Marty Neumeier - INNOVATION WORKSHOP Brand Strategy + Design Thinking = Transformation

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INNOVATION WORKSHOP Brand Strategy + Design Thinking = Transformation


In this DVD video, brand guru Marty Neumeier presents concepts from his three bestselling “whiteboard” books—THE BRAND GAP, ZAG, and THE DESIGNFUL COMPANY—to give you the tools you’ll need to thrive in the new economy. Using memorable principles and simple exercises, he’ll lead you and your team on a lively journey from traditional business thinking to “designful” thinking. You’ll come back to these ideas again and again as you transform your company into a powerhouse of nonstop innovation.

What you’ll learn:

- Why the old business rules no longer apply
- How to beat the twin foes of speed and clutter
- The modern definition of “brand”
- How brands create barriers to competition
- Why “charismatic” brands are more valuable
- The three questions that can focus any company
- How to find and harness your “onliness”
- Why innovation depends on design thinking
- How “making” improves “knowing” and “doing”
- How everyone in the company can be a designer
- The modern definition of “design”
- Why you need to spend time in the “dragon gap”
- The qualities that make for good design
- How to move design up the ladder of leverage
- How design can solve “wicked problems”
- Why shareholder value starts with vision
- How to activate the “corporate drivetrain”
- How to use stories to shape company success
- How a “metateam” can begin to connect silos
- Why every company needs a CBO
- The 16 levers that can jumpstart innovation

What you’ll get:

  • DVD video with 45 minutes of content and exercises-enough activities for a one-day workshop!
  • Downloadable materials, including exercise sheets and supplementary content.
  • iPod version of the video.

Marty Neumeier’s INNOVATION WORKSHOP is a recent recipient of a BronzeTelly Award.

Format: This is a video DVD .
Run time: 47 minutes
Languages: English

About the Author

Marty Neumeier is an author, designer, and business adviser. His previous “whiteboard” books includes The Brand Gap, widely considered the foundation of modern brand-building; ZAG, named one of the “top hundred business books of all time” for its insights into brand strategy; The Designful Company, a guide to building a culture of nonstop innovation; and The 46 Rules of Genius, which lays out a universal map to innovation mastery.

In 1996, Neumeier founded Critique magazine, the first journal about design thinking. He has worked closely with innovative companies such as Apple, Netscape, Sun Microsystems, Adobe, Google, and Twitter to help advance their brands and cultures.

Today he serves as Director of Transformation for Liquid Agency in Silicon Valley, and travels extensively as a workshop leader and speaker on the topics of innovation, brand, and design.

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