MECLABS, Flint McGlaughlin - Email Messaging

MECLABS, Flint McGlaughlin - Email Messaging digital download. Info: [11 Videos(*.mp4)+7 Doc’s(*.pdf)+1 Image(*.png) ]. Email Marketing is an essential ...

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MECLABS, Flint McGlaughlin - Email Messaging

Type: Digital download

Format: [11 Videos(*.mp4)+7 Doc’s(*.pdf)+1 Image(*.png) ]



MECLABS, Flint McGlaughlin - Email Messaging

Email Messaging Online Certification Course

Email Marketing is an essential component of nearly every online marketing program. Getting the most from your email marketing efforts can be a daunting task. The MECLABS Email Messaging course will give you the tools you need to test and optimize your email campaigns — from email capture to sales conversion.

Our students have reported immediate results from the email optimization techniques that they’ve learned in this course and applied to their own campaigns.

During the course, you’ll learn proven techniques you can immediately implement, including how to:

  1. Optimize email and design envelope fields that improve deliverability and increase open rates
  2. Optimize email messaging and copywriting to achieve maximum clickthrough
  3. Design email landing pages with a proven methodology that turn clicks into sales


In this five-session course, your instructors will take you through a step-by-step methodology for optimizing email messages. You will learn how to capture more subscribers, craft effective email copy and convert email clicks to sales. Once you have taken and passed the final exam, you will be designated as a certified professional in Email Messaging Optimization.

Once certified, you’ll be able to think about each element of your emails to maximize your open rate, click through rate and conversion rates. Remember there are no “best practices” that you can apply over and over again to achieve consistent results.

As marketers, we need to take a good, hard look at our email messages and try to decipher what we are really telling our audience. Often in marketing, we think the most creative execution is the best answer for engaging potential customers. Yet our audience is interacting with these messages in a much different way than we are. They blaze through their inbox looking for any excuse to delete your message — the modern-day equivalent of sorting through postal mail over a garbage can.

The MECLABS Email Messaging Online Course will teach you to quickly, clearly communicate the value of reading your email so that it’s not simply thrown into the virtual trash bin.