MaryEllen Tribby - Channels of Profit

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MaryEllen Tribby - Channels of Profit digital download. Info: [Audiobook (8 MP3s) + Book (PDF)]. 12 Easy Ways to Make Millions for Yourself and Your Bus...
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MaryEllen Tribby - Channels of Profit

Type: Digital download

Format: [Audiobook (8 MP3s) + Book (PDF)]



Channels of Profit

12 Easy Ways to Make Millions for Yourself and Your Business

Turn ‘someday’ into PAYDAY through the magic of multi-channel marketing!

Don't Run from Today's New Marketing Opportunities - MASTER Them!

It doesn't matter how strongly you believe in your product, how unique, valuable, exciting or useful it is, or how many people need it. If you aren't marketing it effectively, you're never going to sell enough of it to stay afloat ... much less generate the kind of blockbuster profits you dream about.And in today’s world, effective marketing means multi-channel marketing.

In this groundbreaking and timely program from master marketer MaryEllen Tribby, you’ll discover how to “channelize” your marketing efforts across a range of new and traditional outlets in order to get maximum profits and exposure for a minimum investment of creativity and capital.

Step by step and detail by detail, MaryEllen tells you how to conceptualize and launch smart, inexpensive campaigns in today’s most lucrative marketing channels, including:

  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media
  • The New Telemarketing Model
  • Direct Mail
  • Print Advertising
  • Television and Radio
  • Joint Ventures and Affiliate Marketing
  • And MORE!

If you're CURRENTLY marketing through any of the channels covered in Channels of Profit, you’ll learn how to revamp your campaigns so they're fresh, tight, powerful, and generating sales and new customers at a level you've never seen.

If there are marketing channels you HAVEN'T explored yet, this program will show you exactly how to get in cheap and market smart, and start profiting immediately.

We're living in a whole new era of customer engagement. There are new opportunities, new expectations, new pitfalls, and a brand-new set of rules.

Some business owners will be crushed by this wave of change. But with Channels of Profit, YOU can get on top of it - and ride it all the way to the bank.