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Melyssa Griffin - The Profitable CreatorMelyssa Griffin - The Profitable Creator

Have you ever seen super successful Bloggers, YouTubers, or Podcasters and wondered, “How on earth are they making money?”

If you’ve been creating free content online and trying to use it to grow a profitable work-from-wherever business, it can be frustrating to see people who appear to be doing the same thing as you, but are earning way more money!
And if you’re newer to blogging, podcasting, or creating videos for your audience, then seeing other people’s revenue numbers can be totally intimidating. It can be especially upsetting when the content they’re creating isn’t even as good as yours…
…Perhaps you’re thinking, “If only people just knew I existed, then I’d be able to turn my content into a bonafide business…and help a lot more people in the process!
You’d love to get the same results, but how? Do these other creators have something you don’t? Nope!

You can do it, too. Just imagine…

Being the go-to leader in your niche and having hundreds (or thousands) of customers thanking you for making an impact on them.
Blowing the cap off of your income goals and having a limitless income potential.
Finally being able to take amazing vacations, pay off your debt, and spend more time with your friends and family while working from home.
Making money for your creative work without having to actually trade hours for dollars.

You can turn your free content and passion into a seriously profitable business without needing to do sponsored posts, become an affiliate marketer, or do one-on-one services.

Am I too late to the game?

(Nope! But you need to know how to stand out.)
Many, many years ago, it was easy to earn thousands per month from your website by simply putting ads all over your site, using affiliate marketing, and doing sponsored posts.
Well… things have changed.
These methods don’t work the way they used to, and frankly, there are much more fulfilling ways to earn an income by creating organic, helpful content!
Besides, if you’re building a following based on ads, you’re literally sending traffic away from your site and content once they get there. What’s the point of building a following, only to send people away?

Real Talk: What is “content” anyways?

Oh, just that thing you’re probably already doing or want to be doing! In my eyes, there are a few major content platforms - I call them The Big Three: blogging, podcasting, and creating videos for YouTube.
Many years ago, I started a blog where I would create helpful content for my readers each week. Within 3 years, that ballooned into a million dollar business! Later, I started a podcast, and had my first multi-million dollar year in business that same year my podcast launched.

The foundation of my entire business was the free content I created online.

And in my opinion, it’s the BEST way to create a business that has longevity. If you create helpful, free content, you can use that to attract an online audience. And once you have an audience following your content? You will have a sustainable business for years to come! Many of my own followers have been around since I launched my blog… seven years ago!
But of course… it’s not as simple as throwing up a blog post, podcast episode, or YouTube video and expecting the money and community to roll in. You need to use a specific strategy that’s designed for content creators AND that works in 2020.

The best way to earn an income from your free content is by creating and selling online courses.


Yes, my content-based business brings in over a million dollars per year. You just can’t do that with one-on-one services or ads (believe me, I tried!).
I like to think of it this way:
Grocery stores sell groceries.
Mechanics sell auto repairs.
And content creators sell online courses.

Here’s why content creators are the best people to create and sell online courses:

1. You’re already sharing information through your blog posts, podcast episodes, or YouTube videos! Online courses allow you to package up that information into a product that your audience will be dying to buy. It’s the natural next step.
2. With online courses, you become a leader in your industry and can create a business based on your skills and passion vs. ads and traffic. That’s more like it!
3. Your income potential is limitless. It takes you the same amount of time to make a course that sells 20 spots as it does a course that sells 2,000. And you can make a full-time income from your courses even with a small audience!
It takes hard work to make this happen, but it’s not overly complicated if you have a step-by-step plan to follow. You can absolutely get results like me and my thousands of Profitable Creator students have.

I created The Profitable Creator to give you the complete system I used to turn my passion into a thriving business.

I haven’t always had a successful, content-driven business. I know what it’s like to work constantly and feel like you’re getting nowhere. Truuuust me.
When I started my blog, I was a busy classroom teacher living paycheck-to-paycheck in a 300-square-foot studio apartment on a tiny income. I didn’t feel valued at my job and my creativity was withering.
In other words, I. freaking. get. it.
And despite spending all of my time creating free content, I felt like my growth was slow and sporadic.
I looked at other content creators whose growth seemed effortless and wondered what they knew that I didn’t. My content was just as good - so why was no one reading it?

Then, things changed.

After a year of throwing spaghetti at the wall, I started to find my footing. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was developing a system - one that actually worked - in order to turn my blog into a wildly successful business. Nine months into blogging, I was able to quit my day job to run my blog full time.
Now, a few years later, the community I’ve grown through my blog includes over 350,000 subscribers and followers! Not to mention, I was able to turn my blog into a multi-million dollar business… all because I learned how to use my free content as an insanely effective tool to build an online empire.
Melyssa Griffin - The Profitable Creator

The Profitable Creator compiles the most powerful lessons + strategies I’ve learned into a fool-proof, step-by-step method that will turn your content into a money-making biz.

In The Profitable Creator, I’m showing you the exact strategies I’ve used and steps I’ve taken to grow my following to over 350,000 subscribers and followers and a million dollars in annual income.
You may feel overwhelmed right now. Should you use Facebook ads? What about Instagram? Do you need to create dance videos on TikTok?! Nope! You need to simplify and focus on the best and most sustainable method…

The free content you create on your blog, podcast, or YouTube channel is your #1 asset.

And inside The Profitable Creator, I’m going to break down my Profitable Creator Method to show you how to increase your income, launch your first online course, and grow an engaged community that absolutely loves what you create.
Are you ready to jump off the hamster wheel of overwhelm by trying to do All The Things? Ready to simplify, get clarity, and use the same system that turned my content into a ridiculously profitable business?

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Melyssa Griffin - The Profitable Creator