Master the Most Challenging Wounds: The 50 BEST Solutions to Dramatically Improve Wound Healing

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Wound care has become increasingly complex! There are literally hundreds of wound care product and treatment options to be considered for patients. How can...
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Joan Junkin
6 Hours 17 Minutes
Audio and Video
Apr 17, 2019


Wound care has become increasingly complex! There are literally hundreds of wound care product and treatment options to be considered for patients. How can you feel confident that you are recommending the BEST option for the patient’s wound presentation?

Does this real patient scenario sound familiar…

Mrs. K is a 72-year-old female with chronic edema of both lower legs. She refused to use compression stockings, to later experience inflammation and weeping blisters. When Mrs K was admitted to the hospital for worsening heart failure, orders were given for TED stockings and Vaseline gauze to the blistered areas.

The provider wasn’t aware that those interventions were contraindicated. Would you feel confident to suggest a one-sided silicone mesh to protect the blistered areas instead? Or application of two layers of a compression sleeve, if her physician felt the return of fluid to her system would not worsen congestive heart failure symptoms? Or daily chlorhexidine soap wash to both lower legs to help prevent infection?

National wound care expert, Joan Junkin RN, MSN, will demonstrate best practice use of a variety of wound products and treatments, including monofilament pads for mechanical debridement of biofilm and slough, negative pressure disposable options and tools available to greatly simplify use of compression for lower extremity edema.

She will break down the very latest coming from research to support your own complex patient care decisions. 



Infection Control Solutions: Bacterial loads, Debridement Devices, Maggots and Biofilm

  • Surfactants and non-toxic antiseptics to decrease bacterial load
  • Debridement devices allow all clinicians to provide excellent mechanical debridement
  • Don’t discount maggots - latest research results
  • Update on biofilm research findings

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Solutions: Circulation Challenges, Off-loading and Complex Healing

  • Circulation criteria before debriding
  • Off-loading devices help you comply with the latest guidelines
  • Research to address the complex healing challenges

Edema-Caused Leg Ulcer Solutions: Address Edema, Compression Options and Slough Interventions

  • Address circulation and edema first
  • Numerous compression products and donning devices (adequate arterial flow)
  • One compression device or pumps (inadequate arterial flow)
  • Speed up healing through new interventions to address the challenges with slough

Complex Pressure Ulcer Solutions: Tools and Algorithms to Take Back to Work

  • Microclimate management tools and techniques to treat
  • Repositioning tools
  • Support surface algorithm
  • Nutrition recommendations from current guidelines

Open Surgical Wound Solutions: Negative Pressure Devices, Instillation Therapy, Isolate a Fistula

  • Use the wide variety of negative pressure devices effectively
  • Why a leased device for high exudate
  • Disposable options for low to moderate exudate Instillation therapy combined with negative pressure
  • Devices to isolate a fistula

Arterial Insufficiency Wound Solutions: Diagnosis, Treatment Modalities, Arteriovenous Pumps

  • New diagnostic options
  • Research results by therapy modality
  • Arterio-venous pumps


Joan Junkin, MSN, APRN-CNS, CWOCN® Related seminars and products: 4

Joan Junkin, MSN, APRN-CNS, CWOCN®, began her wound specialty as a research analyst for the pressure ulcer guideline treatment panel in 1992. During her 10 years as an acute care Wound Clinical Nurse Specialist, she conducted and published research and served as chair of the National Accreditation Committee for Wound, Ostomy and Continence educational programs. Joan has published articles in several peer reviewed journals and the past 10 years has presented 8 hour wound seminars to professionals in all 50 states and 4 provinces in Canada.

Ms. Junkin has been invited faculty at WOCN national and regional conferences and SAWC. She currently provides clinical consults for long-term care and hospice in Nebraska and teaches as a clinical associate for the University of Nebraska College of Nursing. Her extensive clinical and speaking career gives Joan a broad perspective from which to draw clinical wisdom and very practical approaches. She keeps her seminars fresh by adding in appropriate doses of humor. In a field such as wound care where scientific data changes best practice more quickly than guidelines can be published and where new products are introduced monthly, this well-grounded expert will help you focus on what will make a difference in skin health and wound care outcomes.


Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Joan Junkin is the Owner of The Healing Touch, Inc. She is on the speaker’s bureau for Sage Products Inc. Ms. Junkin receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Nonfinancial: Joan Junkin has no relevant nonfinancial relationship to disclose.