eat the things you love and still get results.

There is an entire education on using common comfort foods like burgers, pizza, wings and other "non-diet" foods, not just for psychological relief, but also as a way to bolster metabolic function.

Finally, the program will address the individual man. Both young and more mature men will benefit from the education contained in the Male Metabolic Blueprint.

But that is the beauty of it, it is just a blueprint. You will quickly learn and see that we are each different metabolically, psychologically and in our personal preferences.

This must be honored.

Let me share with you some of the common mistakes most men make that the program addresses.