Marty Fiegl - The Magic Disk

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Marty Fiegl - The Magic Disk digital download. Info: [4 audios (MP3) + 8 ebooks (PDF) + 3 bonus (PDF)]. I want to thank you for purchasing this guide an...
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Marty Fiegl - The Magic Disk

Type: Digital download

Format: [4 audios (MP3) + 8 ebooks (PDF) + 3 bonus (PDF)]

The Magic Disk

In the ebook “The Ultimate Guide To Wealth Core – Core Concepts of The Magic Disk™ System” you get:

Table Of Contents


Chapter 1 – Setting Your Goals
Chapter 2 – The Basics
Chapter 3 – Setting Up
Chapter 4 – Setup a Free BLOG
Chapter 5 – Creating Your Website/BLOG
Chapter 6 – Product Selection
Chapter 7 – Creating Content
Chapter 8 – Free Traffic
Chapter 9 – Online Advertising
Chapter 10 – Windfalling Your Profits
Chapter 11 – 7 Huge Beginner Mistakes


I want to thank you for purchasing this guide and I hope you make the most
out of it by reading and putting everything you learn into ACTION.
Without action you will get no where. If you read this guide and are
confused, go back and read it again. Take all the points I give.
Everything in here I’ve done and have been doing for more then 5 years to
generate six figures every year.
I’ve taught thousands of people just like you to do the same thing.
This guide is actually a reduced version of an earlier guide I wrote.
After feedback and thousands of customers I decided that a shorter, more
concise writing was needed to truly show how and why the information can
make you tons of money.
Too much information leads to confusion and this is exactly why I feel this
guide IS the Ultimate Guide To Wealth because of its precise, clear written
With that let’s begin!
— Marty

You also get:
Special Unadvertised Bonus for my September 17 Google AdWords
Conference Call with Jonathan Mizel Parts I and II (PDF)
Twelve-Step Plan for Optimizing Your Google Campaigns
September 25 Teleclinic with Jonathan Mizel (PDF)
How to Profit From Google AdWords (PDF)
The Affiliate Masters Course (PDF)
Google AdWords Examples (PDF)
Google AdWords Made Easy (PDF)
Search Engine Optimization Made Easy (PDF)