Mary Beth O’Neill - Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart

Mary Beth O’Neill - Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart digital download. Info: [ eBook (PDF) ]. "In this book, O'Neill brings form and structure...

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Mary Beth O’Neill - Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart

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Format: [ eBook (PDF) ]



Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart

Praise for Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart

"In this book, O'Neill brings form and structure to the art of executive coaching. Novices are provided a path while seasoned practitioners will find affirmation."
—Daryl R. Conner, CEO and president, ODR-USA, Inc.

"Mary Beth O'Neill's executive coaching gave me the tools and clarity to become a far more effective leader and change agent. The bottom line was that we succeeded with a monumental organizational turnaround that had seemed impossible to accomplish."
—Eric Stevens, former CEO, Courage Center

"O'Neill writes in a way that allows you to see this experienced coach in action. What a wonderful way to learn!"
—Geoff Bellman, consultant and author, The Consultant's Calling

"Mary Beth brings a keen business focus to coaching by not just contributing insights but through helping me and my team gain the insights that we need to solve our own problems. She has the ability to see through the sometimes chaotic dialogue and personalities in order to help a team focus on the real issues and dynamics that can impede organizations from achieving their goals."
—John C. Nicol, general manager, MSN Media Network

"Effective leaders require courage, compassion, and initiative. O'Neill's systems-based coaching serves as a guide for both coaches and executives to better enable good decisions and good decision-makers."
—Paul D. Purcell, president, Beacon Development Group

"With Mary Beth O'Neill's coaching, I've become the kind of leader who balances both the needs to get results and to develop great working relationships. Since I started working with her, I've won accolades as the Top Innovator for my company, and as Professional of the Year for my industry. More important, I've been able to scope my job in a way that allows me to learn and contribute at the same time, all the while delivering great results to the bottom line."
—Lynann Bradbury, vice president, Waggener Edstrom

About the Author

Mary Beth O'Neill is an executive coach, leadership consultant, author, and leader of the Executive Coach Training Seminar Series. She can be reached at

Table of contents

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xix

The Author xxi

Part One: Core Concepts: The Coach’s Stance 1

1. An Introduction to Executive Coaching 3

2. Developing a Strong Signature Presence 19

3. Systems Thinking: Understanding the Executive’s Challenges and the Coach’s Challenges 47

4. The Triangled Coach: Being Effective in the Middle 73

Part Two: Methodology: The Four Phases of Coaching 99

5. Phase 1—Contracting: Find a Way to Be a Partner 101

6. Phase 2—Planning: Keep the Ownership with the Client 153

7. Phase 3—Live-Action Coaching: Strike While the Iron Is Hot 175

8. Phase 4—Debriefing: Define a Learning Focus 203

9. An ROI Method for Executive Coaching: Have the Client Convince the Coach of the Return on Investment 225

Part Three: Special Applications 243

10. Making a Strategic Transition to the Role of Executive Coach 245

11. Helping Leaders Effectively Coach Employees 261

Afterword: Coaching for the Coach 285

Appendix A: The Core Activities and Outcomes of the Coaching Phases 287

Appendix B: Executive Coaching Skills Self-Assessment Survey 291

Appendix C: Questions for Clients 297

Appendix D: Combining Coaching and Consulting for Powerful Results 301

Notes 311

References 319

Index 321